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. Title International code for the Field Acceptance Test of hydraulic Turbines International code for Model acceptance Tests of hydraulic Turbines Turbine Generator Shaft coupling Code of commissioning, operation and maintenance of hydraulic Turbine Code for cavitation pitting evaluation on hydraulic turbines, storage pumps & pump-turbines Thermodynamic method, for measuring the efficiency of hydraulic turbines, storage pumps & pumps turbine Mech. Vibration of nonreciprocating machine measurements of rotating shafts & valuation, Part-1 General guide lines Standard IEC-60041(1991) Remarks


3. 4.

IEC-193(1991) IEC-193-A (1972) IEC-193-A-1 (1965) Amendment I ANSI B-49.1-1967 IEC 60545 (1976)

New version IEC60193(1999)


IEC 60609-1 (2004)


IEC-60041(1991)/ IEC 60607 (1978)


ISO 7919-5 (2004)

International Electro technical Commission IEC: 34 IEEE:810 Hydraulic Turbine and Generator Integrally Forged shaft couplings and Shaft Run out Tolerances IEEE 421- Standard for excitation system of synchronous machines IEC 726-/ NEMA TR 27- Dry Type Transformer

IEC 60 IEC 71 IEC 99-4 / IEC 129 -

- High voltage testing techniques Insulation coordination for equipment and three phase AC systems Metal Oxide Surge Arresters without gaps for A. C. Systems A.C Disconnector and Earthing switches

IEC 185/ -

Current Transformers Voltage Transformers of terminals for high

IEC 186/

IEC 518 Dimensional Standardization voltage switchgear and control gear. IEC 694 gear standards

Common specifications for HV switchgear and control

ANSI C 37.20 - Standard of Switchgear assembly (IEEE St.27) including metal enclosed bus. ANSI C 37.23 - Calculating losses in IPB. (IEEE St.27) VDE 0657 Guide lines for Surge Protection Equipment

IEEE Standard 298-1987.

i) ii) iii) xi) xii)

Power Transformer Transformers bushings Current transformers Power Transformers Loading guide for oil-immersed Transformers CBIP Manual on Transformers applicable)

IEC 76 EC 137 /IEC 185 /IEC-354 Publication No. 295 (Latest

rated voltage and frequency shall not exceed 85 db above the limits specified in NEMA standard publication TR-1.

connections to bus bars in isolated phase bus ducts and conforming to IS:2099 / relevant IEC standard 6.3.1 IEC / IS publications: IEC -56 : (Parts 1 to 6) - AC High Voltage circuit breaker

IEC- 68 Part III : Seismic test methods for equipments IEC -71 : Insulation coordination. IEC- 99-4 : Metal Oxide Surge arresters without gaps for AC systems.

IEC -129

AC disconnectors and earthing switches

IEC- 137 : Bushing particulars. IEC 185 : Current transformers IEC 186 : Voltage transformers IEC -267 : Guide to testing of circuit breakers IEC 270 : Partial discharge measurements. IEC- Rec. 376 : SF6 Gas IEC- 427 : Synthetic testing of high voltage AC circuit breaker. IEC- 480 : Guide to the checking of SF6 taken for electrical equipments. IEC- 506 : Switching impulse test on HV insulators. IEC -517 : Metal-enclosed switchgear above 72.5 kV IEC- 694 : Common clauses for HV switchgear IEC- 859 : Cable connections for gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear. IEC -1128 : Alternating current disconnectors IEC -1129 : AC earth switches induced current switching. IEC-1259 : Requirement for switching of bus charging current by disconnectors. IEC- 1639 : Direct connection between power transformer & SF6 GIS ANSI/IEEE : Guide for safety in AC sub-station grounding (Std. 80-1986).

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IEC 60060

High Voltage Test Techniques Part 1 General definitions and test requirements Seismic test methods for equipment

2. 3.
4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

IEC 60187 IEC 60068

IEC 60137

Bushings for alternating voltage above 1000V (Outdoor bushing)

IEC 60183 Guide to the selection of high voltage cables IEC 60228 Conductors of insulated cables. IEC 60229 Tests on cable over sheaths which have a special protective function and are applied by extrusion. IEC 60230 Impulse tests on cables and their accessories.

9. measurements. 10. IEC 60287

IEC 60270

Partial discharge

Calculations of the continuous current rating of cables.


IEC 60332

Tests on electric cables under fire Part I conditions Test on a single vertical insulated wire or cable Specifications & acceptance of new Sulphur Hexaflouride (SF6) Gas Switching impulse test on EHV insulators Test methods for insulations and sheaths of electric cables and cords. Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric cables Methods for general application Measurement of thickness and overall dimensions Tests for determining the mechanical properties. IEC 60811 Common test methods for insulating Part-1 and sheathing materials of electric (Sec-2) cables Methods for general application Thermal ageing methods. Insulating and sheathing materials Part-1 of electric cables- Common test (Sec-3) methods General application Methods for determining the density Water absorption testShrinkage test. Common test methods for insulating Part-1 and sheathing materials of electric (Sec-4) cables Methods for general application Tests at low temperature. Insulating and sheathing materials Part-2 of electric and optical cables (Sec-1) Common test methods Methods specific to elastomeric compounds Ozone resistance, hot set and mineral oil immersion tests. Common test methods for insulating Part-3 and sheathing materials of electric (Sec-1) cables Methods specific to PVC compounds Pressure test at high temperature Tests for resistance to cracking. Common test methods for insulating Part-3 and sheathing materials of electric (Sec-2) cables Methods specific to


IEC 60376

13. 14.

IEC 60506 IEC 60540


IEC 60811 PartI (Sec-1)



IEC 60811


IEC 60811


IEC 60811


IEC 60811


IEC 60811


compounds Loss of mass test Thermal stability test. 22. IEC 60811 Common test methods for insulating Part-4 and sheathing materials of electric (Sec-1) cables Methods specific to Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) compounds Resistance to environmental stress cracking wrapping test after thermal ageing in air Measurement of the melt flow index Carbon black and / or mineral content measurement in PE. Cable connections for gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear. Electrical test methods for Part 3 electric cables Test methods for partial discharge measurements on lengths of extruded power cables. PVC Compound. Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages above 150 kV (Um=170 kV) upto 500 kV (Um=550 kV) Test methods and requirements


IEC 60859


IEC 60885

25. 26.

IEC 5831 IEC 62067

32. ANSI / IEEE Guide for Electrical safety and a) AC high voltage test as per IEC 62067 b) c) Partial discharge test as per IEC 60885 (Part 3) Electrical Tests on over sheath as per IEC 60229 Std 80-1986 sub-station grounding

Potheadyard CVT and accessories shall conform to the latest version of the standard IEC186 and IEC-358 or IS-3156 IEC 68 : Seismic Test Methods for Equipments IEC 99-4 : Metal oxide Surge Arresters without Gaps for AC Systems IEC 129 : AC Disconnectors and Earthing Switches IEC 137 : Outdoor Bushing IEC 185 : Current Transformers IEC 186 : Voltage Transformers

IEC 270 IEC 358 IEC 506 IEC 1128 IEC 1129 ANSI/IEEE

: : : : : :

Partial Discharge Measurement Coupling Capacitors and Capacitors Dividers Switching Impulse test on HV Insulators AC Disconnectors for Line Charging Current Switching AC Earthing Switches induced Current Switching Guide for safety in AC Sub-Station Grounding (Std. 80-1986)

Current Transformers (As per IEC 185

A) B) C) Capacitive Voltage Transformers (As per IEC 186, IEC 358 & Isolators and Grounding Switches (As per/IEC 129) Surge Arrestors (As per IEC 99-4)

Scada Two Gateway supporting IEC 61870-5-101/104 for selected data transmission to load dispatch centre. optical communication ports supporting international accepted standard open Protocol viz. IEC-62056(DLMS/COSEM) communicate with Regional Load Despatch Centre (RLDC) on IEC 60870-5-101/104 protocol. Communication protocol IEC 61870-5-101/104.

Protection Sl. No. i) ii) iii) iv) v) Standard No. IEC 60044 - 1 IEC 60044 - 2 IEC 60255 Title Current Transformers Voltage Transformers Electric Relays (Part 1 to 23)

Control switches and low voltage switching IEC 60337 & 60337- 1 control and auxiliary circuits (Part I to XI) devices for

comply IEC 61850 protocol. Cable 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) NEMA WC-5 ASTMD-2863 IEEE 383 SEVENSK STD. 4241475 ASTMS 2743 IEC-60183 IEC- 60227 IEC-60228 IEC-60229 IEC-60230 IEC-60287 IEC-60331 IEC-60332, Part-I, II & III IEC-60502 IEC-60540 &60540A IEC-60724 IEC-60754 IEC-60811 Thermoplastic insulated wires & cables for transmission and distribution of electric energy Method for measuring minimum oxygen concentration to support candle-like combustion of plastic Standard for type test of electric cables Flammability tests for cables Test method for density of smoke from the burning or decomposition of plastics Guide to the selection of high voltage cables Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V Conductors of insulated cables Tests of cable oversheaths which have a special protective function and are applied by extrusion Impulse tests of cable and their accessories Calculation of the continuous current rating of cables (at 100% load) Fire resisting characteristics of electric cables Tests on electric cables under fire conditions Extruded solid dielectric insulated power cables for rated voltages from 1 kV up to 30 kV Test methods for insulation and sheaths of electric cables and cords (elastometric and thermoplastic compounds) Guide to the short-circuit temperature limits of electric cables with a rated voltage not exceeding 0.6/1 kV Test on gases evolved during combustion of electric cables Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric cables

24) 25) 26) 11 kv switchgear

IEC: 56 IEC: 186 IEC: 298 IEC: 60 IEC: 255 BS: 159

High Voltage Circuit Breakers Voltage Transformers AC metal enclosed switchgear High voltage testing techniques Protection Relays Specification for high voltage busbars and busbar

IEC: 73

connections Colours of indicator lights and push buttons

Auxiliary transformer
IEC: 76 (Part-I) IEC: 76 (Part-2) IEC: 76-3 (Part.3) IEC: 76-4 (Part.4) Power Transformer Power Transformers Power Transformer Power Transformer

IEC: 76-5 (Part-V) IEC-129 & IEC-1128

Power Transformer Ability to withstand short circuit Specifications for low voltage disconnectors earthing switches

IEC-287 IEC-905 IEC-1129 IEC137

Specifications for electrical cables and current ratings of cables Loading guide of dry type power transformers AC earthing induced current switching devices Specification for HV bushings

NEMA Standard (TR-1)

Average sound level of the transformers

IEC: 439 IEC: 664 IEC: 668 IEC: 255 IEC: 73 Low voltage switchgear and control gear assembly Insulation coordination within low voltage system Electrical measuring transducers Protection Relays Colours of indicator lights and push buttons

Dc system Standards IEEE Std 485 Description IEEE recommended practice for sizing Lead Acid batteries for stationary applications

IEC 60146

Semiconductor converters.

IEC 60439

Low-voltage assemblies.




IEEE 1115

IEEE Recommended Practice for Sizing Nickel-Cadmium Batteries for Stationary Applications

Dg set Diesel Engine IS: 1600, IS: 1601, BS: 5514 and as per standard practice of diesel engine manufacturers association of USA. Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Driven AC Generating Sets Rotating Electrical Machines Diesel fuels, Minimum Requirements Specifications for agriculture,Domestic engines and boilers. fuel and oils for industrial

BS 7698

IEC 34 DIN 51601 BS 2869-Class AL A2


Thermal evaluation and classification of Electrical Insulation Electricity generating installation with piston Engines. Insulation against vibrations Measurement on machines Determination of reactor Sound level transformer Noise

VDMA 6280

VDI 2062

IEC 551



BS: 1950 BS: 4782

Vitreous enamel reflector Specification for ballasts for high pressure mercury vapour and low pressure sodium vapour discharge lamps Specification for cable gland testing grades OF MS plates AWS Welding Galvanising Specification for masts and foundations Of ILE,UK

BS: 6121 BSEN: 10025/ DIN:17100 BS: 5135/ BS.ISO: 1461 TRNO. 71996

Communication and plcc Safety measures

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

The offered system should meet standards: IEC 950, EN 60950, EN 41003, ETS 300046, ETS 300047

CCITT, Recommendations of the Fifth series IEC 495: Single Sideband Power-Line Carrier Terminals IEC Publication, 353 (wave Traps) IEC Publication, 663 (Planning of SSB PLCC System) IEC Publication, 481 (Coupling Device for PLCC System)

Grounding IEEE 80 1986

Guide for safety in AC Substation Grounding Design of Earthing Mat for HV Substation Code of Practice for Electric overhead travelling cranes and gantry cranes other than steel work crane. Code of practice for design, manufacture, erection and testing (Structural portion) of cranes and hoists.

CBI&P Publication: 223 EOT crane BS : 466 -

BS : 2573

3. 4. 5.

BS : 3017 BS : 302

- Forged Ramshorn hooks. Specifications for steel wire ropes for general engineering purposes.

BS : 2960

- Three phase induction motors.

Ventilation system xvi) BS: 2831 Methods of test for air filters used in air Conditioning and general ventilation

fire fighting

NFPA 851: Recommended practice for fire protection for hydro electric generating plants. NFPA 101: Life safety code NFPA 14: NFPA 10: Installation of standpipe & hose systems. Portable fire extinguishers.

NFPA 15: Water spray fixed system. BS: 476 (Part XX & XXII) or equivalent standard.

TAC Document Recommendations for fire protection system as per TAC guidelines. NFPA National Fire Protection Association ii) iii) v) TAC LPCB MS Tariff Advisory Committee Loss Preventional Certification Board. - Manufacturers Standard

oil handling Pipelines shall be of steel, seamless and shall conform to standard, ASTM A53, Grade A/IS 1978 schedule 40. i) installation shall be seamless, made of stainless steel and conform to ASTM A312, schedule40.