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February 1,2013

(310) 2228848

Mr. Kevin Powell

22320 Harbor Ridge Lane, #2 Torrance, CA 90502 Re: Case No. YF004730 Dear Mr. Powell: I have received your letter of complaint about Commissioner Glenda Veasey. As your letter relates to a family law matter that was handled by a family law judicial officer, I have forwarded it to the Supervising Judge of the Family Law Court, Judge Scott Gordon. His address is 111 North Hill Street, Department 2, Los Angeles, CA 90012. . ~. ;

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Judge Gordon will look into the issues that you raised in your letter and will respond back to you when he has finished his investigation.

.MARK ARNOLD Supervising Judge

"Due Process" Violations resulted on the 43% guideline support figures created "in chambers" against the decisions of 4th District Justice David Sills, the 2011 Elkins Amendments, 14th Amendment and US Title18 242/241 - Depravation of Civil Rights under the Color of Authority






March 11, 2013

Mr. Kevin Powell Cameron Astiazarian told me it was an order and I had no choice. I signed the 22320 Harbor Ridge Lane #2 "stipulation" presented as a court order. This is fraud on the court by court Torrance, California 90502

officers. Not about appropriate decisions - Due Process and fraud

RE: CASE No. YF004703 Dear Mr. Powell:

2011- Continuances = 100% Custodial parent w $4700 in fees, but only $1147 in support % 43% Guideline support order

11/9/11 proof that sept 6th respondentsde claration $2300 = FRAUD 9/2/11 YTD paystub = $4050/mo True Income

I have read and considered your letter of December 30, 202 and the extensive materials that you included with your letter. It must be noted that many of the materials that you included were not related to the issues in Case No. YF004703. The majority of the materials that you included with your correspondence appear to be in support of your claims that the decisions and orders made in the case were not appropriate. Not True Your first request for orders (RFO) in this matter was heard by the court on July 28, 2011. At that hearing on your RFO, you were represented by attorney Cameron Astiazaran. A stipulation and order were reached between you and the other party, which was signed and entered with the court. You then withdrew your ex parte request. On September 6, 2011, a hearing was held on your request for order. A stipulation and order was once again signed and entered with the court and the matter was continued to allow you and the other party in the case to comply with the court's prior orders. You were represented by counsel at this hearing. On November 9, 2011, a hearing was held on the your request for orders regarding child custody and visitation and child support. The matter was continued by stipulation of the parties. Support due was $920-970 represented litigant and the other party was represented by counsel. After a hearing was held, the Court asked you and the other party to have a seat in the courtroom for a few minutes. After several minutes, you and the other party then left the court. The matter was taken off calendar.

The lies in this case are never ending - My PACT was completed on 8/26/11, In the court record on 9/6/2011. Respondent in Contempt
11/9/11 DCSS- Falure to respond = $1400 in lawyer fees & left "pro per"

I was very angry THE FRAUD WASN'T HEARD OR ADDRESSED On January 26, 2012, the matter was called for hearing. You appeared as a selfI CANT PAY BILLS

In June 2012, you filed an ex parte request for orders. The matter was argued and denied. On October 25, 2012, a hearing was held on your request for order. It was continued for you to provide proof of service and proof of completion of the 1/26/12 PACT program. On December 12, 2012, the matter was called for hearing and Dirtbag lawyer the court ruled on your request.

Jeff Shitter insults me accusing me of farm animal behavior.

After gettin almost no support for 7mo Veasey wanted to add rent I couldnt pay to my income and recalculate my income with violations of higher court "decisions" & violate the law. I walked out of an abusive court of lies failing all Iaws and logical understanding of the"Interest if the children". I was lied to by all in the court That is NOT and I am being gaslighted MY NAME

Jeff Sherter Falsely testified to serving discovery, he wasnt part of that was served to the attorney I didnt have and to petitioner: Gracie Peters

I could have the respondent was lying from my iphone. I had access top 3yrs of her paycheck Mr. proven Kevin Powell deposits. Respondent was in contempt of court for failing to take her PACT Class and the 0-16% custody RE: CASENo. YF004703 parent ... who paid no support for three months was rewarded with a 45% support order of $430 (only March 11, 2013 $215 for september ??) and a two month continuance Page 2

A review of your correspondence indicates that you disagree with the rulings of the judicial officer in this matter and feel that other orders should have been made. As the Supervising Judge of the Family Law Division, I do not have the authority to review, reverse, overrule or intervene in decisions made by another judicial officer. The complaint process is not intended as a substitute for appellate review. The complaint process does not allow me to undertake an independent evaluation of the decision-making process of the judicial officer handling this case. The relief that you are requesting must be accomplished through appropriately noticed Requests for Orders made in the case or through the appellate process.

A FATHER OF resources TWO GIRLS "DUE PROCESS" ABUSE AND BEGS Self-Help canWRITES be foundABOUT at the Los Angeles Superior Court's web site a.... for relief from the abuse causing loss of his home of or the at the Self-Help Center locatedand at: the Supervising Judge is recommending the multiple year pursuit of the delusion of fairness in the court system pursuit of the process ElkinsCourt Commission called Illusionary and out of the financial reach of Los Angeles Superior Self-Help Center the 70% of the people now left without protection of the CJP. America the Beautiful ? Stanley Mosk Courthouse
111 N. Hill Street, Room 426 Los Angeles, California 90012 Questions regarding the Child Support Services Division can be directed to Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department: (866) 901-3212. If you are dissatisfied with the Court's action on your complaint, you have the right to request the Commission on Judicial Performance review this matter under its discretionary jurisdiction to oversee the discipline of subordinate judicial officers. No further action will be taken on your complaint unless the commission receives your written request within 30 days after this notice was mailed. The commission's address is:

The Commission on Judicial Performance letter states it has been "castrated and neutered" in cases Commission on Judicial Performance where there are no recorded/reported records - I should address the powerless CJP or take a 455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400 delusionaly waste of 3-5yrs chasing the iIlussion of a guaranteed right ??
San Francisco, California 94102-3660 Commissioner Veasey likes "in-chambers" rights abuses.... There is never a record there 9/6/11, - support order June 2012- Request for child care dismissed from chambers, unseen & unheard, May 13,2013 - exparte hearing for payment of my child psychologist referal to psychiatrist for evaluation of suicide risk from statements about how angry she is that the court case is still continuing and how it has destroyed her whole life. She says she wants to jump into a volcano so she can go away forever. $300/hr forced to be paid by my parents as she wont even come out of the protected comfort of chambers to abuse my children's and my rights on the record