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High Voltage Technical Services

High voltage testing Commissioning and maintenance of transmission Generation Distribution Mining and process plant electrical equipment switchboards Transformers Generators Motors and associated electrical apparatus


Silcar provide a wide range of testing, commissioning and high voltage test services

Silcar high voltage technical services utilises highly skilled and trained technical staff to provide a wide range of testing, commissioning and high voltage test services Australia wide.

Silcar protection scheme testing and commissioning services

Testing and commissioning services for transmission, distribution, generation and mining industries electrical infrastructure
Silcar provides commissioning and maintenance testing of protection relays and schemes. We utilise highly skilled field technical personnel using Doble and Omicron secondary injection test equipment to provide: 3 Project management and commissioning of protection and control schemes in new and existing sub stations 3 Factory Acceptance Testing of electrical switchboards (FAT) 3 Site Acceptance Testing of electrical ewitchboards (SAT) 3 Maintenance of existing protection schemes 3 Development of data setting files for numerical protection relays 3 Test plans, relay setting and relay logic files 3 Simulation testing of SCADA systems to ensure correct functions integrity 3 Development of quality Inspection Test Plans (ITPs).

Testing Capability
3 Protection relay programming and scheme testing 3 Protection relay maintenance 3 Secondary injection 3 Primary injection 3 Current transformer testing 3 Voltage transformer testing 3 Battery discharge testing 3 High voltage testing of switchboard apparatus 3 Ductor testing 3 Insulation resistance testing 3 Circuit breaker testing and commissioning 3 Metering equipment commissioning and testing 3 Scada interface testing 3 On Load measurement of current and voltage 3 Fault finding 3 Earth resistance testing


Silcar provide a wide range of testing, commissioning and high voltage test services

Silcar high voltage testing services

Silcar provides a specialist diagnostic high voltage testing capability. Technical Services staff utilise specialised condition monitoring and diagnostic equipment to quickly and accurately establish the condition of HV plant. The range of available services and their typical application is outlined below:

Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)

The FRA test system is designed to detect winding movements resulting from shipping damage, or subjection to low impedance through faults. Applications: power transformers.

Dielectric Loss Angle test (DLA)

The DLA test, also known as DDF, Doble, Power factor test, is used to determine conditions of an insulation medium in a high voltage apparatus. Applications: transformers, current & voltage transformers, bushings, generators, motors and surge arrestors.

Frequency response analysis (FRA) 2MHz range amplitude

5 0 -5 Gain (db) -10 -15 -20 -25 -30
0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000

Partial Discharge test (PD)

Partial Discharge is an electrical discharge that occurs across a portion of the insulation between two conducting electrodes, without completely bridging the gap. Partial discharges can occur in voids in solid insulation (paper, polymer), gas bubbles in liquid insulation or around an electrode in a gas (corona). PD testing is particularly important where HV plant has a high criticality. This may be due to its age, historical failures or the consequences of its failure (such as position in the network). Applications: transformers, current and voltage transformers, bushings, generators, motors, switchgear (SF6).

Frequency (hz 000s)

a2 - n RMS b2 - n RMS c2 - n RMS

Very Low Frequency (VLF) high potential test

The VLF test focuses on high voltage cables, but can also be applied to rotating machinery, transformers, arrestors and insulators.The VLF high potential test is the only high potential test approved for XLPE cables.

Ring Flux test

The ring flux test can detect deep core lamination breakdown as well as back core burning, which may not be detected by the ELCID test. The core damage is represented by a localised heating of the core laminations, which is then detected by thermography equipment. Applications: generator stators

Transformer Ratio test

Transformer turns ratio measurements are best made with specialised instruments that include detailed connection and operating instructions. The measured turns ratio should be within 0.5% of the calculated turns ratio. Ratios outside this limit may be the result of winding damage, which has shorted or opened some winding turns. Applications: transformers, current and voltage transformers

Recurrent Surge Oscillograph (RSO) test

This test is most sensitive to inter-turn insulation faults, or shorted turns on generator rotors. It can also be used to detect open circuits and earth faults of the rotor windings. Applications: generator and motor rotors

Winding Resistance test

Transformers are subject to vibration. Problems or faults occur due to poor design, assembly, handing, poor environments, overloading or poor maintenance. Measuring the resistance of the windings assures the connections are correct and the resistance measurements indicate there are no severe mismatches or opens. Applications: transformers, current and voltage transformers, bushings, generators, motors, switchgear (SF6).

Thermography (detection tool)

Thermography will quickly locate hot spots and determine the severity of the problem. Thermography is also particularly useful for inspecting indoor and outdoor components such as motor control centres, substations, breaker panels, switchgear, transformers and circuit breakers. Applications: transformers, current and voltage transformers, bushings, generators, motors, switchgear

Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (ELCID) test

The ELCID test was developed in the late 1970s by the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) in the UK to enable it to readily test machines where a high power source for traditional ring flux test was not available. Because of a large number of laminations and thin insulation layers there is a high probability of insulation breakdown. The fault currents induced can be large and cause excessive local core heating. If not detected and repaired at an early stage, faults can be catastrophic. Applications: generators, motors

DC Insulation Resistance (IR) and Polarization Index (PI)

A megohmmeter (insulation resistance tester), is used to measure the ohmic value of an insulator under a direct voltage of great stability. The insulation resistance test is a non-destructive test and can detect where insulation is satisfactory. Applications: transformers, current and voltage transformers, bushings, generators, motors, switchgear.

Air Gap (Rotor) Flux test

Flux monitoring via permanently mounted air gap flux probes is a proven technology in synchronous machines to determine if turn-toturn shorts have occurred in the rotor winding. Flux measurements are the most powerful means of monitoring the condition of rotor windings on-line and can provide information on the integrity of the rotor winding inter-turn insulation. This information is critical in planning maintenance, explaining abnormal vibrations, and verifying new and rewound rotor integrity. Applications: generator rotors
Pole A Slot Leakage Flux

Flux Probe

Quadrature Axis

Pole B


Silcar provide a wide range of testing, commissioning and high voltage test services

Major Silcar projects

Silcar has been providing high voltage services since 2000. Projects include substation commissioning, maintenance of transmission, distribution and process plant electrical infrastructure, and high voltage testing of transformers, generators, motors and switchboards and associated apparatus. Our activities include Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Acceptance Testing on site pre-commissioning, commissioning and maintenance.

Major projects include

2012 UGL SP Ausnet Ringwood, Glenrowan and West Melbourne Terminal Stations Victoria. Testing and commissioning associated with 66kV CT replacement program. 2012 UGL Verve Power Station WA. Commissioning engineers to provide assistance with commissioning of generator and transformer protection schemes. 2011 2012 Siemens Goonyella Terminal Substation Moranbah Queensland. 120 KV terminal substation (green field) pre-commission and commission substation. 2012 2013 Siemens Woodside KGP Karratha, WA. Pre-commissioning and commissioning of the substation 33kV GIS replacement program. 2011 2012 Siemens Eraring Power Station. Test & commissioning on generator/transformer protection upgrade. 2011 2012 Siemens Sino Iron Power Plant Cape Preston, WA. Pre-commissioning and commissioning work at Sino Iron port sub station. 2010 2011 Archer Zone Substation Darwin Darwin, NT. 66Kv to 11 KV zone substation (green field) pre-commission and commission substation. 2010 2011 Mortlake Power Station 500kV Switchyard Mortlake, Victoria. 500kV switchgear and protection scheme commissioning. 2009 2010 Sino Iron Power Plant Cape Preston, WA. 220kV, 33kV, 11kV & 6.6kV switchgear and protection commissioning. 2008 TRUenergy Yallourn Power Station. Generator stator re-wind. High voltage testing of stator winding during the outage. ELCID test before, during and after re-wind. 2007 Rowville Terminal Station. 333.3MVA 500/220kV single phase auto transformers configured as YNa0d1. Full commissioning and testing. 2007 - Kalgoolie Nickel Smelter. B Set furnace transformer change over full turn key operation. Including all SAT and witness FAT, Alstom, Rocklea, Queensland. 2007 2009 Jeeralang Power Station Protection Upgrade Jeeralang, Victoria. 7 x generator/transformer protection scheme commissioning. 2006 - 2007 Transend Package B Substation Project TAS. 4 x 110kV/22kV Substations switchgear, transformer and protection commissioning

Silcar Services
Silcar provides the following tests:
Transformers 3 Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) 3 Dielectric Loss Angle (DLA) test on bushings and transformers 3 Insulation resistance test & polarisation index test 3 Winding resistance test 3 Winding ratio test 3 Impedance test 3 Applied voltage or AC high potential (Hi-pot) test 3 Induced voltage test 3 Surge arrestor watts loss test 3 Condition monitoring reports 3 Visual inspections Generators and Motors 3 Dielectric Loss Angle (DLA) test 3 Partial Discharge test (PD) 3 Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (ELCID) test 3 Winding resistance test 3 Impedance test 3 Recurrent Surge Oscillograph (RSO) test 3 Current spectrum analysis 3 Applied voltage or AC high potential (Hi-pot) test 3 Iron core loss test 3 Broken rotor bars (Induction Heater) test 3 Insulation resistance test 3 Polarisation index test 3 Air gap probe flux test 3 DC controlled over voltage test (step & continuous) also known as step ramp test 3 Visual inspections Other tests 3 Cable high potential (DC or VLF [very low frequency]) test 3 Instrumentation (functionality test and calibration) 3 Protection and metering testing 3 Primary injection 3 Energy measurement 3 Testing of operating equipment 3 Battery discharge testing Power Transformers 3 Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) 3 Dielectric Response Analysis (DIRANA) 3 Winding Dielectric Loss Angle (DLA) 3 HV Bushing DLA 3 Winding Insulation Resistance (IR) 3 Polarisation Index (PI) 3 Winding Resistance (through taps- HV) 3 Low voltage impedance 3 Low voltage induce 3 Low voltage no-load loss & load loss 3 Separate source 3 Single phase excitation (through taps) 3 Surge arrestors IR & DLA 3 Winding & oil temperature indicator calibration/check 3 Auxiliary controls 3 Visual inspection 3 Condition monitoring report Rotating Machines Stator Core: 3 Inspection services 3 Core lamination tightness 3 Thermography 3 Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detector (ELCID) 3 Ring Flux (c/w Thermography) Stator Winding 3 Insulation Resistance (IR) 3 Polarisation Index (PI) 3 Winding Dielectric Loss Angle (DLA) - power frequency up 25kV AC 3 Off - Line Partial Discharge (PD) - power frequency up to 25kV AC 3 DC resistance 3 DC Controlled Overvoltage (DCCO) 3 AC & DC Hi - Pot Rotor Winding 3 Recurrent Surge Oscillograph (RSO) 3 Off-line at stand still / speed 3 Air Gap Flux Probe - on line 3 Current Spectrum Analysis - on line 3 Residual magnetisms 3 Insulation Resistance (IR) 3 Polarisation 3 Resistance 3 Impedance 3 AC high potential 3 Pole balance High Voltage Cables 3 Insulation resistance 3 AC high potential (Power Frequency & VLF) 3 DC high potential 3 Dielectric Loss Angle (DLA)

High Voltage Technical Services Head Office 43 Saviges Road, Moe, Victoria, 3825 (PO Box 549) P (03) 5122 4000 F (03) 9017 1444

QLD Brisbane Office Unit 1, 237 Fison Avenue West Eagle Farm QLD 4099 Telephone (07) 3291 2433

WA Perth Regional Office Unit B, 2-10 Kewdale Road Welshpool WA 6106 Telephone (08) 9351 7300

National Office Victoria 25 37 Huntingdale Road Burwood, Victoria, Australia 3125 P (03) 9273 7600 F (03) 9017 1424 Email

Silcars 50/50 shareholders are Siemens Ltd (a global leader in electrical engineering and electronics) and Thiess Pty Ltd (a leading integrated engineering and services provider in Australasia and South East Asia).

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With over 1,800 employees Australia-wide, Silcar services technically complex assets using a nationally distributed support network to ensure 24/7 maintenance support. Whether you require capital city CBD site coverage, or cover for the remotest outback location, Silcar can deliver your requirements.


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