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I am directed to refer to Government of NWFP, Establishment Department letter No.SO(O&M)6-3/2002-Vol.III (KC) dated 28.10.2002 and to enclose herewith the requisite information as desired:(I) ADMN: RESTRUCTURING INCLUDING OLD AND NEW STRUCTURES OF THE DEPARTMETN ON THE PROVINCIAL AND DISTRICT LEVEL. Restructuring of Government Departments is primarily the responsibility of the establishment Department. This Department i.e. Information, Public Relations, Culture, Tourism, Archaeology & Museums was bifurcated in to two separate Admn: Departments i.e. (i) Information & Public Relations Department and (2) Sports, Culture, Tourism, Archaeology & Museums Department vide Establishment & Administration Department Notification No.SO(O&M)E&AD/3-15/2002 dated 6.3.2002 (copy enclosed at Annex-I). Previously it was functioning under one Administrative Secretary. It is mentioned here that the Directorate of Sports was previously functioning under the Administrative control of the Higher Education Department. After restructuring of the Department, it has been attached under the Admn. Control of this Department. The following attached Directorates are now functioning under the Administrative control of this Department: (a) SARHAD COUNCIL OF THE ARTS The Sarhad Council of the Arts is functioning under the Administrative control of Culture Department. No restructuring/devolution has been taken in this organization as it contains a bare minimum of staff. (b) DIRECTORATE OF ARCHAEOLOGY & MUSEUMS, NWFP: Since no devolution has been under taken in the Directorate of Archaeology & Museums, therefore no such office nor subordinate offices or institutes are run or controlled by the District Governments. The Directorate has the following subordinate institutions: (1) (2) (3) Peshawar Museum, Peshawar Dir Museum, Chakdara Mardan Museum, Mardan

(2) (c) DIRECTORATE OF SPORTS, NWFP: In the pre-devolution setup there was a Directorate of Sports NWFP at the Provincial level and Divisional offices of the same at the Divisional Headquarter levels vide copy of old Organogram enclosed (Annex-II. After devolution of powers to the District Government, the Sports offices at Divisional level were abolished and instead District Sports Offices established in each District Headquarter headed by a District Sports Officer. A copy of new setup Organogram is enclosed (Annex-III). (d) SARHAD TOURISM CORPORATION: The NRB has proposed the transfer of PTDC Motel and information centres to the Provincial Government NWFP for its operationalization by the Sarhad Tourism Corporation (Annex-IV) which is under consideration by the Cabinet committee headed by Minister Agriculture Government of NWFP (Mr. Abeedullah Jan). (II) STRUCTURAL REFORM IN ADMINISTRATION OF THE DEPARTMENT . On On March, 2002, Sports, Culture, Tourism Archaeology and Museums Department have been bifurcated from the former Information and Public Relations, Tourism, Culture, Archaeology & Museums Department. At the District level, Sports Offices in all the Districts have been established for promotion of Sports activities in their Department. The Directorate of Archaeology & Museums is very deficient of necessary professional, technical and ministerial staff. For the restructuring of the Department, a case indicating the existing and proposed structure is under consideration in this Department. (III) NEW POLICIES INITIATIVE THAT HAVE BEEN IMPLEMENTED : After establishment of District Governments, all playing facilities such as stadiums, Gymnasiums and Squash Courts, provided by the Provincial Government have been handed over to the District Governments for their management, use and its maintenance. (a) The Provincial Government of NWFP with a view to have our own Provincial Governments law to deal with matters related to moveable and immoveable antiquities, has recently implemented the NWFP, Antiquities Act 1997 in letter and spirit vide (Annex-V). (b) For the preservation of Architectural buildings located in this Province, the NWFP Premises Act is under consideration of Government for promulgation as ordinance. (3) (IV) MAJOR PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES UNDER TAKEN:

The Provincial Government have provided a number of playing facilities at the Provincial, Divisional and District Headquarter levels in NWFP. The playing facilities provided during the last 3 years are as under: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) Hockey Turf laid at Bannu Hockey Stadium. Improvement/renovation of Sportsmen Hostel at Bannu. Bannu Sports Complex Sports Complex at Kohat consisting of Cricket,Football & Hockey grounds Badminton Hall at Mardan NWFP Cricket Academy Establishment of NWFP Squash Academy (in progress) NWFP Sports Academy in Swat (in progress).

ADP and Non-ADP projects executed during the financial year 2001-2002 and the current financial year 2002-03 is enclosed (Annex-VI).