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EN/LZTM1100003 R3

GIRAFFE AMB Multi-mission Radar system

Giraffe AMB is able to keep up with the high tempo of maneuvering units and be where its needed, when its needed.

Technical data and specifications

Characteristics Functional data

Accurate 3D data for all targets Outstanding ECCM performance Elevation coverage >70 Small target detection capability

Fully coherent, 5.40 5.90 GHz Antenna type: phased array, digital beam forming, ultra-low antenna side-lobes Air cooled TWT transmitter Range: 180 km Height coverage: 20,000 m Integrated IFF

High mobility (tactical/strategic) Deployment and tear down time <10 min Low radiation profile NBC and splinter protection C-130 transportable

Radar netting eliminates radar shadows and jammer strobe triangulation Tactical functions, automatic threat evaluation and weapon designation High resolution raster scan displays Digital map Open architecture AFSCM

Easy to use
Single vehicle configuration High degree of automation Built-in navigation system Built-in test system, simple field maintenance Built-in training system

Navigation system
Inertial and/or GPS

Power supply
Built-in power supply Connection to external power supply Voltage, 240/400 V, 50 Hz 35 kVA

Adaptable to different communication systems 6  m ISO container cabin, easy to mount on different types of vehicles and platforms
Specifications subject to change without notice

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Tel +46 31 794 90 00 Fax +46 31 794 90 02

GIRAFFE amb Multi-Mission Radar system

GIRAFFE amb Multi-Mission Radar

Air defence
Integrated medium and short-range GBAD systems are supported in multiple simultaneous engagements. The system can handle more than 150 targets and classify aircraft, missiles and helicopters.
AMB capabilities: Technology:

Accurate 3D data for all targets in the search volume: 0 more than 20,000 m in altitude and 180 km in range Detection of low and high level targets All weather performance with maintained range coverage Extensive Electronic CounterCountermeasures (ECCM) Short reaction time, fast track acquisition Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)

3D multi-beam radar with digital beam forming 12 m antenna height 5.4-5.9 GHz, Medium PRF Doppler Processing Ultra low antenna side-lobes, High frequency agility 60 and 30 rpm antenna revolution rate IFF Recognised Air Picture (RAP) Automatic Threat Evaluation (TEWA) Self contained system including power supply all in one 6 m ISO container

Simultaneous multi-mission operations

The GIRAFFE AMB is a surveillance system ideal for operations in both combat and peacekeeping situations. Using a single unit, AMB is capable of monitoring the air volume 360 around for air targets and simultaneously locates and warns against incoming Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (RAM) projectiles.

Automatic weapon designation Short deployment time, high mobility and transportability C-130 Hercules transportable

Ground Based Air defence (GBAD)

Platforms Advantage Scope ground-based vehicles 360 multi-mission air, LAND AND sea

360 ballistic weapon tracking and locating Air and sea surveillance Military Air Traffic Control (ATC)

GIRAFFE AMB is a flexible system that can be tailored to integrate and operate with medium and short-range surfaceto-air missile systems. GIRAFFE AMB includes an integrated Command, Control & Communication system enabling it to act as the Command & Control (C2) centre for both Air Defence and military Air Traffic Control. It can simultaneously be integrated in a cluster of netted GIRAFFE AMB systems, providing outstanding radar cooperation and RAP (Recognize Air Picture). Housed in a single 20 ft ISO container mounted on a cross-country truck, the system offers high tactical/strategic mobility, a deployment time of only 10 minutes and a teardown time of five minutes. GIRAFFE AMB is easy to operate/maintain and together with its high MTBF, low MTTR and BIT the availability is outstanding.

360 Ballistic Weapon Tracking and Locating

The ability to detect and warn of small incoming ballistic objects offers valuable protection.
AMB capabilities: Technology:

360 detection and tracking of small ballistic objects (mortar and rockets) even in severe ground clutter Weapon classification Very small target detection Trajectory calculation Accurate weapon location Prediction of impact location Alert given 20-30 seconds before impact Advanced Fires Coordination Counter Fire

Antenna rotation 60 rpm Doppler filter banks Monopulse elevation measurement Software from Saabs ARTHUR Weapon Location System

Air and Sea Surveillance/Military ATC

GIRAFFE AMBs capability to identify and track a high number of objects simultaneously makes it suitable for air and sea surveillance as well as for military ATC.
AMB capabilities: Technology:

Full situation awareness Simultaneous detection of air and sea targets Integrated situation picture (LAP) Military Air Traffic Control

Detection and tracking of fixed and rotary wing targets, missiles and ballistic targets (Rockets, Artillery and Mortars) Detection and tracking of sea targets Air and surface channel in parallel Primary and secondary radar in parallel

Data fusion with external radars and RAP Target classification and identification

GIRAFFE AMB 3D technology Transmitting fan beam as well as simultaneous parallel receiving beams and the whole beam package can be digitally re-configured and arranged as required for specific tactical environments