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BEST HIGH/HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL Objective test XII 22/7/13 div ____ Roll no______

1. In India , the type of unemployment is mostly A Disguised B Chronic C Technological D Structural 2. What is labour force made up of? A The number of people employed minus number of people employed B The number of people employed plus number of people unemployed C The whole population D The number of people employed 3. What is female population of India in 2001? A 36.1 cr B 102.7 cr C 53.43cr D 49.57 cr 4. What is total area under forest in 1997Ad in India? A 7.2 crore hectares B 6.3 crore hectares C 10.1 crore hectares D 9.2 crore hectares 5. What type of migration due to the construction of Sardar Sarvor dam? A political B natural C social D developmental 6. What was the number of girls per one thousand boys in Kerala state in 2001? A 960 B 878 C 1058 D 921 7. How many crores of urban population was there in the total population of India 2001? A 27.78 B 27.87 C 28.54 D 28.45 8. The following table provides a breakdown of countrys population (millions) Table Total Population 114 Children(below working age) Unemployed people 9 Full time students looking for a job Retired people 14 Employed people People confined to 1 Other adults not in correctional the labour force institutions Based on the information in the table, The countrys unemployment rate (a) 7.9% (b) 12.5% (c) 20.2%(d) 22.2%

18 2 63 7

9. How much increase has been taken place in urban population in India during last 50 years? (a ) 4 (b) 6 (c) 5 (d) 3 10. In India, the fruits of economic growth have reached A Only elite people B Masses C Both above D None of above 11. What percentage population of Orissa lives above poverty line in year 1999-2000? A 47.15 B 52.85 C 42.60 D 37.43 12. _______ measures estimates the number of persons who may be said to be chronically unemployed A. Usual status B. Current weekly status C. Current daily status D. Current yearly status 13. India accommodates nearly ____ % of worlds population A. 10 B. 12 C. 17 D. 25 14. In Kerala female-male ratio was _________ in 2001 A.D. A. 1058 B. 1038 C. 1048 D.1068 15. ________ Percentage point declined in rural population between 1951-2001 A.D. A.10.48 B 10.68 C 10.38 D 10.58 16. Which committee was given task for the study of unemployment in India? (A) Swaminathan committee (B) economic survey (C) bhagwati committee (D) National commission

17. Based on 1901 census, total size of population in India in crores was? (A)23.83 (B)36.1 (C) 102.7 (D) 84.63 18. The working population is the population in the age group of (a) 15 - 45 years (b) 15 - 60 years (c) 15 - 25 years (d) 20 - 45 years 19. Which unemployment is called hidden unemployment? A seasonal B educated C cyclical D disguised 20. What is percentage reduction in deathrate between 1951 and 2001? A 25% B 40.8% C 68% D 8.1%