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How to Enjoy Answered Prayers (6) Part 2 Acquire the Infinite Hidden Blessings that Lie Within Intercession

ession 26/10/2008

<Ro 8:26-28, 34; Jn 20:21-23, Mt 15-20, James 5:13-16; 1 Th 5:12-28>

Introduction: Those who do not know the special privilege and mystery of intercession, always seem to be ‘more tiring than God
and use more energy than God’ in the path of faith. In the end, the more a person intercedes, the more he loses faith.

. Beliefs that the intercessor should tightly hold onto

1) Because God first loves us, therefore the Holy Spirit <Ro 8:26-28, 34> convicts others to intercede for us (in other words: Holy
Spirit is the first intercessor)

2) The intercessor has the special privilege to forgive sins (bring out loving kindness) and retain sins (bring out righteousness)
<Jn 20:23>

3) Intercession which centers on brethren is most effective <Mt 18:18-20>

.How should I intercede for others, who should I intercede for?

1) Prioritize order of intercession

Refer to <Ephesians>: ① man being born again ② man makes covenant with God ③ man is aware of the perfect will that God
currently has on his life ④ man can submit to the perfect will which he found out ⑤ man can receive doors and breakthrough in
evangelism and the raising of disciples
* Refer to <Acts>: Evidences + tribulations + intercession of saints  authority of apostles / boom of church and era
* <Acts> is a book of the intercession of those who saw the work of the Holy Spirit

2) Intercession for weak brethren (spirit or flesh)

① Let the weak see the absolute love of God <Is 53:5>
② Test and approve whether it came because of sins <Jn 5:14>
③ Test and approve whether it occurred for the glorification of God (evangelism) <Jn 9:3, 11:4>
④ Test and approve whether it came to humble man so that he will receive power <2 Cor 12:7-10>

3) Steps of intercession
① See evidences as you intercede
② Earnest intercession (concentrated, fasting, overnight)
③ Continuous and faithful intercession
④ Brethren intercede in one accord or chain intercession

4) Subjects of intercession
① Those whom you love (family members, flesh and blood, relatives, friends, etc)
② Those whom you have known for a long time and whom you meet very often
③ Brethren who receive one Father, one Lord, one Spirit, one Body together with you (treat brethren inside and outside church
with grace and kindness)
* <Testimony of George Muller interceding for 5 friends throughout his life>

.Why must God work through the intercession of believers?

1) Father wants to glorify His children, and gives inheritance to His children

2) Through our intercession, God wants to bless those He loves

3) Through our intercession, God wants to lead us out of our own problems

4) Through our intercession, God wants to bless those whom we love

5) God wants to make those whom we intercede for our lifetime co-workers (so that they can receive inheritance together with us)

6) Through our intercession, God wants to increase our love for others