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VeSys Electrical Series is an integrated suite of tools that enable users to design, manufacture and service DC electrical systems.

It is especially applicable to the Automotive, Transport, Aerospace and Agricultural & Construction Equipment industries, which are facing growing challenges as the size and complexity of electrical systems increase. VeSys Electrical Series has the ability to quickly and easily model a complete virtual prototype of the electrical system. This enables early validation of the wiring system, creating a high level of confidence in the design, reducing the reliance on physical prototypes, shortening the design cycle and improving design quality. The VeSys integration and collaboration features ensure that intelligence captured during design is passed though to manufacturing at an early stage. This minimizes late design changes, reduces engineering and production lead-time, cuts costs and improves product quality. VeSys Electrical Series is composed of several modules: VeSys Components, VeSys Design, VeSys Service, and VeSys Harness. A section is included in the manual for each of the following modules: VeSys Components is a highly functional electrical circuit and harness component repository. Although a powerful repository in its own right extra benefits are realized from tight integration with the other applications in the VeSys Electrical Series suite. VeSys Design is electrical wiring design software. It provides rapid and intuitive circuit drawing tools, together with built in models for automated simulation and analysis feedback as the design progresses. VeSys Design has a detailed understanding of physical wires, splices, components and connectors, enabling the creation of a complete Electrical Virtual Prototype. VeSys Service takes its input from VeSys Design and provides automatic fault analysis and diagnosis, together with color graphics and multi language outputs for inclusion in service documentation. VeSys Harness enables the design and creation of harness drawings which can be non-scaled design drawings or scaled layouts ready for a manufacturing board. VeSys Harness is integrated with VeSys Design, enabling wires in the circuit design to automatically populate the connectors in the harness layout. Included is a powerful report generator that makes use of data extracted from the harness drawing to produce manufacturing information. Using its own built in rule base that enables it to calculate true cutting lengths, optimize cutting list order and analyze sub-assembly options. Reports include Bill of Materials, wire list, connector views and splice tables.