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How to Enjoy Answered Prayers (6) Part 1 19/10/2008

Acquire the Infinite Hidden Blessings that Lie Within Intercession <Rom 8:26-28, 34; Jn 20:21-23, Mt15-20, James 5:13-16; 1 Th 5:12-28>

Introduction: Because many believers do not know the mystery and importance of intercession, therefore:
(1)Lose the heart to intercede;(2)unable to receive the perfect will of God during intercession;(3)as a result, cannot see the
fulfillment of intercession
Jesus Christ brings about peace/fellowship offering, so that we can be reconciled with God and man. Therefore, it is actually the
Holy Spirit who first intercedes for us, then we can be blessed. Hence, the people around us need our intercession, so that they too
can be blessed. However, the intercessor will ultimately receive the greatest blessings.
<The evidences of the intercession of Pastor and wife for each other> <The evidences of Pastor and his brothers interceding for
their parents>

. Through the [intercession of saints], God builds the eternal [Israel]

1) Today my life can be blessed because some people interceded for me. Among them, the first who interceded for me is Jesus Christ
<Ro 8:34> and the Holy Spirit <Ro 8: 26>
*<The testimony of how salvation came upon Pastor>

2) Intercessor [has to receive the Holy Spirit], and intercedes [according to the will of God], then can see fulfillment <Ro 8:27> <Jn
Those who [received the Holy Spirit] have 3 seals in their lives:
(1)Know own root problem (departs from God, flesh, bounded by Satan)
(2)Understood that besides Jesus Christ, there is no other salvation/solution
( 3 ) Because they know Jesus Christ in this manner, Holy Spirit gives them faith (i.e. concerns, interests, values, life
perspective, world views...transform into those of the heavenly kingdom/eternity)
* If do not [receive the Holy Spirit] in this way, a person certainly cannot intercede for others [according to the will of God]. As a
result, cannot enjoy the answers to intercession

3) If a person already [received the Holy Spirit] in this manner, he absolutely has to [value] the people and things which he is
interceding for, because God is currently fulfilling
* <Testimony of Pastor’s auntie>
* Meaning of value = Hold onto promises and carefully test and approve

.[Profound meaning] of intercession

1) Intercession = Value life (do not cause others to stumble), treat others with the [righteousness and loving kindness] of God
Refer to: <Mt 18:15-17>  Viewing and treating others with such [justice and love] is intercession
Reflect: Are you viewing and treating your spouse, children, parents, siblings, brethren, friends, colleagues whom you are
interceding for continuously now in this manner?

2) Intercession = Have [spiritual insight] to see through the spiritual reasons behind man’s problems
 Therefore can set free and bind, can forgive sins and retain sins <Mt 18:18-20> <Jn 20:23>
Reflect: Do I value the words of blessings and admonition offered by spiritual elders?

3) Intercession = Preserve the [faith and holiness] of a royal priest

* The intercessor will also sin, but have to regularly cleanse own sins (usually the sins are not loving God, not loving man, but love
the world instead), do not let hearts and spirits be condemned

.Brethren and their intercession must form the [background of the intercessor] <1 Th 5:12-28>
* The effect and progress of answers of the intercessor are related to his spiritual background

1) A [brethren-centered] living operating principle is closely related to receiving answers to intercession

* Intercessor who does not base on this principle to walk with God cannot receive authority to intercede for others. Therefore,
cannot bind the strong man (Satan) and set people free. He himself will fall into many of his own problems instead, and often
loses the faith, concern and concentration to intercede for others.
* <Testimony of Pastor’s brother interceding for his brothers>

2) The [words of the altar] which God gives when the meeting of brethren is valued
(1)Words of pulpit message (words which God directly convicted the Pastor to give the church, have absolute authority)
(2)The teachings and admonition given by spiritually matured brethren (elders, deacons, small group leaders...) through
their intercession for us
(3)The examples or testimonies (regardless of positive of negative) seen or heard as brethren live together
* The 3 points listed above can be regarded as the [words of altar] given by God to us. According to the stated order, have to
value them and learn to hear the voice of God from them
* Intercessor has to always battle the [voice of the world] with [the voice of the altar]

3) Value the relationship between brethren

*When the love and concern of brethren come upon a person, that person naturally receives the blessings and protection of
* Therefore, smart intercessor will always network with people and be open, always love people and acquire the love of others