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MCS100FT FTIR Analysis System

Continuous monitoring of gaseous emissions in combustion processes


MCS100FT Everything under control with advanced, proven technology

With its MCS100FT, SICK offers a gas analyzer system for complete continuous emission monitoring. It registers up to 13 measuring components simultaneously, e.g. HF, HCI, SO2, NO, NO2, CO, NH3, N2O, CH4, and VOC. The MCS100FT enables monitoring of HF limit values as required by legislation. It has a standard oxygen sensor and can be supplemented by an integrated total carbon analyzer.

The MCS100FT has been certified for the following directives and requirements: 2001/80/EC, 2000/76/EC, TA Luft as well as MCERT, US EPA, GOST. Extremely reliable measurement technology, comfortable operation and low maintenance effort make the MCS100FT an unparalleled no-worry package.

A reas o f app l icati o n Waste incineration plants and multifuel furnace plants, for example cement works Power stations, also with additional fuels Plants with chemical combustion Aluminium production, steel and iron production Smelting plants

EN 15267-3 (VDI 4203-2) QAL3 check and manual adjustment by means of an internal adjusting filter, also without costly test gases Qualified, experienced support for official acceptance Complies with minimum requirements of Directive EN 15267-3 and EN14181 (QAL1, 2, 3)

S t u r d y a n a ly sis More than 30 years of experience in spectroscopic emission measurement and more than 2000 installed systems Long term stable meas-ured values thanks to automatic spectrum adjustment Low maintenance effort, intervals of typically 3 6 months

C o n tr o l o f H F l imit va l u es True monitoring of strict HF limit values: 0 ... 3.0 mg/m3 Specially optimized analysis for HF, from sampling to the sample gas cell Short reaction time of approx. 200 s Smallest HF measuring range tested for suitability for multi-component systems

Leist u n g smer k ma l e Extraktives Mehrkomponenten-Analysensystem mit bis zu 13 Messkomponenten Standardized system technology Extractive high-temperature measuring technology, also for corrosive, aggressive media Ejector principle with high gas flow; no memory effects, short reaction time (t90) Automatic zero and calibration gas cycles, back flushing and filter cleaning Internal adjusting filter tested for suitability (option)

Integrated total organic carbon analyzer (option) Two measuring points can be directly connected Usage of state-of-the-art FTIR technology (Cube Corner interferometer): Precise and reliable measuring results Comfortable touchscreen operating unit Innovative SOPAS-ET software for remote control and remote maintenance at the push of a button Easy to use Logbook function Communication (e.g. PROFIBUS, Modbus, TCP/IP, OPC)

2010-06 Subject to change without notice

Touchscreen operating unit on-board

S y stem c o mp o n e n ts



I/O interfaces


Remote diagnosis, remote maintenance Ethernet data connection


FTIR analyzer

Heated sample gas line

External PC with innovative SOPAS-ET software

F T I R meas u ri n g pri n cip l e Infrared spectroscopy according to the Fourier Transformation (FTIR) principle ensures high measuring precision especially in combination with the proven sample gas cell. Exact gas concentrations from selected gas components are determined from very fast spectrum measurement using chemometric models. The Cube Corner technique used by the interferometer delivers very reliable and stable measuring results. Rocksolid spectrometer with high spectral resolution and high measuring speed, unaffected by vibration and temperature and permanently adjusted.
2.5 m


3.0 m

2010-06 Subject to change without notice


8011734/2010-06 DIV03 Printed in Germany Subject to chance without notice

Technical Data Measuring Parameters Available meauring ranges Hydrogen fluoride HF Hydrogen chloride HCl Ammonia NH3 Carbon monoxide CO Sulphur dioxide SO2 Nitrogen oxides NOx Nitrogen monoxide NO Nitrogen dioxide NO2 Nitrous oxide N2O Methane CH4 Carbon dioxide CO2 Water H2O Oxygen O2 VOC (with FID) CnHm Response time (t90) Measuring Conditions Sample gas temperature Sample gas pressure Ambient Conditions Ambient temperature Approvals Compliances

MCS100FT min. 0 0 ... 0 ... 0 ... 0 ... 3 15 10 75 75 max. 0 .... 0 .... 10 50 0 .... 150 0 .... 1500 0 .... 1500 0 .... 2000 0 .... 2000 0 .... 500 0 .... 500 0 .... 150 0 .... 150 Unit mg/Nm3, dry mg/Nm3, dry mg/Nm3, dry mg/Nm3, dry mg/Nm3, dry mg/Nm3, dry mg/Nm3, dry mg/Nm3, dry mg/Nm3, dry mg/Nm3, dry vol.% vol.% vol.% mg/Nm3, dry

0 ... 200 0 ... 200 0 .... 100 0 .... 0 .... 0 .... 0 .... 0 .... 0 .... 50 50 25 40 21 15

<200 s for standard sample gas lines up to max. 35 m Sampling Point (Stack) 220 C maximum In the process, 1300 C maximum 900 1100 hPa (atmospheric) +5 +35 C, up to +50 C with cooling unit (optional) CE TV-tested for equipment subject to authorization: 2001/80/EC, 2000/76/EC TA Luft, GOST, MCERTS, U.S. EPA, EN 14181, EN 15267-3 IP 43 IP 54 optional 2 outputs: 0/4 22 mA, electrically isolated; 500 max. load 2 inputs: 0/4 22 mA, electrically isolated; 100 input resistance 4 inputs: Open contact; potential-free 2 outputs, power relay, electrically isolated 3 outputs, potential-free RS-422/RS-485 Ethernet TCP/IP via Ethernet Profibus via RS-422/RS-485 Modbus via RS-422/RS-485 OPC System cabinet with FTIR analyzer, touchscreen operating unit and process interfaces Integrated total organic carbon analyzer FID-100FT (option) Internal adjusting filter (option) Sample gas sampling system Heated sample gas line Via SCU operating control unit or SOPAS ET software Integrated check cycle for zero point adjustment

Degree of protection Inputs, Outputs, Interfaces Analog output module1) Analog input module1) Digital input module Digital outputs1) Interfaces Bus protocol

General System components

Operation Control function


Configuration is project-dependent

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