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How to Cast Away Demons (5)

The Moment When The Forces of Darkness Are Shattered

** Opening Words

** Scripture reading: Gen 17: 1 – 18, Acts 2: 41 – 47, 11: 1 – 19, 19: 8 – 21, 26: 16 – 23, Romans 1: 8 – 12

1. We must first see how great the forces of darkness that are covering the individuals, families, regions and world which
[do not know God] are.
a. Because one man sinned and became flesh (dead), and was also bounded by Satan, under such a spiritual state, man
increases in numbers, causing the whole world to be filled with knowledge, culture, moral teachings and religion
which [do not know God]. In the spiritual states behind these, there are strong forces of darkness binding.
i. Individual: Cannot see or hear the God [who is always with us], thus submit to the leadership of evil spirits, indulge in the
pleasures of the flesh and follow the customs and the teachings of the world;
ii. Family clans and family lines: From generations to generations, follow and inherit the spiritual problems and sins of
ancestors, aim of flourishing the family clan, family’s business, passing down the family’s teachings, religion and the
practice of worshipping idols and ancestors.
iii. Regions: Local demons are in control of the spiritual environment, temples, idols, witches, and sorcerers, so as to control
the spirits of man.
iv. World: The world is filled with knowledge, culture, moral teachings, customs, and religions which [do not know God],
behind the kings of nations, surely there are witches and sorcerers who operate on principles which [do not know God],
there are wars, earthquakes, disasters everywhere, everyone is fearful of death, illnesses, poverty and corruption.
b. One man (Christ Jesus) who submitted to God (act of righteousness), relied on the Holy Spirit to cast out demons,
restored the heavenly kingdom, taught the perfect will of God (Gospel), died in the place of His body, resurrected in
their place, revealed the great love of God and totally shattered the power of Satan.
i. Christ lives in all those who believe in Him, makes everyone who believes in Him [the blessing of a family and the
blessing of a nation].
ii. Through the lives of those who [restored the Immanuel God], Christ gradually expands His kingdom in the lives,
families, descendants, regions of those who believe Him and the whole world, according to the timetable He determines
= and this became the content of the whole history
c. But if a person’s life is to become [the source of blessings in the family] and [the source of blessings in the region and
the world], first need to receive the great love of God in order to fulfill this.
i. Even though Lot was from a blessed family, the degree of blessedness in his life could not influence his descendants and
the city of Sodom.
ii. Yet, Abraham, who was given birth in the same family and received grace at the same time, became [the source of
blessings in the family and the source of blessings for all nations].
 If our lives have not attained [a particular degree of blessedness], there is certainly no way to overcome [the dark
forces which cover the family clans and regions]

2. When will the forces of darkness be cast out?

a. The moment when the forces of darkness in the family are shattered (Gen 17: 1 – 18, 35: 1 – 15>  the moment when
a person establishes a covenant with God, and when a person starts to pray for his family and descendants.
i. Even though Abraham was called to be blessed <12: 1 – 3>, and had a covenant with God <15: 1 – 21>, but for him to
truly become the [source of blessings in the family and all nations], he would have to wait till he changed his name
(from Abram to Abraham = the father of all nations), and after he and his whole family were circumcised.
ii.  Before that, Abraham’s thoughts and actions brought about many problems <16: 1 – 16> -- the root of disasters in
the family and descendants.
iii.  The Lord said, [any uncircumcised male, who has not been circumcised in the flesh, will be cut off from his people;
he has broken my covenant] = Those who are not circumcised (who do not establish a covenant with God) will not be
able to receive [Abraham’s faith and blessings (the life of Immanuel)], and they cannot pass on this same faith to their
iv. Before a person [establishes a covenant with God and obtains fixed perspective], he certainly cannot triumph over
[the forces of darkness which had bounded families from generations to generations since Adam’s days] = because their
faith and actions do not match, much contradictions and powerlessness are exposed. They have no way to overcome
their families’ traditional thoughts, goals, moral teachings, religions and other forces. They too have no way to triumph

over the forces of the world which are pulling their family members, their children and descendants also cannot receive
grace from their lives.
v.  Reading the Bible without the promises of God, will only [obtain knowledge]; praying without promises is merely
[the supplication of the Gentiles]; planning and living without promises is the state of [indulgence, muddle-headedness,
foolishness]; serving without the promises will surely fall into [humanism].
vi.  Only [a faith with the promises of God] can truly restore: [conversing with God and walking with God] and receive
evidences in all things.
vii. Only with promises can the [life ideology] and [life operating system] be established, and man can receive God’s perfect
will and follow God.
viii.  No matter how great the forces of darkness spread in the family, it will surely not triumph over the saints [who truly
meet God, have newly created born again lives, grasp the truths of God, rely on the precious blood of Christ, understand
the mystery of the Holy Spirit, always cast out demons and enjoy the heavenly kingdom, understand God’s perfect will
(wisdom) in everything, walk with God in all things and receive evidences]. Therefore, they have testimonies in their
lives and can bless their parents, siblings, spouses, friends and relatives, and have enough power to pass on to their
children and offspring.
# Isaac (his two sons made every effort to seek the father’s blessings), Jacob (waited till his return to Bethel), Joseph
(from young, he had a life of promises and dreamt dreams of visions).
# Today, we can also see in church: The degree of blessedness of a saint surely has a direct impact on the blessedness of
his/her family members, children and descendants.
b. The moment when the forces of darkness in the regions are shattered <Acts 2: 41 – 47, 11: 1 – 19, 19: 8 – 20>  The
moment when a group of disciples with the evidences of Immanuel rises up, and establishes churches – The rise of
church in Jerusalem, the church of Antioch, the church of Philippi, the church of Ephesus and the church of Rome.
i. Truly know that [Jesus is the Christ] <Acts 1: 13 – 14> The God who is the Word became flesh, died and resurrected and
have throne dominion.
ii. Pray in the name of Christ Jesus < Acts 1: 13 – 14> Confirm my calling and blessedness, understand how Christ Jesus
lives in me, test and approve God’s perfect will in all kinds of conditions of my life.
iii. Be filled with the Holy Spirit <Acts 2: 1 – 4> Receive the evidences of the Immanuel, restore authority, loving kindness,
holiness, joy, freedom and peace.
iv. Discover the doors which are opened by God <Acts 2: 5 – 13> The people with the 8 beatitudes (the poor in spirit, those
who mourn, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the pure in heart), those who are willing to listen to the
v. Love to evangelise <Acts 2: 14 – 36> The messages about Christ Jesus and the testimonies about how a person is being
called to meet God, converse with God and walk with God.
vi. Understand how to help others meet God <Acts 2: 37 – 41> Believe that Jesus is the Christ, repent and be baptized,
forgiveness of sins, and receive the Holy Spirit (born again).
vii. Understand how to lead new believers to communicate and walk with God <Acts 2: 42 – 47> The gathering of disciples,
learning about Christ, prayers and praises (testimonies).
 Will see miracles and wondrous signs following the Christian fellowship. The forces of darkness, and the power of
religion and sorcery of the region will be shattered. Many of God’s people will come to the Lord and be nurtured, many
disciples will be raised up and the doors of evangelism will continue to be opened <Acts 2: 43 – 37, 3: 1 – 10, 4: 31 –
37, 5: 1 – 11, 6: 1 – 7, 7: 54 – 60, 8: 4 – 13…>
 Those churches which do not know Christ and are bounded by [formalities, legalism, mysticism, humanism and
worldliness], not only cannot [drive out the dark forces of the region], but they become [fellowships which imprison,
steal, kill and drive out the people of God] instead.
 If a person can acquire a blessed Christ fellowship, how great is that blessing? Through Christ fellowship,
practically meet God, converse with God, walk with God / prayers will receive answers quickly / will be healed quickly
and be sanctified, restore authority and power / the dark forces in the families will be driven out swiftly, blessed
descendants and generations will rise up / participate in ministries which are pleasing to the Lord, receive eternal
c. The moment when the dark forces of the era are shattered and purged <Romans 1: 8 – 12, 15: 22 – 24, 29, Acts 19: 21
– 22, 21: 7 – 14, 26: 16 – 23, 28: 30 – 31>
 When an individual or a church receives [the Immanuel message of the era], and also receives [the voices of
Macedonia which come from everywhere], as well as receives the [vision of Rome of the present era]:
i. Paul had already received [the message and grace of Christ Jesus, which is needed by all peoples of the world], and thus
received the vision of the era: [in my prayers at all times; and I pray that now at last by God’s will the way may be

opened for me to come to you…so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong] <Romans 1: 10 –
11> [After I have been there, I must visit Rome also] <Acts 19: 21>.
ii. The grace received by the church of Antioch, nurtured disciples and teachers <Acts 11: 19 – 3>, the visions received
during prayers, sent out missionaries <Acts 13: 1 – 3>, continued to intercede for the missionaries, and the missionaries
also always returned with reports <Acts 14: 24 – 28, 18: 18 – 23>
The Lord revealed the mystery of Christ the Immanuel to a group of Christians, so that through them, [the gospel
ministries of the era] could be raised up.
# The faith restoration movement in the 15th century / the rise of the various denominations from 15th to the 18th
centuries / the rise of many mission works in the 19th - 20th centuries.
 In the 21th century, what kinds of churches and saints will the Lord use? Saints who [practically meet God, converse
with God and walk with God].
 God wants to use the Chinese churches (the main characters of the 21th century). We already saw the hunger and
thirst in the lives of countless Chinese, they repented and turned to the Lord, and earnestly seek [the message of
Immanuel]. Many disciples were raised up and gave their lives to be the workers of the kingdom of God…
 We [Christian Life Church of Washington DC] is also one of the churches being used by the Lord, the reason for
setting up this church and the prayers of this church, the experiences and testimonies in the last 7 years, all prove that we
are used by God…

3. After a period of spiritual battles, gradually see fulfillments

a. Not relying on [a momentary one-off resolution], but relying on [follow the Lord unceasingly] <Gen 24: 1 = 21: 22 –
34, 23: 1 – 20, Acts 1: 8, 26: 19 – 20>
i. Abraham was blessed in everything = followed the Lord in everything, and had many testimonies (even the Gentiles
could see).
ii. He could be so blessed because he met God, established a covenant with God, centered his entire life on the altar (tested
and approved God’s perfect will), and followed the Lord.
iii. When the Israelites were in the wilderness, they followed the Lord by centering on the tabernacle / Paul possessed the life
and living system of following the Lord throughout his entire lifetime.
 After a saint was born again or after his resolution in the Lord, the most important is [the transformation of thinking
ways and lifestyle] = new life and new living
 If the holy temple is not built, there is no way to sustain [following the Lord] = Saints must establish [life ideology]
and [living operating system]
 Satan is not afraid of the momentary one-off resolution and excitement of man, but he is only afraid of saints
who [already grasped the secret of continuously enjoying the guidance of God]
b. The Lord will surely fulfill, but certainly have to go through many persecutions, ironies and battles, then can be
fulfilled <Gen 21 – 22, Matt 10: 16 – 25, Acts 20: 17 – 38, 26: 22>
i. Battles within the individual’s spirit, battles that occur before the emergence of one after another blessed member in the
family, battles in regional evangelism ministries.
ii. Abraham’s battles in his spirit and family/ Paul knew that [tribulations and persecutions await him everywhere], but the
Lord helped him all the time.
iii. The secret of triumphing over all problems lies in [death and resurrection (the blood sacrifice)].
iv. The Lord will reveal His perfect will timely, saints only need to [believe assuredly, commit, submit] and the authority of
the Lord will be manifested.
Satan absolutely cannot triumph over a saint who [already knew the Lord, only loves the Lord and willing to
follow the Lord].
c. Though weak in the beginning, will get more and more prosperous <Gen 12: 1 – 3, 13: 14 – 18, 15: 5, Acts 26: 12 – 23,
Eph 1: 15 – 23 = Job 8: 7, Isa 60: 22, Acts 3: 1>
i. [I will make you into a great nation, all peoples on earth will be blessed through you] [Lift up your eyes and look north
and south, east and west. All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever] [Look up at the heavens
and count the stars – if indeed you can count them. So shall your offspring be] – for the past 4000 years, the Lord had
fulfilled His promises and He will continue to fulfill in future…
 Saints absolutely cannot underestimate [our current conditions, environment, brethren besides us, people whom we
meet]. In the life, relationships and time of every saint who is called, [heavenly, earthly and eternal inheritances] are
 The shattering of the dark forces and strongholds of Satan in an individual, family and region, will be
according to the timetable determined by God (the process of fulfillment will benefit the saints and the kingdom
of God).
d. Most importantly, is to enjoy the Immanuel today (rely on the Holy Spirit, cast out demons and enjoy the kingdom of
heaven). As the days go by, will definitely see success <Gen 15: 15, Matt 6: 34, Eph 5: 15 – 21>
i. [You, however, will go to your fathers in peace and be buried at a good old age] [Each day has enough trouble of its
own] [Be wise, making the most of every opportunity, test and approve the perfect will of God, be filled with the Holy
Spirit, sing and make music in your heart to the Lord].
 Saints establish covenant with God, receive lifetime promises, vision, dreams, lifetime prayer topics, but their
perspective must be focused on testing and approving everything today, following the Lord, learning of everything day
by day, adding of grace, receiving of crowns...
 Satan’s entire works are focused on the deceptions, temptations, disturbances and accusations of today. After
saints triumph over all these battles, understand the schemes and works of the devil more and more, and grasp
the secret of abundant victory more and more, the devil will gradually be afraid of saints…

** Closing words

Prayer topics for this week:

1. When a person makes a covenant with God and starts to pray for the family and descendants, the forces of
darkness in the family will be shattered: Do I have assurance: God’s eternal grace already came upon me, and also will
be with my descendants in future generations? On what grounds? For my kins (parents and siblings), what am I praying
now? What am I praying for my spouse and children? What results do I see?
2. When a group of disciples with the evidences of Immanuel rises up, and establishes churches, the forces of
darkness in the regions and era are shattered: In my life, do I have the evidences fulfilled in <Acts 1 – 2>? To
become the churches of [Jerusalem <Acts 2: 41 – 47>, Antioch <Acts 11: 19 – 30>], in which areas should our church
strive to renew? Through church living, what grace has my family and I received?
3. After going through a period of spiritual battles, will gradually see the fulfillments: What were the spiritual battles
which I had experienced in my past blessed days? Have I grasped the secret of being victorious in everything? Have I
seen [the vision which the Lord will fulfill in my whole life]? Am I walking with the Lord now? What are the systems
and evidences?