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61.u, G _ M|0 @.
aamaam en viidu laNdanil irukkiRathu.
yes, my house in london is
(Yes,my house is in London.)

NOTE: According to Tamil grammar no Tamil word can begin with 'la'
or 'ra'. So when they write London, they will write 'I London' adding 'i'.
But I did not follow the rule at this stage.
Raman is written as 'i raman' in grammatical Tamil adding 'i'.

62. 0u @_uu 0 @?
ungaL kudumbam engee irukkiRathu?
your family where is?
(Where is your family?)

63. G @_uu M|0 G @.
en kudumbam laNdanilthaan irukkiRathu.
my family in london indeed is
(My family is in London indeed)
NOTE: 'thaan' can be used for Only, Indeed, Of course or emphasis

64.0u _ [u.
NaangaL thamiz maNavarhaL
we (are) thamiz students .

NOTE: Though the Tamil sentence has 'ka',
Tamils pronounce it as 'ha'.That is why you see 'maNavarHaL'

65. 0gu _ [?
NiingaLum thamiz maNavarhaLaa?
you too thamiz students?
(Are you also Tamil students?)

66. [u [ ?
AvrhaL yaar?
They who?
(who are they?)

67.[u [G [u.
AvarhaL jerman maaNavarhaL.
They (are) German students.

68.[u [?
IvarhaL yaar?
these who?
(Who are these people?)

69 [u G Mu.
IvarhaL en naNbarhaL
these (are) my friends.

70. G G M?
John un naNbanaa?
john your friend?
(Is John your friend?)

71. u, G G MGG.
Aamaam, John en naNbanthaan.
yes, John (is) my friend indeed

72. [ lG MG?
yaar juuliyin naNban?
who (is) Julie's friend?

73. uO lG MG.
James juuliyin naNban.
Jame's (is) Julie's friend.

74. [lG [?
Maryin thoozi yaar?
Mary's friend who?
(Who is Mary's friend?)

NOTE:When a girl has a friend who is also a girl 'thoozi' is used.

75. [lG .
Lathaa, Maryin thoozi.
Latha, (is) mary's friend

76.G M[u 0 M[u.
En naNbarhaL nalla naNbarhaL.
my friends (are) good friends.


77.l G 0 @?
Big Ben engee irikkiRathu?
Big Ben where is?
(Where is Big Ben?)

78. l G M|0 @.
Big Ben laNdanil irukkiRathu.
Big Ben in London is.
(Big Ben is in London)

79.MG [ 0 @?
LaNdan tavar engee irukkiRathu ?
London Tower where is?
(Where is Tower of London?)

80.MG @u M|0G @.
LaNdan tavarum laNdanilthaan irukkiRathu
London Tower in London indeed is.
(The Tower of London is in London itself)

81.MG @u l Gu M|0 @.
laNdan tavarum ,big bennum laNdanil irukkiRathu.
London Tower and Big Ben and in London is.
(Tower of London and Big Ben are in London)

82.0 [ 0 @ ?
aifal tvar engee irukkiRathu?
aiffal tower where is?
(Where is the Eiffel Tower?)

83.0 [ [0 @
aIfal tavar paarisil irukkiRathu.
Eiffel Tower in Paris is.
(Eiffel Tower is in Paris)

84. G?
Athu enna? That what?
(What is that?)

85. .
Athu peenaa. That (is) pen

86. G? ithu enna?
This what? What (is) this?

87. G0 ithu pencil
This (is) pencil.

88.u G?
IvaihaL enna?
these what?
(What are these?)

89.u u ivaihaL peenaakkaL
These (are) pens

90.u G? AvaihaL enna?
Those what? (What are those?)

91. u @u AvaihaL puukkaL
Those (are) flowers.

USE OF 'or' & 'and' '0' & 'u'
92. u @?
AvaihaL peenaakkaLaa, puukkaLaa?
those pens ? flowers?
(Are those pens or flowers?)

RULE: In Tamil 'or' is not used. The reason being
' or ' is not necessay when two questions are put one after other.
Here Pens? flowers? come together. So 'or' is not used

93. u gu 0 ,@gu 0.
AvaihaL peenaakkaLum illai, puukkaLum illai.
those pens not, flowers not
(Those are neither pens nor flowers)

RULE: When 'um' and 'um' used with a negative word 'illai'
the meaning is "neither nor".
One more example: he is neither Raman nor Kannan
in Tamil "avan raamnum illai, kaNNanum illai"

94.u Mu M[u.
raamanum kaNNanum naNbarhaL.
Raman and Kannan (are) friends.

95.u Mu [ M[u?
Raamanum kaNNanum yaar naNbahaL?
raman and kannan and whose friends?
(Whose friends are Raman and Kannan?)

NOTE: 'yaar' is translated as who or whose
depending upon the context. Mu M[u.
raamanum kaaNNanum Johnudaiya naNbarhaL.
(Raman and Kannan are John's friends.)

NOTE: 'udaiya' in Tamil is 'of' in English.
This is genetive case suffix.

97. 0 @?
Meejai engee irukkiRathu?
Table where is? (Where is the table?)

98. 0 @.
Meejai angee irukkiRathu.
table there is. (There is the table)

99._ 0 @?
NaaRkaali engee irukkiRathu?
Chair where is?
(Where is the chair?)

NOTE: Chair in Sri Lankan Tamil is 'kathirai'

100._u 0G @.
NaaRkaaliyum angeethaan irukkiRathu.
chair too there only is.
(Chair too is there only / itself)

101. [ G M? ivar un naNbanaa?
he your friend? (Is he your friend?)

102. [ G MG 0.ivar en naNban illai.
he my friend not. (He is not my friend)

103. G G ul? avan un thambiyaa?
he your younger brother?
(Is he your younger brother?)

104. u G G ul .aamaam, avan en thambi
yes, he (is) my younger brother.

105. [ M? avar johnudaiya naNbanaa?
(is) he John's friend?

106.0 [ MG 0.
illai avar johnudaiya naNban illai.
no, he john's friend not.
(No, he is not John's friend)

107 ? ithu peenaavaa?
(Is) this pen?

108. 0 0, G0.
illai, athu peenaa illai,athu pencil
no, that pen not, that pencil.
(No ,that is not a pen, that is a pencil)

NOTE: In English article 'a' pen 'a' pencil is used.

109. G 0.
ithu ennudaiya peenaa illai
this my pen not.
(This is not my pen)

110 G G?
athu unnudaiya pencilaa?
(Is) that your pencil?

111.0, G G0 0
illai, athu ennudaiya pencil illlai.
No ,that my pencil not.
(No ,that is not my pencil)

112. [ ? ithu, yaar peenaa?
this whose pen?
(Whose pen is this?)

113. Q . Ithu lathaavudaiya peenaa.
This (is) Latha's pen.

114.u @ ? ivaL yaarudaiya thoozi?
she whose friend?
(Whose friend is she?)

115.u .
ivaL juuliyudaiya thoozi.
She Julie's friend.
(She is Julie's friend)

116. 0u ?
ithu ungaL viidaa?
this your house?
(Is this your house?)

117.u G _.
aamaam ithu en viidu
yes, this (is) my house

118 0u L?
ithu ungaL thoottamaa?
this your garden?
(is this your garden?)

119. u. 0u Lu.
aam, ithu engaL thoottam.
yes this (is) our garden.


120.Lu 0 @?
thoottam engee irukkiRathu?
garden where is?
(Where is the garden?)

121.Lu | @.
thoottam veLiyee irukkiRathu.
Garden outside is
(Garden is outside)

122.u G @?
ULLee enna irukkiRathu?
inside what is?
(What is inside?)

123. _ u @.
padukkai aRai uLLee irukkiRathu.
bed room inside is
(The bedroom is inside)

123. 0 0 @?
samaiyal aRai engee irukkiRathu?
cooking room where is?
(Where is the kitchen?)

124.0 @.
samiyal aRai meelee irukkiRathu.
cooking room upstairs is.
(The kitchen is upstairs)

125. L0 _ u @ ?
viittil eththanai padukkai aRaikaL irukkiRathu.?
in house how many bedrooms is?
(How many bedrooms are in the house?)

NOTE: IrukkiRathu is used only for singular and irukkindRana for plural.
Here we have used it for two bedrooms.
When it is neuter gender thing like a bedroom, people use singular .

126. L0M_ _ u @
viittil 2 padukkai aRaikaL irukkiRathu.
in house 2 bedrooms is
(Two bedrooms are in the house).

127._ @?
padukkai aRai meelee irukkiRathaa?
bedroom upstairs is?
(Is the bedroom upstairs?)

128._ @.
padukkai aRai melee irukkiRathu.
bedroom upstairs is
(Bedroom is upstairs)

129.@|0 0 @?
kuLiyal aRai engee irukkiRathu?
bathroom where is
(Where is the bathroom?)

130.@|0 @.
kuLiyal aRai kiizee irukkiRathu.
bathroom downstairs is
(Bathroom is downstairs. )

131. L_@@ Q M_.
viittukku oru kathavu uNdu
to the house a door is
(The house has a door)

132. L0 G0u @?
viittil eththanai jannalhaL irukkiRathu?
in the house how many windows is
(How many windows are there in the house?)
'is' used in Tamil instead of 'are'

133. L0G@ G0u @.
viittil naanku jannalKal irukkiRathu.
in the house four windows is.
(There are four windows in the house)

134. LG[ u u.
viittin suvar veLLai niRam.
of the house wall white colour
(The colour of the wall of the house is white)