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Jordan Cleek July 31, 2013

Yves Klein: A Closer Look at his Monochromes Paintings

Yves Klein was a Nouveaux Realist whose earliest paintings were monochromatic. Although he painted with a range of colors, blue was the color that really stole his heart (L & M Gallery). In fact, his paintings almost exclusively embodied a particular color of deep blue which he patented as International Klein Blue. It wasnt the color however that really set Klein apart; it was his audacious application of the paint to his canvas. In the Anthropometries, he directed nude models to press their bodies against his canvas (Tate Modern). Klein intended to capture the bodys physical energy after being inspired by the imprints left on a judo mat once a person had fallen upon it in a contest. (L & M Gallery). With his use of nude bodies as a paint brush, he envisioned capturing the exact personification of the human body. He called his models his living brushes. This falls directly under the Nouveaux Realism Movement. These artists performed archeological excavations of everyday life (Guggenheim). They found inspiration from mundane objects that were overlooked by the majority of people. Klein figured that it would debase his art to render the human body with anything other than the human body. This idea of rendering the body with the body is simply fascinating. The simple fact that the artists subject in his composition would be disgraced by even using a brush to create the piece is a beautiful idea. If rendering a tree with only parts of trees is almost as if the tree has a say of how it is rendered in the composition. The subject is no longer exploited by the artist. The artist has always had complete control of how the subject is viewed by the audience, and Klein has now given his subjects that control. I think it would be interesting to hear how Koonings


Jordan Cleek July 31, 2013

subjects felt once they saw how he had personified them. It would only be Kleins models fault if they were not happy how the composition turned out.


Jordan Cleek July 31, 2013

Work of Art

By Yves Klein Figurative Painting of the Nouveau Period


Jordan Cleek July 31, 2013

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