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August 4, 2013

______________________________ Homebound:

Church Family
Remember in Prayer: Mr. Jim Kwekel Mr. Trent Timmer Mr. Howard Vanden Toorn Mr. Rick Vander Veen Mrs. Ruth Wiley

Order of Worship
Morning Worship - 9:30 AM Silent Prayer Votum and Salutation Psalter 20 Reading of the Law Psalter 327 Reading of Scripture Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter 248: 1,3,4,6 Sermon Psalter 140 Prayer Offertory Psalter 280 Benediction Doxology Psalter 315 Song Service - 5:50 PM Psalter 409: all Psalter 400: 1,7 Evening Worship - 6:00 PM Silent Prayer Votum and Salutation Psalter 398 Reading of Scripture Psalter 345 Apostles Creed Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter 396: 1,3,4,5,6 Sermon Psalter 64 Prayer Offertory Psalter 28 Benediction Doxology Psalter 319: 1,5

Mrs. Elsie Arnoudse Mr. Everett Beute Mrs. Fran Hekman Mrs. Dorothy Hitchcock Mr. Cornelius Jobse Mrs. Barb Kwekel Mr. & Mrs. Albert VandenToorn Mrs. Gertrude VanderGraaf Mrs. Marian VerHage Serviceman: Dan Arnoudse

We are thankful to God that the scan Howard had done in July showed no cancer at this point in time. Another scan will be done in about 3 months. Psalm 66:20. Howard and Jessica VandenToorn ______________________________

Consistory Members
Pastors: Dr. David Murray (Chairman-Consistory) Dr. L. W. Bilkes (Emeritus) Dr. Jerry Bilkes (Chairman-Elders) Peter VanKempen (Vice Chairman) David Faasse (Secretary) Tom Karel Sr. Henk Kleyn Dwight Prince Ron Rittner 616.647.0570 616.458.3250 616.954.7094 616.677.3735 616.304.2946 616.667.9105 616.780.9426 616.299.4610 616.485.2344 616.361.6348 616.361.8096 616.446.0587 616.669.5758 616.299.4611 616.791.1512


Sermon : The Lord Delivers Lot with Amazing Mercy Scripture: Genesis 19: 1-22 Text: Genesis 19: 1-22

Sermon : Lots End-from Incest to Christ

Scripture: Genesis 19: 30-38 Text: Genesis 19: 30-38

Deacons: Joel Markwat (Chairman-Deacons) Roger Osmun (Secretary) Ron Vander Boon (Asst. Treasurer) Bill Pols David Pronk Treasurer: Gerrit Kleyn (Treasurer)

HE IS WAITING TO BE GRACIOUS Oh, poor sinner you have been running away from God, and, when at last the Holy Spirit lead you to fall before him, your sin makes you to feel you are all unworthy of the least favor or notice. Why should he look upon such a dead dog as I am? with wondrous love God lifts you up and says, There is a blood covenant between me and my Son. By that covenant I am bound to show the kindness of God to all for whom Jesus had died, and who come to me by him. I cannot turn you away if I would. You may feel all unworthy a place at the Kings table, but I will make you as one of the Kings sons, and you shall sit at my table forever. What absolute confidence is given to us by that invitation which says, Ho, everyone, and then points to the fifty third chapter as giving us all the fitness he requires! You see you do not need to be cure of your lame legs before he will show you kindness. We are ever putting the seventh verse before the sixth. We say, I will forsake my wicked ways, and give up my unrighteous thoughts, then seek the Lord. No, God says, Come to me first, and then you shall be strengthened to forsake your wicked ways. I put the sixth verse before the seventh. What avails it to a leper to cure a few of his sores when the fatal disease is sent out from the heart in the blood? Come, ye lepers, to the Son of man. Let his merciful touch make you clean. Wait not to rid your soul of one dark blot. --To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot, O, Lamb of God, I come, I come. Nor need you fear that you may be shut out because you are not of the elect. It is true that God chooses us and that we were chosen before the foundation of the world. Yet he has left us the power to choose whom we will serve. Paul does not hesitate to affirm the Saviours teaching that we owe our salvation to the sovereign electing love of God. Yet side by side with this great truth he presses our responsibility. In the ninth chapter of Romans he presents the great subject of predestination in such a way that it gives some, cold chills to read It.; yet he closes the subject in the last verse of Chapter ten, as God standing with outstretch hands of loving earnest entreaty, and saying, All day long I have stretched forth my hands. --- We only darken counsel with words when we attempt to explain how God is sovereign in his electing love, and yet has left us the power of choice.. While election shuts a great number in, we know it shuts none out. NOTE the words, All day long. J. Roseboro

Welcome to our services today. If you would like to know more about our congregation, please speak with a pastor or elder.

For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. John 1: 17


Congregational Life
Today, Pastor Eric Moerdyk of our Monarch Alberta FRC will conduct our services. Next Sunday, Pastor Murray will preach for us, the Lord willing. Next Sunday evening, the sacrament of Holy Baptism will be administered to, Hunter Cole, son of Tyler & Courtney Prince and to Tyson Cruz, son of Joel & Tammy Timmer.

August 6 (Tuesday) 4 PM Youth Group neighborhood work day at a home on Matilda St. with dinner afterward at the Herman's home. August 7 (Wednesday) 6:30 PM Vacation Bible School August 10 (Saturday) 3 PM Youth Group outing at VanKempen's cottage. August 10 (Saturday) 7 PM Informal service at Mel Trotter mission. The speaker will be PRTS student Pieter Vanderhoek. August 13-15 Family Camp

Other News

Sermon Notes

From the Family Camp Committee: Camp brochures and day visitor forms are still available in the narthex. Forms are due back to Andy and Cindy VandenToorn today. We hope you'll join us! Family Camp Bikes If you would like your bikes brought to family camp please place them on the yellow truck by 3:30 PM, Tuesday, August 13. The truck will be in the Northpointe Christian School parking lot next door to PRTS. The bikes will be brought back there Thursday night after camp. You may call Henk Kleyn with questions, 616-780-9426. A petition called the Abortion Insurance Opt -Out Act is available in the narthex for your consideration. The petition seeks to initiate legislation that would make insurance coverage for elective abortions optional and offer a degree of legal protection to individuals and businesses in Michigan who believe in the sanctity of life. Thank you to all who participated in and gave toward the Word & Deed annual softball tournament this year. The Lord richly blessed the day in gifts for Nicaragua projects and in fellowship with others in local churches. In lieu of a fall dinner this year, we are planning an auction on September 21, 2013 to benefit the Nakekela Clinic in South Africa. If you have a service or product you can contribute or if youd like to volunteer in some capacity, please contact Susie Osmun at 361.8096.

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Please send material for the bulletin to Julie La Rocque by noon on Thursday: 616.647.9198 or The Banner of Truth Radio Broadcast, sponsored by our church, can be heard every Sunday on WFUR 102.9 FM at 10:45 AM 950 Ball Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 616.456.8473

LITURGY August 4, 2013 Morning Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 20 Law Scripture Reading: Genesis 19: 1-22 Text: Genesis 19: 1-22 Psalter: 327 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 248: 1, 3, 4, 6 Sermon: The Lord Delivers Lot with Amazing Mercy Psalter: 140 Prayer Offertory Psalter: 280 Benediction Doxology: 315

Song Service: Psalter 409: all and Psalter 400: 1, 7

LITURGY August 4, 2013 Evening Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 398 Scripture Reading: Genesis 19: 30-8 Text: Genesis 19: 30-8 Apostles Creed Psalter: 345 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 396: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 Sermon: Lots End from Incest to Christ Psalter: 64 Prayer Offertory Psalter: 28 Benediction Doxology: 319: 1, 5