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Recent surveys show that banana is the top Philippine export among all fruits.

The banana industry began in our country in 1966. Thousands of banana seeds from Costa Rica where planted in big hectares of Davao land to become seedlings. Today, thousands of hectares in Davao provinces and South Cotabato are planted in bananas and they do not bruise when packed for exports.

1. a. b. c. d. 2. a. b. c. d. 3. a. b. c. d.

Which of the following is the top Philippine export? Lanzones Citrus Banana Mango The banana industry in the Philippines started in Davao. The banana seeds that were planted there came from_____. Puerto Rico Costa Rica Philippines Both b and c Which of the following statements is true? Hundreds of hectares in Davao provinces are planted with bananas Native bananas are smaller than export ones Native bananas do not bruise when packed for export Banana seeds came from Puerto Rico

Saudi Arabia is a distinct country in the Middle East. It exports oil to different countries in the world including the Philippines. The Saudi Arabians have been building bridges, houses, schools, hospitals hotels and roads since 1970s. They have imported Filipino as well as other Asian laborers to build these constructions. Workers there earn thrice the amount of what they would earn in the Philippines. Nowadays, Saudi Arabia is importing not only workers for constructions but also technicians in professionals in the medical fields as well.

4. a. b. c. d.

Which of the following statements is true? Saudi Arabia exports fruits Saudi Arabia is the richest country in the world Saudi Arabia is a distinct country. Both b and c

5. Saudi Arabians have been building bridges since

a. b. c. d.

1950s 1970s 1980s 1960s

6. a. b. c. d.

Workers there earn . . . More than theyve expected Twice the amount of what they earn Three times the amount of what they earned in the Philippines Both a and b

Have you ever wondered how a perfumed is made? Perfumed is made by mixing substances that give a pleasant scent. Oils from different flowers and plants are important ingredients. Resins and other materials are added to the mixture to give perfume its strength and power. Musk, however, is most important in the making of perfumes because it gives them long lasting fragrance.

7. What are important ingredients in making perfume ? a. Oil from flowers and plants b. Petals of flowers c. Leaves of plants d. Banana leaves 8. Resins and other materials are added to the mixture. . a. To give perfume strength and power b. To substitute some ingredients c. To balance the fragrance d. To remove the scent 9. What gives a perfume a long-lasting fragrance? a. Oil of plants and flowers b. Resins c. Musk d. Both a and b Monkeys are often compared to human beings. Many anthropologists believed that humans evolved from monkeys. Monkeys like humans have feelings. They smile when they are happy and cry when they are sad or hurt. They fight back when they are provoked. They throw stones or sticks when they are angry. Sometimes they play with one another. At times they quarrel. They also groom one another. Indeed, monkeys are like people in different moods.

10. a. b. c. d.

Anthropologists believed that Humans evolved from mammals Humans evolved from monkeys Monkeys are not like humans Monkeys and humans are compatible

11. Which of the following statements is false? a. Monkeys play with one another b. Monkeys are harmful creatures c. Monkeys are not like humans d. Monkeys quarrel with one another

12. Which of the following shows that monkeys are like humans? a. They undergo the process of evolution b. They have different moods c. Humans evolved from monkeys d. They are friendly animals

Is salt important to us? Without salt, our food would not taste right? Salt is a very important ingredient in any kind of cooking. People around the world use salt in a variety of ways. Salt keeps fish, meat and other foods from spoiling. It is used in making bread, cakes, ice cream, and processed food to. Salt would always be the secret of sumptuous meals.

13. Which of the following statements is true? a. Salt helps preserved foods b. Salt is seldom used in baking c. Salt is not necessary ingredient in cooking d. Salt can cause cancer

14. Which is the following is false? a. Salt is use in making bread and cakes b. Salt is use as preservatives

c. Salt helps spoil foods d. Both a and c

15. Salt is considered as A) A secret of baking B) A secret sumptuous meal C) A secret in making ice cream D) None of the above

Each of us have been a victims of mosquito bites. Have you ever wondered why mosquito bites you? Some people who wear pajamas, housedress or night gown to protect themselves from mosquitoes are always the victim. However those who wear short pants and sleeveless undershirt never show the marks of mosquito bites. Experts who have studied mosquitoes go for dark-skinned, warm-skinned and healthy people in dark clothing. Clearly then, to avoid bites, we should have bathe frequently, dress in lightcolored clothing and avoid the use of perfume.

16. Who attracts mosquitoes most? A) One who wears light clothing B) One with dark skin C) One with fair complexion

17. Who of the following would attract mosquitoes? A) Those who are quite B) Those who perspire a lot C) Those who sleep late D) Those who bathe often

18. Who of the following attracts mosquitoes? A) Light clothing B) Scent of perfume

C) Bright corners D) Clean surroundings

19. Who are always the victims of mosquitoes? A) Those who wear dark-colored pajamas B) Those who wear sleeveless undershirt C) Those who wear light colored shirts D) Those who wear short pants

20. How can we avoid mosquito bites? A) Use perfume everyday B) Wear dark colored shirt C) Bathe frequently D) Dont wear sleeveless and undershirt A. There are several kinds of woodpeckers. The flicker, a brown- backed bird with red marking on its neck, is fairly common. The little downy woodpecker, another common woodpecker, is usually found in orchards. But, perhaps, the woodpecker that is best known is the red- headed woodpecker. You will remember that it was a red- headed woodpecker that bored holes in the power cable of the rocket. 1. What is the main idea of the story? a. The little downy woodpecker, another common woodpecker, is usually found in orchards. b. There are several different kinds of woodpecker. c. The flicker, a brown- backed bird with red markings on its neck, is fairly common. B. A dictionary is one type of a reference book. It gives various information about words. A dictionary shows the correct spelling, pronunciation, and different meaning for a word. In addition, the origin of word maybe given. The dictionary may also list synonyms and antonyms for the word.

2. What is the main idea of the story? a. A dictionary gives different information about words. b. A dictionary tells the origin of word. c. A dictionary shows how a word is spelled and pronounced. C. Wood is a commonly- used material for building houses. People use wood for many reasons. First, it is usually cheaper and more plentiful than other kinds of materials. Wood can be cut and

shaped to provide of house styles. Also, many types of wood are available. Wood can be made to blend with almost any setting. 3. What idea of the story? a. Wood is cheaper than the other materials for building a house. b. People used wood to build houses for many reason. c. Many type of wood blend with different setting. D. Katkat run into the kitchen and said excitedly, Look Mom, I just found the penny I needed to complete my coin collection. Im so glad, answered her mother. Youve looked a long time for it. Katkats mother let Katkat add blackberries to the muffins she was making. That night at dinner Katkat looked sad. Whats matter? Mrs. Armonia asked. I lost the penny for my coin collection, Katkat answered. Suddenly Mrs. Armonia shouted Ouch! Everyone looked at her. She had bitten Katkats mother, smilling. She held up the penny for all to see.

4. Why was Katkat so excited when she spoke to her mother? a. Katkat loved blackberry muffins. b. She had won a contest. c. Katkat had just found a penny she needed for her coin collection. 5. Where does the story take place? a. In a restaurant b. At Katkat house c. At a picnic 6. Which word best describe Katkat? a. Determined b. lazy c. selfish 7. Why was Katkat unhappy at supper? a. She had lost the penny. b. She felt sick to her stomach. c. Katkat was disappointed that she couldnt go to camp. 8. Why did Mrs. Armonia suddenly shout? a. She was starting a fight. b. She bit down on something hard. c. Mrs. Armonia was calling out to Katkat to be careful. 9. Who said, I dont think your coins is lost after all, Katkat? a. Katkats brother b. Katsksts father c. Katkats mother. 10. Why was Mrs. Armonia smilling at the end of the story? a. She found the penny on her muffin. b. She heard a funny joke. c. Mrs. Armonia was happy with the way the way the muffins turned out. E. Wowie and Kimmy enjoyed visiting their grandfathers farm for the summer. They especially liked the beautiful flowers in the garden. The children told their grandfather that they

wanted to plant their own garden. The grandfather agreed, but he wanted them took patience and hard work. At first the job was fun. Wowie and Kimmy got the seeds and planted them. But the children did not want bother watering the flowers each day. There were just too many other things to do.

By the end of the summer, most of the flowers had died. The children looked at their garden. It was a sad sight, but it had taught them a lesson. The next summer, Wowie and Kimmy returned to the farm. They planted another garden. This time, however, they watered the flowers daily. By the summers end, they had a garden as lovely as their grandfathers. 1. The story took place____. a. At Wowies house b. on the grandfathers house 2. Wowie and Kimmy wanted to ___. a. Plant a flower garden. b. leave the farm. 3. The childrens first flowers____. a. Were beautiful b. were nicer than Grandfathers 4. The feeling at the end of the first summer was ____. a. Happy b. frightening 5. The storys message is that making nice things____. a. Isnt worth the time b. often takes hard work F.

c. in Kimmys house C. sells flowers. c. mostly died c. sad c. costs too much.

1. 2.



Bea watched as the other gymnasts on her team performed. She admired the grace and ease with which each one moved through the difficult exercises. As she watched, she told herself, Stay calm, Bea, the first time is always the hardest. Suddenly Bea felt Leas hand on her shoulder. Lea was the team captain. Relax, Bea, she said with a smile. all of us on the team know you will do a Good job. Soon Beas name was called. She dashed across the mat and threw herself into a series of a perfect flips. With every leap and tumble, she seemed to fly. When she bounced to a finish, Beas it up with joy. The audience cheered and Beas teammates hugged her. Lea squeezed Beas hand, Welcome to the team. Bea felt___ as she waited to perform. a. Nervous b. happy c. confused d. angry Bea enjoyed watching the other gymnasts because she felt they were ____. a. Shy b. clumsy c. graceful d. a poor example for her Lea and the team felt ____ Bea before she performed. a. Sure of b. sorry for c. scared of d. worried about Bea dashed across the mat because she felt ___.

a. Selfish b. confident c. hesitant 5. Lea and the team felt ____ Bea after she performed. a. Proud of b. upset with c. sorry for with. TABLE READING Planet Distance from Sun (millions of kilometers 58 108 150 228 778 1,428 2,873 4,498 5,914 Diameter at Equator (kilometers) 5,000 12,180 12,756 6,760 142,700 120,900 46,700 49,500 6,400 Length of day (in hours) 1,416 5,834 24 24.5 10 10 10.7 1.7 154

d. careless d. displaced

Number of Moons 0 0 1 2 15 17 5 2 1

Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

1. Which planet is nearest from the sun? a. Mercury b. Earth 2. Which planet has the smallest diameter? a. Mercury b. Pluto

c. Saturn

d. Pluto

c. Neptune

d. Jupiter

3. How many millions of kilometers from the Sun is the planet Saturn? a. 14, 280 b. 4,498 c. 1, 428

d. 778

4. Which planet has the longest day? a. Mercury b. Venus 5. How many moons does the planet Uranus have? a. 5 b. 0 6. How many planets have no moon? a. 2 b. 3 7. Which planet has a day that is 15.7 hours long? a. Mars b. Uranus

c. Earth

d. Pluto

c. 2

d. 17

c. 4

d. 5

c. Neptune

d. Pluto

8. On how many planets is the day longer than it is on earth?

a. 0

b. 8

c. 6

d. 4

9. How many planets are smaller in diameter than Earth? a. 4 b. 2 c. 0 10. Which planet is 778 million kilometers from the sun? a. Mars b. Jupiter c. Saturn 11. Which planet is the farthest from the Sun? a. Mercury b. Mars 12. Which planet has the largest diameter? a. Earth b. Jupiter 13. Which planet has the most number of moons? a. Mars b. Jupiter 14. How many planets have one moon? a. 0 b. 1 15. Which is 228, 000, 000 kilometers from the sun? a. Earth b. Mars

d. 6

d. Neptune

c. Saturn

d. Pluto

c. Neptune

d. Pluto

c. Saturn

d. Pluto

c. 2

d. 3

c. Neptune

d. Pluto