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Greater Marlborough Tea Party Agenda

Presented by GMTP Steering Committee Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 7:00 PM 9:00 PM Embassy Suites Hotel, Rt. 20 West, Marlborough, Mass. Held in the TBD Room

7:00 - 7:05 PM 7:05 -7:15 PM

Membership networking and new member sign up Opening Pledge, Briefs and General Announcements Agenda for this evenings meeting

We welcome our Guest speaker for this Evening: Linda-Dagley Duval Founder of Save our Towns.

7: 15-8:30 PM

Linda will update us on What the latest information she is involved with concerning Sustainable Development (Code words for Agenda 21).

1. What is Sustainable Development? 2. Will this affect us (how and when)? 3. What communities are currently considering this action? 4. What can one do to get involved in your town? 5. What cities/towns, States that are refusing to comply? 5. Followed by a Question and Answer session.
8: 15-9:00 PM General discussions and announcements.

9:00PM - Adjourn the Meeting.

Please feel free to patronize the hotel beverage section. Voluntary donations are welcome to support the hotel staff and other expenses.

Thanks for sharing your time. We are making progress. Get involved just a few hours per month.

Information about our speaker


Founder and Coordinator of SAVE OUR TOWNS, Board member and Worcester County Captain of the MASS. PROPERTY RIGHTS COUNCIL. The main focus of both groups is to battle against the invasive United Nation Agenda 21 Program, more commonly known now as Sustainable Development, Smart Growth or other titles. Linda has been an Advocate of individual rights and freedoms going back to the mid-60s, when she spent a great deal of time on the Boston Common protesting the Vietnam War and the unfair bullying of those returning home. Her concern for these veterans accelerated in 1985 when she became aware of the type of treatments or even lack of treatment available for these veterans. She established an Outreach and Counseling Center and developed a program that was adopted by the State which expanded to 11 Centers statewide after the first year. She quickly discovered that, in addition to the services offered directly by the Center, there was an obvious need to educate and build support within the community. Linda began working closely with Mental Health individuals, Agencies and Hospitals as well as local Police. Through public speaking, professional trainings and education of concerns, needs and possible solutions in dealing with the effects of their war experiences, Veterans were able to get the kind of help and counseling they needed close to home. When the Tea Party came into being Linda began to learn, like others who thought things were going along okay, that Our Country was in trouble. She started attending meetings and quickly increased her involvement by becoming a Core Member of the Tea Party she had been attending. She felt strongly that Knowledge is Power and helped with the planning of Speakers to provide the information needed to help spread the word of what was happening and build the support of many to work together to save Our Country. In addition to her initial involvement with the first Tea Party, she is also on the Board of a second Tea Party and has participated in sub-groups of a third Tea Party working with such subjects as Secured Communities on Team Six and the 2012 Presidential Election on the Oust Obama Coalition. While feeling she was a part of fighting for positive results of what was coming out of Washington, to Linda, it felt like most of what the Tea Party could do was somewhat limited. But one evening she heard a speaker, David Kopacz, give a presentation on Agenda 21, a United Nations Program that was invading our Country under the guise of Global Warming and the protection of our lands. He explained how this program was being implemented into our local communities and the harm that was being caused through the preservation of public land and the loss of private property. Linda saw this as an opportunity for Tea Partiers to get involved and accomplish something locally. While speakers like Dave and Hal Shurtleff of the John Birch Society were giving those in attendance all they needed to know to protect themselves, their property and their towns, Linda became aware that virtually NO ONE was doing anything but simply being educated on the subject and that learning was only a beginning of the process. She recalled that the success on her work with the Veterans was to EDUCATE AND ACTIVATE.

Thats when she decided to start a group, Save Our Towns, with the help of Dave Kopacz. The group, which meets at her house, quickly grew with members from the towns around the southern Central Worcester County area. With the recent start-up of a second group meeting in a house in the northern Worcester County area, a total of 25 towns are represented by at least one member from each of those towns, both north and south. Linda is now speaking around the state on the LOCAL effects of Sustainable Development.. Attending her presentation, you will learn what is taking place, how it IS and WILL affect YOU directly and what you can do to prevent or remove it from you town.