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[Sabbath Year Special Message: The Mindset in Christ (1)] 2/11/2008

To Believe is To Have a Change of Mindset <Ro 7:4-6> <2 Cor 5:16-18> <Ga 4:6-11> <Jn 4:7-26>

Introduction: The moment a fallen man is born into this world, the devil uses the world and everything in the world to mold his
entire mindset, so that he will depart far from God, and cannot receive salvation, healing, and eternal crown. Therefore, during the
time when man does not know God, he continues to accumulate incorrect thinking (toward God, self, marriage, children, finances,
interpersonal relationships, living, etc). If man is locked in his mindset, he definitely cannot lead a life of breakthroughs. Man’s
achievement absolutely cannot go beyond his mindset. Man’s perpetual sinning, failures, struggles, all come from the incorrect
mindset. Therefore, after man received salvation and grace, the very first thing that God wants to do in his life is to build his
mindset in Jesus Christ, so that through faith, he can surpass his limitations in all things. Therefore, we can say: “To Believe is To
Have a Change of Mindset”.

. When will man form Incorrect Mindset?
* Many people unconsciously enter into incorrect mindset. Satan uses incorrect mindsets to manipulate man’s entire life. Therefore,
we can say: “Incorrect mindset is a spiritual prison.” <Example of a circus elephant> <Example of Samaritan woman>

1) When a person departs from God (in other words: desires this world), the wrong mindset automatically forms
* Whatever man desires, if it is not from God’s word and Spirit, what he desires will develop in him incorrect mindsets.
<1 Jn 2:15-17>

2) When the heart and mind of a person is invaded (for example: anxiety, fear, worry, bitterness, hatred, jealousy, discontentment,
hurts…), incorrect mindsets form very easily

3) When a person lives in sins (or disobedience), incorrect mindsets gradually form

4) When a person has a closed mindset (or hold onto first impressions), incorrect mindsets form faster

.The Mindset that God gives us in Jesus Christ (Turning Point of Mindset)
* <Ro 7:6> But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the
Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code.

1) Realize: My mindset in the past which is apart from God, actually harms myself and others (Awakening Mindset)

2) Mindset of being loved unconditionally by God (Loved and Blessed Mindset)

3) Mindset of having made a covenant with God (Covenanted Mindset)

4) Mindset of being a servant of God (Servanthood Mindset)

5) Mindset of enjoying the present ‘Emmanuel blessings’ (Emmanuel Mindset)

.Sustaining and Perfecting the Christ Mindset <1 Th 5:23>

1) Mindset must be built in love, grown in love, bonded in love

* The mindset which is built with the heart and contents of being loved, is the mindset that comes from God.
* <Importance of receiving and sharing love>: To receive and share love, man must live a prayer and brethren centred life.

2) Seek out my own potential, and connect this with the use for heavenly kingdom
* Must know heavenly destiny, expand heavenly grace!

3) Have to cross Hurdles (Difficulty)

① Cannot escape/give up, but firmly believe that this difficulty will bring about breakthrough
② Start to pray, seek the wisdom/perfect will within the difficulty
③ Be open-minded (must view difficulty/problem holistically)
④ After approving the perfect will, submit first before anything else

4) Continue to observe the consequences in our living

* When we carefully observe the consequences, we can then be more and more sure of the mindset that is already built within us.
* Note: Only repetition can strengthen our mindset