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How to Enjoy Answered Prayers (8) 23/11/2008

Enjoying the Might and Efficiency of Fixed Time Prayers <Luke 18:1-8;
; Daniel 1:8;
;6:10, 16, 20;
Introduction: We believers live in a fallen spiritual realm. As a result, this world and all things in it, and our weak flesh will
continue to influence our life, causing us to be separated far away from God so that we become weak and sin. Therefore, after
God instructed us by the mysteries of His Word, He left behind an exhortation, and this is to fix up regular times to face and meet
God to preserve our life, and discover good gifts and perfect rewards from the midst of it.

. Start to do [fixed-time prayers], and you will see many important things happening
1) God hopes that we fix up regular times to continue to converse with Him unceasingly, acquire power, and enjoy
overwhelmingly victorious living
<Altar of Abraham> <The meditation and prayers that Isaac often did>
<The Bethel that Jacob should go back for his lifetime> <The prayer examples that Jesus Christ often did>
The examples of all the above characters tell us that God looks at the prayers of saints with utmost importance.
2) From the moment that we start to do fixed-time prayers, important blessings start to happen in our life
- The personal life enters a turning point, the vicious roots in the life are gradually pulled out, enjoying Christ's peace, joy,
- The forces of darkness in the family are removed, spiritual atmosphere undergoes transformation, the timetable of each and
every family member arrives...
- Relying on the power of fixed-time prayers to do things, one will experience important meetings and doors will be opened
- Ministry enters another important timetable, seeing various gifts, wisdom, power continuing to arrive on the body, miracles
and signs follow...
=> If there are problems in my life and living currently, do not in the least remain in the state of agony over and over, but
only by starting to do fixed-time prayers can I see problems all becoming blessings...
3) If one has really grasped the reason and method of fixed-time prayers, he can become the main character of the era
* Actually, just by grasping on: ① God is living, ② He will definitely rewards those who seek Him <He 11:6> with a pure
faith, can all enjoy mighty blessings.
<The testimony of pastor's auntie>
* However, if the spiritual mystery is grasped (i.e.: the contents of the previous 7 prayer titles), pray for the Lord's church /
His people / all churches, this prayer will tell that person to acquire an era. (Examples: Samuel, David, Daniel, Peter, Paul,
4) The testimony of Daniel and his three friends
Being placed in the most vicious era that Israel had met with → the heart has spiritual hatred → therefore made
resolution → rely on the might of fixed-time prayers → the youth captive became [main character of the era] → conquering
all of Babylon kingdom → manifesting the grace that God is in the midst of Israel...

. How to do fixed-time prayers? <Da 1:8, 6:10>
1) Before fixed-time prayers, firstly understand [reason for resolution] <Da 1:8>
* What is [resolution]? This is, after hearing the gospel...
① Because of the harassment and helpless estate of oneself and of God's people, the heart feels 'hatred'...
② As a result, repent, die together with Jesus Christ, resurrect with Jesus Christ, wanting to live a lifetime set apart as holy
③ Therefore, one takes 4 gospelizations to become the direction and hope of his lifetime
④ Willing to become a servant that submits to the Lord, wanting to center his living on testing and approving His perfect
will on all things
2) The person who resolute before God, the heart must perceive important moments (danger → opportunity; trials → blessings)
<Da 2, 3, 5, 6>
* The heart must have a believing: The things that happen around me (no matter good or bad) all happens because of me!
(Or: all happens for blessing me and advancing the gospel)
3) In fixed-time prayers, what are the things to practically receive <Da 6:10>
The meaning of [fixed-time] = [being not distracted, concentrate in that period of time] to face God. As a result, this period
of time will practically tell us to receive:
① Spiritual power
② Wisdom
③ Bodily strength
④ Man-power
⑤ Financial strength
4) Realistically fix morning, noon time, evening time, night time prayer schedule -> face God in habitual style

. Successful fixed-time prayers cause people to grasp [the rhythm of prayers]
1) Rhythm of prayer: fixed-time prayers → continuous prayers → concentration prayers → continuous prayers → fixed time
prayers → → → →
2) As a result, the frequency, time, length and style of fixed time prayers should all accord to the purpose of [being able to
preserve continuous prayers] in firming up
3) The most important is that [start doing from today]! In the process of continuing over and over again, will grasp more and
more [the secret of being able to receive the highest power and greatest efficiency]