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Coastal Marine Construction & Engineering Limited


Marine Assets Management

Brief Introduction
January 2013
Marine Terminals Management Services

Marine Infra Projects

Coastal Marine Construction & Engg. Ltd.

an ISO certified company Over past 19 years, COMACOE has steadily evolved into a US$ 75M, offshore services provider providing synergistic services in the Oil & Gas and Marine Construction domains Global experience projects execution in India, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Sudan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Mexico, Mozambique and Tanzania. Specialties
Geophysical Survey & Positioning Services Geotechnical Investigations Marine Construction & Engineering
Sea Water Intake and outfall pipelines Post & Pre trenching Coastal protection and beach conservation Dredging

SPM O&M and Diving Own marine spread, equipments and labs

Business Verticals
GeoSciences: Integrated solutions provider for onshore & offshore surveys, surface and subsea positioning services, geophysical, geotechnical and foundation engineering and ROV services. Marine Infra Projects: EPC execution of marine construction and infrastructure projects including seawater intake and outfalls, microtunneling with subsea recovery, dredging, pre & post trenching, diving, pipelaying (CS, HDPE,GRP), near shore construction, piling etc. Marine Terminals Management Services: O&M of SPMs, Ports and Pipelines, Intervention works for SPMs and pipelines including class approved "Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Dry Docking" (UWILDD) services.
Marine Terminals Mgmt. Services


Marine Assets Mgmt

Marine Infra Projects

Marine Assets Management: COMACOE owns and operates its own fleet of marine spreads for meeting requirements of its various offshore operations. These include DP2 vessels, multipoint mooring vessels and barges, dive support vessels, utility vessels and tugs, flat top transportation barges, crane and accommodation barges, spud barges, jack-up barges of various sizes and capabilities.

Survey & Positioning Services Geotechnical Investigations & Foundation Engineering

Survey & Positioning Services

Wide range of owned and fully equipped survey vessels equipped with a wide range of survey equipments a full suite of systems Trained and experienced personnel Hydrographic Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Geophysicists, Geologists, System Engineers, Data Processors, GIS CAD Operators etc. inhouse training center ensures continuously upskilling
Coastlining and Delineation Topographic survey Cadastral survey Pipeline route survey Transmission Line surveys Quantity survey Precision positioning services for alignment Seismic Refraction/Reflection /Resistivity Survey Environmental Impact Studies & Analysis

Seabed Engineering Surveys and Oceanographic studies
Single & Multibeam Bathymetry Survey Geophysical Surveys (Analogue and Digital) Hazard Survey (2D, Hi Res) Cathodic Protection Monitoring Ttrailing Wire, CP Stabs) ROV Survey Pipeline & Jacket Face inspection UXO Survey

Surface & Subsea Positioning Services

For Jack Up rigs For Top Side installations For Laybarge (DP & Anchor Positioning) For Work barge (DP & Anchor Positioning) Subsea Positioning for subsea intervention and management crossings, J Tube Installation, Spools, Pipeline Support using :

Current, Wave and Tide observations Beach Erosion Monitoring Environmental studies and Environmental impact analysis

Sample Projects : Surveys & Positioning

Year Client 2002 Agip Kazakhstan North Caspian, 9AZ, UK Saipem Dolphin Energy Project Location North Caspian Sea Project Pre-Engineering geophysical survey for offshore trunk pipeline and platform locations for early oil project.


Taweelah, UAE & Ras ROV cable inspection, refraction survey from Ras Laffan, Qatar to Taweelah UAE for Upstream & Midstream 360 km DEL Laffan, Qatar Pipeline. Ras Laffan, Qatar Seismic Refraction survey along sealines (Qatar) for trenchibility assessment Salman Oil FieldsIranian Offshore Pre-engineering pipeline route surveys including ROV sub sea pipeline inspection of approx 64km pipeline with 320 crossings at Salman Oil Fields, Iranian offshore using a DP vessel. Geophysical Survey for Sudan Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Marine Terminal Facilities - Melut Basin Oil Development Project Geophysical & Bathymetry Surveys, Temperature Current & Wave measurements at PY1 field block

2004 Likpin LLC, Dubai UAE 2004 2005

Peremba-Intec-Sudan Pile Melut Basin Oil, Consortium Republic of Sudan Hindustan Oil Exploration Cauvery Basin, East Company Ltd. Coast of India

2005- Oil & Natural Gas 2011 Corporation Ltd 2005- Gujarat State Petroleum 2011 Corp.

East & West Coast of Integrated survey and rig positioning services for offshore rig moves, pipeline route, site surveys inclusive of all survey systems India and personnel

Carried out various Shallow Seismic Survey, Side Scan Sonar for Magnetic anomalies at KG-OSN-2001/3 block under different East & West Coast of contracts. India Carried out Multibeam Survey for MB-OSN-2004/1 Exploration Block, West Coast of India. NEC 25 Block, East Geophysical Survey of Platform Locations & Pipeline Corridor Route at NEC 25 Block, 2006- Reliance Industries , Oil & Coast of India. 2008 Gas Division West Coast of India Pre-Drilling Site Survey work (Geophysical Survey ) GS 01 Block Brunei Economic Development Board Offshore Kampong Lumut, Brunei Darussalam. Offshore Basra, Iraq East Coast of India Offshore Survey Services for SPM & Subsea Pipeline Geophysical Survey of offshore pipeline corridor from shore to the Central Metering and Manifold Platform (CMMP) location and site, pipeline routes to the SPMs from the CMMP and the 4 new SPM sites Khawr Abd Allah & Shatt Al Arab, Iraq Provision of Geohazard survey for block PR-OSN-2004/1 Geophysical Survey & Multibeam Survey for SPM Replacement Project


2010 Foster Wheeler, UK 2010 Cairn Energy Pte Ltd 2011

Leighton Offshore PTE LTD Tanzania Tanzania Branch Mumbai Offshore, West Coast of India

BG Exploration And 2011 Production India Limited (BGEPIL)

Pipeline Condition Survey For Panna Mukta & Tapti Fields

Geotechnical & Foundation Engg.

Integrated surveys from shore to deep ocean including seabed sampling, in-site resting and rock coring
Geoconsultancy Laboratory Testing Services Near-shore investigations for jetties, breakwaters and dredgibility analysis Offshore investigations for
Spud can punch-through for jack-up rigs Pipelines Foundation engineering for SPMs/Jackets/Platforms

Jumbo Piston Coring

Geoconsultancy : consultancy services related to foundations for buildings, infrastructure projects, industrial complexes and land reclamation as well as hydrological studies Offshore Geotechnical investigations : Acquisition of geotechnical and other data to characterise the subsurface.
Methods ranging from cone penetration testing (CPT), geophysical methods to conventional drilling techniques, sampling and borehole tests largest supplier of marine geotechnical services in India Experience of working in globally in some of the most challenging marine conditions fleet of dedicated drill ships and barges enables us to provide tailored investigations in all the offshore regions of the world, from the shallow near shore environment to the deep waters other geotechnical services which include desk top studies, advanced laboratory testing, numerical and physical modelling of foundations and consultancy and engineering analyses.

Geotechnical & Foundation Engg. contd.

Laboratory testing services : in house accredited laboratory outfitted with stateof-art equipments, testing to local and internationally accepted standards Offshore foundation engineering services : foundation and geotechnical analysis for the design, installation, life performance, upgrades and abandonment of all offshore structures including:
Piled jackets Gravity base structures Floating Production Systems Jack-up drilling rigs Subsea templates Conductors Risers Pipelines PLEMs Suction anchors Drag anchors

Renewable Energy Structures : COMACOE provides a full range of foundation and geotechnical analysis for the design and installation of Renewable Energy structures

Sample Projects : Geotechnical & Foundation Engg.

Marine Infra Projects

EPC Projects : Wide range of marine construction and infrastructure projects
seawater intake and outfalls, pipelaying (CS, HDPE,GRP) near-shore construction microtunneling with subsea recovery (owned MT equipment) dredging pre & post trenching diving Piling

Construction : With extensive and specialized marine resources, project management abilities and experienced personnel, COMACOE offers execution of :
seawater intake & outfall systems pump house onshore and offshore pipelines process equipment to meet demineralisation (DM) and/or desalination requirements offshore piling, diaphragm walls dredging pipeline trenching, capital and maintenance dredging, reclamation seawall construction underwater rock blasting insitu repair of subsea civil structures subsea intervention works offshore and near shore pipe and cable laying post trenching for subsea pipelines and cables Coastal protection and erosion control

Engineering & Design : In-house design & engineering team provides detailed design and engineering services for in-house EPC projects and also as a standalone service to other clients. Domain design expertise include:
intake structures location, intake schemes, structural and hydrodynamic stability diffuser location, diffusion studies and analysis, physical and structural design pump house subsea pipelines and cables routing, trench design and trench stability, on bottom pipe stability, design of pipeline supports, backfill/rockfill foundations for onshore and offshore structures

Design teams capability is further enhanced by its unique ability in being able to leverage value added processing and data integration from COMACOEs geosurvey and the geotechnical verticals.

Sample Projects : Marine Infra

Ports & Terminals

Operations, Maintenance and Management services for :
Turnkey Port & Terminal Operations Open Sea Jetty Operations Single Point Mooring Terminal Operations Under water inspection / repair / Maintenance Diving Services Oil Spill Containment & Recovery Services Fire Fighting Services Harbour towage

Commissioning, Inspection, Repairs, Change outs and Refurbishments of Single Point Mooring systems (SPMs), holds ABS class approval for performing "Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Dry Docking" (UWILDD) services Specialized vessels including diving support vessel (DSV), Pull back tugs and pilotage crafts are available within the fleet and through associate vessel owners.

Projects : Ports & Terminals

Project Operation & Maintenance of the Single Point Mooring System Dry Docking & Underwater Inspection of the SPM under Class Re-commissioning, Preservation& Maintenance Of SPM Operation & Maintenance of the Single Point Mooring System Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of SPM Client Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Vizag Refinery (HPCL) PPN Power Generating Company Ltd. Ratnagiri Gas & Power Pvt. Ltd. (RGPPL) HPCL Mittal Energy Ltd. Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. (MRPL) Location Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India Thirrukdayur Port, TamilNadu, India Dabhol, Maharashtra, India Mundra, Gujarat, India Mangalore, Karnataka, India

Marine Assets Management

Sr 1 2 3 4 5 6 Name of Marine Asset Coastal Triumph Coastal Cheetah Coastal Surveyor Coastal Jaguar Coastal Seeker Coastal Leopard Details DP2 Geosciences & ROV, Dive Support Vessel Survey / ROV / Utility / Support Vessel Survey / Utility / Chase / Support Vessel Survey / Utility / Chase / Support Vessel Survey / Utility / Chase / Support Vessel Survey / Utility / Chase / Support Vessel 4 legged Jack-up Barge, offshore Geotechnical investigations, rock coring, piling and other construction activities 4 legged Jack-up Barge, offshore Geotechnical investigations, rock coring, piling and other construction activities 4 legged Jack-up Barge, offshore Geotechnical investigations, rock coring, piling and other construction activities 4 legged Jack-up Barge, offshore Geotechnical investigations, rock coring, micro piling and other construction activities 3 legged Spud Barge for Trenching, near shore pipelaying and near shore construction activities 4Point Mooring Barge offshore Geotechnical investigations, piling and construction activities 3 legged Spud Barge for Trenching, near shore pipelaying and near shore construction activities 3 legged Spud Barge for Trenching, near shore pipelaying and near shore construction activities Vessels

Barges 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Commander-I Coastal Hunter Coastal Investigator Coastal Explorer Coastal Excavator Coastal Constructor Red Wood Trencher Coastal Builder

Vessels & Barges

Exploration & Production Companies Agip Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company N.V. Murphy Oil Corporation Pemex, Mexico Petronas South Oil Company Dolphin Energy Qatar Petroleum Cairn Energy Pty. Ltd. Oil & Natural Gas Corporation of India Reliance Industries Ltd. Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Essar Oil Hindustan Oil Exploration Ltd. Shell British Gas Adani Wlespun Exploration Ltd. (Ras Al Khaimah Gas) RAK Gas LLC Qatar Petroleum Development Company Hardy Oil Gas Plc Seismic Companies CGG Veritas Western Geco Bergen Oil Field Services Drilling Companies Saipem Drilling Premium Drilling Incorporation Atwood Oceanics Transocean Drilling Installation Companies Saipem LIKPIN Leighton International J. Ray McDermott Iranian Offshore Engineering Company Swiber Valentine Maritime Gulf Ltd Pipavav Shipyard Punj Lloyd Ltd. Caldive International L & T OGSP Downstream Companies Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited Indian oil Tanking Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Lt Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd. Kochi Refineries Ltd. Patroness LNG Limited Port Consultants L&T Ramboll Consulting Engineers Limited Consulting Engineering Services DAR BMT Frederic Harris AECOM Project Management Consultants Foster Wheeler Engineers India Limited Peremba INTEC Dredging/Marine Construction/Diving & Salvage Dredging International Royal Boskalis Westminster NV Vanoord Hindustan Construction Company SMIT L&T ECC Afcons Infrastructure Companies & Ports Brunei Economic Development Board Infrastructre Leasing & Financial Services Limited Metito Chennai Port Trust Kakinada Sea Ports Limited Hazira Port Pvt Limited Gangavram Port Limited Pipavav Port Limited Kandla Port Trust MSRDC Energy & Power TPCIL GPPC OPG GMDC NTPC MahaGenco


Head Office : Coastal Marine Construction & Engineering Limited C Cube, Mira-Bhayender Road, Mira Road (East) Thane 401107, Mumbai, India Phone: +91 22 3952 6000 Fax: +91 22 3952 6022 Other Offices in India : Kakinada Vishakhapatnam UAE Office : PO Box No. 9334, SAIF Zone, Executive Suite, Sharjah, UAE Phone : +971 505071649 Fax : +971 65318352 Mauritius Office : Coastal Marine Construction & Engineering (Mauritius) Limited Vuna House, 53 Duperre Street, Quatre Bornes, Republic of Mauritius Tel: +230 427 8343 Fax: +230 427 8256

We bring water to you Where you want itWhen you want it Its a challenging task, a tall claim perhaps, but when we put our minds to it ; Harnessing our resources &our in-depth expertise, It gets down to being mind over matter Or, as we say at COMACOE.. Its

mind over water

Head Office Coastal Marine Construction & Engineering Limited C Cube, Mira-Bhayender Road, Mira Road (East) Thane 401107, Mumbai, India Tel : +91 22 3952 6000 Fax : +91 22 3952 6022 Email :