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Team teaching report


Name of student’s teacher: Fabrizio Araya.

Name of School: Nueva Era Siglo XX!.

Number of students: 29.

Date: …………………………………. Class: 4 ½.

Task 1

1.- The first time my guide teacher asked for my help, was just to interact
with the students so they could be quiet. I started talking to them, asking
about the subject, and how they see the English classes. From the very
beginning I noticed that most of the students liked the class, and the
teaching. After that, my guide teacher asked me to help him, by writing some
exercises in the board, and explaining the students what they should do,
while he was correcting some tests. They did the work very fast, and most of
them understood my instructions and followed them.

2.- I started helping out when the class started, so before that, the students
were just talking and walking around the classroom, as they usually do. After
few minutes, the teacher asked them to sit down to start with the class. The
first instructions were given by him. These instructions were about what
students were supposed to do in the class, and of course he introduced me.
After that, I gave the instructions about the exercises they should do.

3.- To resume how I felt with the reaction and the atmosphere, I must say that
it was very comfortable and respectful. Most of the students had a very good
behaviour, so I didn’t have any problem with them. Also, they had a good
relationship with my guide teacher, there was a good atmoshphere and I
couldn’t notice any problem.

4.- The guide teacher asked me to help him very often all classes, so it’s a
very productive time. Usually he tells me some hints about how I must
interact with the students, and how to teach the ones who have more
difficulties with the subject. While he is teaching, I use my time by
approaching to the students I talk to them so I can understand what they do
or don’t understand.

5.- In one class, the teacher asked me to stay a while with the class, because
he was asked to meet a couple of minutes with a student. In that moment, I
proposed the class to play some sort of games, in which they had to write as
much verbs in English as they knew. These was very useful to me, and I think
it was for them too, because they could realize how is their vocabulary. I
think it was a very effective way to make them learn more verbs in a funny
6.- To this day, I haven’t done any special audio visual material. Anyway my
guide teacher told me that soon the class will start going to computers lab, so
it could be a good help

7.- He is always providing me feedback, telling me some hints and helping me

if I have problems with students. My guide teacher has supported me a lot, he
has even sent me information to my email, about what we are going to do in
the class, so I feel really good in this vise. That’s really different from my last
year’s experience. Of course every time he help me, or tell me what are my
weaknesses while standing in front of the class, I react in a positive way,
always receiving his teachings and thinking how could I improve my