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ht ml Time Saving Special Key Functions / Keyboard Shortcuts

Mouse Substitution Combos
Start Menu Ctrl + Esc Shift focus to first menu F10 Left mouse button Keypad # 5 Right mouse button Shift + F10 Minimise a window Alt + Spacebar + N Close any menu Esc Minimise all windows Ctrl + Esc, then Esc, then Alt + M

Control Key Quickies

Copy Ctrl + C Cut Ctrl + X Paste Ctrl + V Undo Ctrl + Z

Start (Windows) Key Shortcuts

Run dialogue box Start + R Windows Explorer Start + E Minimise all windows Start + M Undo Minimise all Shift + Start + M Find dialogue box Start + F Find Computer dialogue box Ctrl + Start + F System Properties window Start + Pause/Break Cycle through tasks Start + Tab Windows Help Start + F1

Windows Keyboard Basics

Switch to menu mode F10 Close current application Alt +F4 Close current MDI window Ctrl +F4 Open the system menu of an active Alt + Spacebar window Minimise the active window Alt + Spacebar + N Maximise the active window Alt + Spacebar + X Restore the active window Alt + Spacebar + R Close the active window Alt + Spacebar + C Content menu Shift + F10 Content menu for selected items Shift + F10 Refresh F5 Start menu Ctrl + Esc Properties dialogue box Alt + Enter

Copy a file Ctrl + drag a file Create a shortcut Ctrl + shift + drag a file Cycle forward through programs Alt + Tab Cycle back through programs Alt + Shift + Tab Run dialogue box Ctrl + Esc Undo Ctrl + Z Close current application in MDI mode Ctrl + F4 Open system menu of a MDI window Alt + - (dash) Minimise all windows (first, select taskbar) Alt + M Select a menu item Alt + underlined letter Cycle through open programs on taskbar Alt + Esc Cycle through open programs in reverse Alt + Shift + F4

Windows Explorer Basic Keystrokes

Display combo box F4 Refresh F5 Tab between panes F6 Move to parent folder Backspace Select all Ctrl + A Undo Ctrl + Z Go to dialogue box Ctrl + G Expand collapsed selection Right arrow Collapse expanded selection Left arrow

Accessibility Option Keystrokes The following are basic keystrokes for computers with Accessibility Options enabled.
Turn Turn Turn Turn Turn Stickey keys On/Off Press Shift 5 times Filter keys On/Off Hold Shift for 8 seconds Toggle keys On/Off Hold Num Lock for 5 seconds Mouse keys On/Off (left) Alt + Left shift + NUM Lock High Contrast On/Off (left) Alt + Left shift + Print Scrn

Windows Dialogue Box Keystrokes

Help F1 Cancel current task Esc Click a highlighted object Enter Select/Clear a checkbox Spacebar Click a highlighted option Spacebar Click forward through options Tab Click back through options Shift +Tab Cycle forward through tabs Ctrl + Tab Cycle back through tabs Ctrl + Shift + Tab Open selected folder one level up Backspace Open Save in or Look in F4 Refresh dialogue box F5 Internet Tips