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Villa Rica Middle School Cheerleading Constitution A cheerleader must not have any other obligations that will conflict with games or practices. This includes any other sport, music, dance, gymnastics, etc. Being on other sports teams causes major conflicts. Students who make the football squad cannot try out for the basketball squad. They may try out to be mascot. All practices and games are mandatory. Please arrange all other activities including make-up work around your cheer schedule. The only excused absences are funerals, major illness, and doctors appointments (please schedule around cheerleading practices and game if possible). Parents need to contact sponsor at least an hour prior to the missed event. For minor illness or injuries the cheerleader needs to be at practice observing (unless cheerleader did not attend school that day). Cheerleading events do not include just practices and games, but all planned cheerleading events. ( work, college visits, concerts, family trips, church trips, and similar types of absences are not considered excused. These types of activities should be arranged around your cheer schedule. It is your responsibility to check with the coach regarding the qualification of absence.) Missing practice or a game for an all star squad practice or competition will not be tolerated. Missing practice/game without notification: a. If a cheerleader misses a practice without notification, he/she will be benched the first quarter during the next game football game. During basketball season, the cheerleader will be benched until half time of the next girls game and not be able to perform at halftime with the rest of the squad. Reason being, we practice what we do for halftime the practice before the game. If a cheerleader is not there to practice, she cannot be allowed to participate. b. If a cheerleader misses a game without notification she will be benched until half time of the next football game and benched the entire girls game during basketball. c. Demerits will apply to both missed practices and missed games. d. NOTIFICATION IS A PRIORITY. Pick up time after practices and games are strictly enforced. If a designated time has been set, any cheerleader picked up past 15 minutes will be given demerits. Please make sure your child is picked up at the appropriate time. All cheerleaders must ride to and from all away games on the bus unless they are signed out by their parents at the game. If you need your child to ride home with another parent, a permission note from you must be given to the sponsor or that cheerleader will have to ride back on the bus. Other means of transportation will need to be arranged once we get back to the school. Demerits will apply. All school and county rules apply at all times. No smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, use of illegal drugs, or profane language at any school activity or while in uniform. Any misunderstanding among cheerleaders will be brought to the attention of the sponsor immediately. A cheerleader must be at school day before a game to cheer. (If absent the day of game or practice, she may not attend). Students are not allowed to participate in practice or game if they are not able to participate in P.E. Cheerleader academic requirements fall under athletic requirements as listed in school board policy. For VRMS a cheerleader must be passing all classes at all times. If a cheerleader is failing any classes at midterm or report card, they will be benched for the next game and must show written improvement from teacher within two weeks from date of report. Failure to do so will add another benched game. Failing classes is not tolerated as a cheerleader. We will find you help if you are struggling with a subject. At semester, student athletes that fail more than one class will be removed from the squad. Displays of affection will not be tolerated at school related events or in hallways(teachers will tattle). A physical must be on file for the current school year Uniforms will be worn according to school board policy. Saturday school or ISS will be dealt with severely. Severe discipline infractions could cause removal from the squad (repeated ISS or an OSS). Tumbling will be restricted to half times and the sponsor will have final authority on who will be allowed to tumble. Stunting is a privilege. When and how cheerleaders stunt will be determined by the coach. All squads will build according to sponsors requirements. Cheerleading is expensive. Each cheerleader at her own expense will purchase shoes, socks, etc. on scheduled fitting day. Villa Rica Middle School uniforms will be provided to each cheerleader. The uniform is to be cleaned and turned in at the end of the season. Damage or loss of the uniform will result in student/parent paying for repairing and/or replacing uniform. Anything purchased must be paid for in full before the cheerleader can receive the items. There will be strict deadlines. Girls currently serving as cheerleaders are not guaranteed a position on the new squad. Any circumstances not covered by the rules will be brought before the athletic director, principal, and sponsor. This decision will be final.

24. Cheerleaders represent the school and are expected to have exemplary behavior. Any behavior displayed by a cheerleader that is considered unacceptable by a coach, teacher, or administrator will result in disciplinary actions. The Carroll County Policy states that while a student athlete is under suspension from school or in ISS, he/she is not to practice or participate in his/her respective sport. If there is no game or competition during the term of ISS or suspension the next game or competition will be sat out of. Suspension is NOT acceptable **The coach/sponsor retains the right to amend these rules if necessary, coaches/sponsors decisions are final.** Membership 1. Cheerleaders are expected to remain on team for one full season unless dismissed by the sponsor. 2. Each girl should exhibit these personal qualifications: a. must be honest, dependable, unselfish, courteous, and punctual b. must willingly display school spirit c. must show good sportsmanship d. must display a positive attitude e. must exhibit high moral standards CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR Bad classroom behavior will not be tolerated, i.e. talking back to teachers, excessive talking, failure to do work, not following directions, etc. Teachers usually contact the sponsor when inappropriate behavior is exhibited by a cheerleader. If this occurs, the cheerleader will have one warning to correct the behavior. If another incident occurs, the cheerleader will be benched and parents notified. A third notification and the cheerleader will be asked to leave the squad. The following part of the Constitution has a demerit policy. Failure to abide by the rules outlined in the handout will result in receiving demerits which are kept up with by and given at the sponsors discretion. VRMS CHEERLEADING BYLAWS Demerits and Probation 1. When a cheerleader is placed on probation, her parents will be contacted by the sponsor. 2. Cheerleaders are required to come to practice and to all functions, in assigned uniform. 3. Cheerleaders will remain on probation until her behavior or attitude improves as determined by the sponsor. 4. Cheerleaders will be placed on probation after 5 demerits. 5. Students are removed from squad when they reach 30 demerits. 6. Demerit points are given for the following: Attendance and Tardies a. unexcused absence from a game 5 points b. unexcused absence from a practice 3 points c. tardiness to practices, games, any other kind of activity 1 point d. being picked up late from practice or game(15 minute grace period) 5 points Uniforms/Practice Attire a. not wearing uniform when required 10 points b. parts of uniform missing or untidy 5 points c. at games and practices, NO JEWELRY and hair pulled back 3 points d. at games, wearing inappropriate clothing, shoes, bra straps showing, etc. 1 point e. wearing colored polish on fingernails or having too long fingernails 1 point f. at practices, wearing inappropriate clothing(shorts to short, stomach showing, low cut shirts) -2 Conduct a. obscene language 5 points b. disrespect to or failure to obey command of captain or sponsor(rolling eyes) 10 points c. talking or being disruptive during practice warning first time; second time and each subsequent time 3 points d. attracting undesirable attention or behaving in an undignified way 10 points (display of affection/rudeness, etc) e. unsportsmanlike conduct 3 points f. using cell phone during game time (permitted at half time) 3 points g. chewing gum during practice or while cheering 1 point h. being on cell phones or other electronics during games or practice- 3 points i. in-school suspension15 points for first offense, dismissal for second j. out of school suspensionimmediate dismissal from the squad k. any incident involving alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal substances in or out of school will result in dismissal.

VRMS CHEERLEADING CONSTITUION AND BYLAWS ACCEPTANCE FORM I have received a copy of; have read and understand these rules. I understand that if the student signing this form makes the team, they will abide by these rules. Parent Name: ________________________________________ Parent Signature: _____________________________________ Date: __________________ Cheerleader Name: ____________________________________ Cheerleader Signature: _________________________________ Date: ___________________