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VKL thru JCM/JPB Subject: Sanction for paying the Excise duty, taxes & duties and other charges We have sent material to our Super Smelter Site on urgent basis through expeditor to expedite site work and incurred Excise Duty, Sales Tax and other charges as per details given below :-

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Invoice No.
10092569 10089629 10095868 10097351` 10094670 Total

Project Code & Name

911.13 2039.40

Sales Tax

741.58 213.00 446.00

1076.78 2780.98 213.00 446.00 32696.67

JB0827 Super Smelter 23844.66 26795.19 4335.25 4500.90


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The above material got damaged / was not traceable during supply, erection and hydro test, Hence material was sent on urgent basis to complete the work. For damaged material (during transportation) we have lodged the insurance claim. For future, we have already informed to Construction / Site Managers to take care and avoid such urgencies. We have checked with Accounts and provisions are available for the above expenses. You are therefore requested to please accord your approval for Rs 32696.67/- towards Excise Duty, Sales Tax & other charges. Submitted for approval please.

Vibhor Anand (JPV)



Below please find our point wise justification for the queries raised by you vide our our sanction paper, Ref : JB0827/SUPER SMELTER LTD. Dated : 24/07/2018 :S.No. 1. Invoice No. 10092569 VENDOR Masta Machinery Material Description Plumber Block Reason During unloading of PA Fan by the site contractor, the plumber block of PA Fan got damaged. The amount shall be debited to Site Contractor. To speed up the work we supplied the replaced which cant be claimed from the customer. Attached are the photos and correspondence for your review. During hydro Test, Pressure Gauge of 10 size was found unavailable at site which was missed by our C & I engineering. To save time, the same was purchased locally

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10089629 10095868

Rajpriya Instruments & Controls

Pressure Gauge

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10097351` 10094670

Rajpriya Instruments & Controls KSB

Pressure Gauge Process Valves During dispatch of process valves an accident took place near Coimbatore. Attached are the correspondence mails for insurance claim for your review.


Shortage of rocker washer and hardware (dispatched from M/s VSP) went undetected at site which only came to our notice during start of panel erection. To speed up the work we placed the order locally. MRN is attached for your review.