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How to Enjoy Heavenly Kingdom (4)

Not Disobedient to the Vision from Heaven

** Starting words
Our days of living on earth all [exist for the sake of the heavenly kingdom]. In all the conditions that we possess, are hidden [the
meaning of the everlasting heavenly kingdom]. In the conditions that we have, when we discover the [meaning of heavenly
kingdom (God’s perfect will)], the heavenly kingdom will be restored at that time and that place, and when we testify, the
heavenly kingdom will continue to expand through our lives’ personal network of contacts… / the heavenly kingdom is [in your
hearts, and at the place where you submit as a result of understanding God’s will], the heavenly kingdom is also at [where two or
three of you pray in my name], the heavenly kingdom which is restored in [your hearts and in the midst of you], will surely
continue to expand, until the numbers of the saved are full, until the Lord Jesus comes again with the new heaven and new earth.
The heavenly kingdom of today is still led by the [vision from heaven], and continues to expand toward [the unreached
peoples]… / Paul heard the [voice of God sending him], saw [the vision from heaven], we the people who are called should all
hear the voice of God heard by Paul, see the vision from heaven saw by Paul… / Paul could not be disobedient to [the vision from
heaven], not because he was [more devout, zealous, or have the character to persist till the end] more than others, but because he
was called personally by the Lord, and discovered his lifetime mission, and also because he discovered the spirit of gospel,
enjoyed the power of gospel, and also because he saw many Christ disciples awaiting the message of the gospel in various parts of
the world…

** Scripture reading: Ac 26:16-23; Ro 1:6, 11, 16, 20; 3:10, 21-24; 5:1-5, 8; 6:5, 14; 7:6; 8:1-2, 15-17, 26-28, 31-39; 9:10-18; 10:13-15;
12:1-2; 16:25-27
1. Because heard: The voice of God’s personal calling and thus received lifetime mission <Ac 26:16-23 = Ac 1:8>
1) The moment a saint is born again, is the moment he is [being called]
- Being called to be the citizen, worker, soldier of the heavenly kingdom, certainly will have the unique position, role and
ministry that the Lord prepared for him…
- Not only is the life of a saint being called, but all his conditions, talents, interpersonal relationships, experiences, etc, are also
being called together…
- [Born again] refers to: Those who have never knew God, know God; those who have never seen the ever-present God, see God;
those who have never knew themselves, know their own selves (dignified life, identity, goal); those who have never seen the
heavenly kingdom, see the heavenly kingdom; those who have never experience true peace, joy, hope, can receive these
→ Therefore the Lord said, [be a witness of what you have seen of me and what I will show you; to open their eyes and turn
them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance
among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me]
→ Those who already saw the difference between [darkness and light, Satan and Christ, world and heavenly kingdom], all
cannot remain silent with their mouths shut
2) The moment when a born-again saint learn more about the gospel of Christ because of hunger and thirst for righteousness, and
receive more spiritual gifts, is the time when the Lord prepares ministry for him so that he can receive more beautiful things
- Isaiah’s doubly blessedness and response <Is 6:1-13>/ Lord Jesus led disciples, made them see, there were distinctions (500
persons→120 persons→70 persons →12 persons →3 persons →1 person), Jesus brought Peter, John, James, up the
mountain to pray (mountain of transfiguration) <Lk 9:28>, [Blessed are the eyes that see what you see] <Lk 10:23>, [But I
have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers] <Lk 22:32> /
The Lord said, [From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted
with much, much more will be asked] <Lk 12:48>
→ In the process of our spiritual growth, the things that we encounter, the word of the Lord (answers) that we receive, the
conviction and transformation of our spirits, are all God’s personal works for a group of lives who will be blessed later on
through my life’s messages and testimonies…
3) The moment when a saint understood his calling and responds to the Lord saying [Oh Lord, I am here, may you send me], the
Holy Spirit of the Lord will anoint him, give him new heart and mind, give him more beautiful gifts, bring his time into new
-A saint’s response and vow to God [one-to-one, face-to-face] is a very important thing. Throughout history, all servants of the
Lord who were called to be blessed have one clear experience: One day, heard the Lord’s voice, saw the glory of the eternal
kingdom, understood the calling of their own lives, and affirmed their lifetime mission. From that day onward, God’s power
followed them; they could see the guidance of the Lord, fulfillment of eternal things…
- Those who responded to God in this way, because they examine all man and all things through the mission they received,
therefore they can receive the perfect will of God in all things more clearly, and they transform in their hearts, anticipation,
treatment toward people (compassion, gentleness, harmony), their power to overcome problems and ironies also transform as
a result…
2. Because understood: The infinite power (best gift) encompassed in the [Cross gospel message] <Romans>
* When Paul wrote to the saints in Rome, the saints of Rome also already become [called and belonged to Christ] because they
believed the gospel of Christ <1:6>. But why was Paul so eager to go Rome, to impart to them [some spiritual gifts]? <1:11>
Because the mystery and power of gospel understood and enjoyed by him far exceeded the [better gifts] that they enjoyed.
Today, those who truly understood the [mystery of gospel (lead people to meet God, converse with God, walk with God)] and
enjoy this gift, will surely hear [the cry of Macedonia], will surely see [the vision from heaven], and will certainly be used
greatly by the Lord…
-- Although many Christians of this age know: [they themselves who are called to be children of God, should love God and man
with all their hearts, and live a godly life, seriously learn more about the Bible, strive to pray more, and should evangelize],
they have not even built up the basic system of [meeting God, conversing with God, walking with God]. These are all because
[they have not grasped the spirit of the gospel]. As a result, majority of the Christians are in a state of [carnalism, worldliness,
indulgence], and those Christians who strive harder to seek God have the inclination toward [legalism, mysticism, humanism,
1) The power of the gospel lies in [its ability to make man meet God, converse with God, walk with God]; the [5 main points] of
the cross gospel message encompass this power, Paul resolved to solely proclaim in his lifetime Jesus Christ and Him crucified
<1 Cor 2:1-5>, the spirit of this cross gospel message is revealed in the whole book of Romans…
① God is with us forever <1:20>
② All of man’s problems come from [separation from God] – Do not believe God, do not see God, do not hear God, do not
understand and do not submit to the perfect will of God <3:10>
③ Only Jesus Christ can solve all our problems, so that we can [meet God, converse with God, walk with God] <3:21-8:39>
④ Only the children of God who are called, chosen and blessed, can have the opportunity to hear the gospel, believe the gospel,
follow the gospel <9:1-11:36>
⑤ The life, conditions, interpersonal relationships, affairs of those who are called, are all the works of God, God is forever with
His children, guiding them, bestowing blessings upon them, leading them to [glorify God, benefit man, build kingdom]
2) How can the cross gospel message make man [meet God, converse with God, walk with God]? Where is its [infinite power]?
<Ro 1:16>
① A person can hear and believe in the gospel, such that his heart and mind are renewed and transformed, is not due to [man’s
devoutness], but because of [God’s choice] <Ro 1:6,9:10-18,10:13-17> => Yet, religious messages unanimously emphasize
[the decisions, vows, devoutness, zeal of limited man], thus causing man to fall deeper into the state of [guilt, judgment,
inferiority complex, arrogance, powerlessness, hypocrisy, unrest, fear, bondage]; but the gospel message makes man know
[his calling, his blessedness, his identity as God’s children, what God prepared, man is limited, how to rely on the grace of
God]. Therefore, the power received through [confession of sins, surrendering of oneself, receiving of love, forgiveness of
sins, relying on God, compassion, forgiveness…] is infinite…
② Since is already proven to be a child of God, is hence [forever not under law, but under grace] <6:14>; forever set free from
the law of sin and death, no longer has any condemnation <8:1-2>; no one can make us separate from the love of God <8:39>
=> Gospel makes a person judge all things from the perspective of [forever loved child]; thus causing man to know the eternal
liberation from [judgment, curses, eternal death]. In all things, is attracted to God’s love to think, judge, and act. Loves God’s
righteousness and holiness. Receives power to overcome all evil and sinful temptations. When discovers he commit sins and
is weak, cannot willfully continue to sin, but certainly has to come before the throne of grace, to ask for Father God’s mercy,
cleansing, salvation (hold onto the promise of Christ’s precious blood)…
③ Saints can [believe in their hearts and thus are proven to be children of God], all because of [the works of Holy Spirit].
Therefore, the living principles by which saints can please God do not lie in [the old way of the written code], but in [the new
way of the Spirit] <7:6>; furthermore, after saints are born again, the Holy Spirit will continue to help and guide them
<8:1-39> => The mystery to how the gospel can manifest the greatest power lies in this. The only ones who can at all times
receive the help, protection, guidance, instructions, power of the unlimited Holy Spirit, are saints who [receive the Holy
Spirit because they believed in the gospel]. Making man see the love of Father God, giving man gifts, wisdom, courage,
causing man to display power, are all the infinite power manifested by the Holy Spirit through the gospel…
④ Saints are the children and heirs of God<8:15-17>,He who did not spare his own son (Jesus Christ), but gave him up for us
all – how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? <8:32>, saints already received [blessings in heaven
and on earth, eternal blessings]. Through the remaining days on earth, have to receive [eternal crown and inheritance (4
gospelisation)], and all the [spiritual power, wisdom, physical strength, blessings of meeting, finances] that are required in
the fulfillment of the promise. God will provide timely, saints only need to be willing to believe in God, and they will triumph
over all things <8:31-39>, will surely receive the blessings and rewards of [all things work for the good] <8:28> => Religions
cause man to become [believers], but only the gospel can make man become [children]. At the same time when a saint truly
restores his own eternal identity (children, heirs, master, Christ’s body, prophet, priest, king), his life, perspective, judgment,
words and deeds will manifest infinite power…
⑤ Since is already proven to be child of God, all the conditions, interpersonal relationships, encounters of saints, are all the
works of God, God’s eternal perfect will is hidden in them, saints should in all things test and approve [God’s good, pleasing
and perfect will], and live a blessed living of [living sacrifice] <12:1-2> => Thus, man can restore [conversing with God,
walking with God], so that God’s power can be manifested in all things. It is not about being godly, but it is about loving
godliness. It is not about having to love God, but there is no way not to love the Lord. It is not about having to evangelize, but
there is no way not to sing and make music in our hearts to the Lord…
3) In the ministry of the gospel which we preached everywhere, the wonderful effect brought about by the [Cross Message] is
already seen, we need to doubly grasp the [spirit of the cross gospel message], and emulate Paul to [only preach the cross
message] <1 Cor 2:1-5>
- First must grasp the 5 main points of the [cross gospel message] → through cross message, build the system which enables me
to [establish a relationship with God, converse with God, walk with God] (36 lessons) → through the cross message, fathom
the message of the whole Bible (Bible Overview) → through the cross message, distinguish and judge [the entire history] →
through the cross message, understand [the works of God in my whole life]→ through the cross message, can discern man,
see through the problems of man, receive the answers for all problems…
3. Because already saw: When the gospel message is spread, disciples of the era will be raised everywhere
Paul was not disobedient to the vision from heaven. This is not through resolution, fantasy, endurance, courage, but a result of
the compulsion from the gospel message and the doors opened up by testimonies…
1) Paul saw the circumstance of many disciples prepared by the Lord rising up [first in Damascus, then in Jerusalem, all Judea and
to the Gentiles] <Ac 26:20>
- Antioch <11:19-30, 13:1-3>, Seleucia <13:4-14:28>, Philippi <16:11-40>, Thessalonica <17:1-9>, Corinth <18:1-11>,
Ephesus <19:8-20>, Rome <Ro 16:1-27>
2) When the all-encompassing gospel is preached, the people who [truly love God, seek for God, are willing to follow God] but
who are hidden everywhere will rise up
- The key point of the gospel lies in [to die and resurrect together with Christ]. Therefore, only those who truly love the Lord,
seek for the Lord, then is able to at the point when they hear [the teachings of Christ in all things (answer)], in all things be
willing to put down their own thoughts, desires and perspectives, to restore [the perfect will in Christ]. Therefore, they
speedily receive all kinds of healing in [spirit, soul, body, living, interpersonal relationship, martial relationship, parent-child
relationship, finances, serving], and can enjoy the infinite authority and power of Christ, and also can bring out many
testimonies of [miraculous signs and wonders]…
3) When a born-again saint who truly understands the gospel rises up, in his life network of contacts, will also have many people
prepared by God who [love the gospel] and are raised and gathered together, to build the church of Christ; when they continue
to meet and learn about Christ, [love one another, confess sins to one another (confess one’s weaknesses), intercede for one
another] <James 5:13-18, 1 Jn 5:13-17>, praise the Lord together, many miraculous signs and wonders will follow them, the
Lord will also continue to open the doors of evangelism, nurture powerful disciples, gospel will be spread everywhere…
4) In this [21st century], we have already clearly seen [many people of the heavenly kingdom, who are prepared by God, rising up
everywhere amidst the Chinese people in China and the whole world], Chinese people already became [the inheritor of the
gospel, the priestly group of the era]
5) However, the history of the Chinese Church is still young. Therefore, at the moment, we also see majority of the Chinese
churches [facing ironies and struggles in their growth and ministries as a result of not restoring the power of the
all-encompassing gospel]. This age is the era which [needs the spirit of the gospel comprehended by Paul, and the power of
gospel enjoyed by Paul].

** Closing words
Prayer topics for this week:
1) Paul said [was not disobedient to the vision from heaven]: Have I heard before the Lord’s voice heard by Paul, have I seen before the
[vision from heaven] seen by Paul? Have the Lord told me before [His reason for calling me in the eternal times]?
2) The infinite power contained within the [cross gospel message]: Can I grasp [the 5 main points of the cross gospel message]? Have I
already completely understood [why the cross gospel message can bring about infinite power] as mentioned in [main point 2,
sub-point 2]? Can the cross gospel message that I believed in help me restore [in all things, converse and walk with God]? Can I use
the cross gospel message to diagnose [the causes of weaknesses in weak saints]?
3) When holy people enjoy [the power of the cross gospel], gospel ministry of the era will be raised up: Do I believe that the kind of
gospel ministry of the era described in the [Book of Acts], can appear again today in the midst of us? Do I believe [the network of
contacts of a blessed life and a blessed fellowship, can be linked to the whole world]? What are the key elements that contribute to the
thriving of the gospel ministry of the era?