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THIS IS AN URGENT NOTICE FOR LEGAL PROCEEDINGS TO ALL PARTIES MENTIONED BELOW To: Mark Begbie 40 Gosforth Estates Gosforth Park 1401 Contact: Mark Begbie To: Weir Minerals Isando 31 Isando Road Isando 1600 Contact: Florence Chadinha 21-May-2013 Dear Sir/Madam, Case Reference Matter between and Dispute You are required to attend: Date Time Venue MEGA38052 Mark Begbie Weir Minerals Isando 191(1) [191(5)(a)] - Dismissal related to misconduct 20 August 2013 8:30AM Hearing Room 13 1st Floor, Metal Industries House 42 Anderson Street Johannesburg 2001 Arbitration Moksha Naidoo Tel: Fax: Email: (011) 929-2600 086 632 7141 Tel: Fax: Email: 072 839 9612 / 082 583 8360

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IMPORTANT NOTICE 1. Please note that arbitration is a formal process whereby the commissioner will make a decision based on the evidence presented. The arbitration award issued by a commissioner is final and binding. The arbitration process consists of an opening statement, leading of evidence (through witnesses or documentation) and a closing statement. 2. Parties are requested to have all necessary documentation or witnesses ready at the onset of the arbitration proceedings to avoid unnecessary delays. Postponements will not be granted because witnesses are not present. 3. Parties are to take careful note of Rule 16 of the CDR Rules, which deals with postponements. It must also be noted that the Case Management Officers at the CDR are not empowered to grant postponements; they only administer processes. Only the commissioners are allowed to determine whether postponements are granted / not granted. Rule 16 states: How to postpone an arbitration (1) The Council must postpone an arbitration without the parties appearing if (a) all the parties to the dispute agree in writing to the postponement; and (b) the written agreement for the postponement is received by the Council more than seven days prior to the scheduled date of the arbitration; and (c) there are compelling reasons to postpone. (2) Any party may apply in terms of rule 23 to postpone an arbitration, by serving an application on the other parties to the dispute and filing a copy with the Council before the scheduled date of the arbitration. 4. Parties are also requested, if possible, to conduct a pre-arbitration meeting and to submit the pre-arbitration minute 7 days before the scheduled date of the hearing. 5. If documentation is going to be relied on as evidence during the proceedings, four (4) copies need to be supplied, i.e. one copy for the arbitrator, one for the other party, one for the witness and one for yourself. 6. Please be advised that legal representation is regulated by Rule 17 of the Rules of the MEIBC. If you require assistance or have queries regarding this set-down, please contact the writer. If you require assistance or have queries regarding this process, please contact the CDR. We are able to assist with process queries, but are not permitted to advise on the substance of the case. In this particular regard, please contact a knowledgeable person or organisation. Yours faithfully,

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