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Why I like yongseo couple A comment inspired me to write this. The comment stated by yongseo couple fan on youtube.

The comment is about a question why yongshin shippers still ship these two good friends as a couple however their ship is not based on facts. Talking about this, Ill guess why the fan stated such kind of comment. Yongshin- this couple fans ship the two celebrities, yonghwa and shinhye, after the two starred in a korean drama. They rejected the question (whether they date or not) many times. Shinhye told in a show named taxi that yonghwa never sees her as a woman. Yonghwa even stated in the same show but its in different time, that they (yonghwa and shinhye) never have romantic relationship but after the dating gossip shinhye and him have awkward relation. If yongshin shippers brag about yonghwa and shinhye friendship relation as romantic relation, I can say that they forget that shinhye also has good relation with keunsuk and hongki. Shinhye has time to look keunsuks activities too, take for example, what is keunsuks new drama etc. She even called lee hongki in a show to get hongkis comment on her mission to compose a song in a show. In other words, she has good relation with not only yonghwa but also keunsuk and hongki. Yongseo- this couple fans ship the two celebrities, yonghwa and seohyun, after the two join a reality show named we got married. This couple arrangement is not like other couples. They have no partner preferences before being filmed in this show. In other words, they stuck together. However, surprisingly, they become close and do care for each other sincerely. Some korean k-pop lovers hate this couple matching at first but after seeing the two in the show, they come to love them as a couple. Thinking of doubt of this couple future relationship after their we got married (wgm) show ended, I check some articles and videos on youtube about them sometimes. My adventure about them leaded me to root them. The first reason is that seohyun did not have an ideal man before wgm show and after joining this show, she has a figure of her ideal man. Other reason is that yonghwa shouted that he loves seohyun in a show named strongheart however his wgm show already ended at that time and many other videos which were aired after yongseo wgm ended showed yonghwas love for seohyun. One of recent yonghwas love evidences (2013) is when CNBlue has a show which depicted CNBlue members chatting activity with a lucky fan. The fan named her/himself seohyun, in the chatting show jungshin intentionally teased yonghwa by saying seohyun saranghamnida to relate to yonghwas shout of love for seohyun in strongheart show. It means that he really loves seohyun not only on the wgm show. Another reason is that because seohyun SECRETLY admires yonghwa, take for example when the snsd members revealed that seohyun sang i am a loner of CNBlue while taking shower and many other conffesions from snsd members about seohyun. Another reason is that there are some videos of them out of wgm filming in the wgm airing

time which showed me that they truly has relation however theyre not in the show filming. Another reason is that the artists of seohyuns label who are not snsd members also tease seohyun or yonghwa related to their relation. Another reason is that seohyun is always embarrased or nervous while being asked about yonghwa or while responding / reacting on her admiring actions revelations. If she does not truly like or care or love yonghwa, her reaction will not be nervousness. And the last reason is that they do care each other sincerely whether theyre in the show or not, just like this years yongseo moments have showed me. Seohyun and yonghwa support each other and never forget their wgm moments. I dont know how their future is like but Im sure they always support each other and sincerely care each other. I forgot to write about yonghwas reaction related to a question about yongseo or wgm o seohyun in this year, 2013. On February 2013, sungmin of superjunior (superjunior is a boyband and the artists whose label are the same label which seohyun joins) asked about seohyun (to me, yonghwa is seohyuns namja), yonghwas reaction is NERVOUSNESS. His reaction is shown by many nervous gestures or body language. The video is on youtube. In the same video, kyuhyun of superjunior also called and teased yonghwa about his jealosy toward seohyun-kyuhyun friendship. Whereas if yonghwa is asked about shinhye, he never shows nervousness. On april 2013, CNBlue had an interview with a radio station. If you look for it, make sure you watch the right video because at least there are two interviews which CNBlue attended at the time. The last question is about wgm. Again and again, yonghwas reaction leaded me to root yongseo couple. Im quite sure that there are many untold moments which are not depicted on videos about these two peoples relationship. At last, again, I state that I dont know how their future is like but Im sure they always support each other and sincerely care each other, just like when yonghwa had the second drama filming with shinhye, seohyun (according to yonghwa in that drama press conference) supported him doing his latest acting career.

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