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The Salvage Yard Newsletter

Editors Mike & TJ Schellman Vol.2, Iss.6 Contact:

1 Peter 4:8 Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.

Are YOU Ready??? So You Want To Be a Political Science

By Kristin Reed Major?! By John Fournelle
I was asked to share a little bit about my You know, I have to be honest: this really Rainbow Gathering: School starts June 11th
experience in New Zealand. The one thing started out as a joke, but upon meditating on the team leaves on the 18th.
that hit to the core are a couple of questions what I have learned in my political science
“Am I Ready” and “Do I Believe”? major, there are actually some merits to having Many people have returned from the New
it. Zealand School – be sure to say hi.
One day in my time alone with God in the
morning I was reading in 2 John. The one For me, my ultimate goal is to become a Preparations for Prayerperation in August
thing that stuck out was that in confidence professor and profess political science, theology,
are happening now Pray-pare yourself.
we can ask for anything when we live philosophy, the whole shebang. However,
according to His will. That morning I asked during my time Washington, DC, I learned
to experience God’s power and to allow me about all sorts of things you can do with a
to be ready to receive it. That day we had a political science degree.
healing evangelist speaking to us. When he
was done speaking and praying over
people I felt like it was my turn. Since I was
The obvious thing you could do is work in
government. Many of my colleagues in
Please Pray
a child I have had one leg longer than the Washington were interns for their
other. I really felt like God wanted to heal congressperson. Sure they felt their souls get -For the Rainbow Gathering Team
me that day. I believed that God was going sucked out each and every day, but the lucky
to heal. Weston prayed over my leg and I few actually enjoyed it, and even got jobs with
-For the House of Hope
physically watched my leg grow. Praise their congressperson. But as a friend of mine
God!!! If God says that we can come to Him reminded me several months ago, if you want to
and ask anything in confidence why don’t see change, especially in your neighborhood, -For those who are sick or need work
we? Are you ready to ask God for healing change happens on the local level. If I move
and believe that He wants to heal? If we into a neighborhood like Phillips or Midway, I
can come to God with any request why not? would seriously consider getting involved in
their governing councils. Hey, I have a political
science degree don’t I? - continued below

The Marie Sandvik Center By TJ Schellman So You Want To Be a Political Science Major?! -Continued - - -

The Marie Sandvik Center is a Christian based 501(c)3 non-profit But there is another thing political science kids can do, and that involves
charitable organization providing for the material and spiritual needs of the glorious world of the nonprofit. Places like WorldVision, So Others
the poor living in the inner city. The mission is supported solely by Might Eat, and various rescue missions look at political science people
churches and private donations, not the government. This way sharing with respect. In that world of nonprofit aid work, interaction with
God's message of love can be our primary focus. It is located on Franklin government is unavoidable, and much of their work has political
Avenue in the Phillips neighborhood of south Minneapolis. implications. It takes smart people who are willing to serve the least of
these by engaging the great of these to make a difference in our world.
There is something going on at the center every day: evening church So, if you’re not one of those power-hungry political science kids who
services, women's meetings, after school Bible clubs for children, wants to be Secretary of State someday, perhaps serving Christ in
Saturday Kids Club and special events like Thanksgiving and Christmas. nonprofit work is right for you.

Through these programs we distribute clothing, quilts, baby layettes, As for me, well, I chose to become a political science major because I
food, diapers and financial help to thousands of people each year. This wanted to serve Christ and his Church in understanding more that great
opens up a wonderful door to share the Gospel message and God's love question of “how do we be in the world and not of it?” With the many
with each person that we help. new questions arising in our church, a political science perspective,
biblically grounded and Spirit-led, sure is helpful.
June 2009
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Salvage Yard Puzzle of the Month: Connect the Dots to Fill in the Missing Word.

Genesis 22:8 Abraham answered, "God himself will provide the _ _ _ _ for the burnt offering, my son."

Hint: The answer can be found in Genesis 22:8