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Moulin Rouge
This film has been recently fitted into 3rd year SCI-FI
music timetable for having, musical and social
values. The story is based on the hard life of a
prostitute, with an incredible voice. Later on she
is asked to sing for one company of composers,
however, medics diagnose her with tuberculosis.

Moulin Rouge is a dramatic musical, with DRAMA

catchy songs and beautiful choreography. The
film also sends deep messages that make you
feel as a real person suffering from tuberculosis, ROMANTIC
however, the musical part of the film lasts a little
bit too much, and may bore some people.
This film only can be recommended to teenag-
ers as the film is about drugs and the exhausting
life of a young woman.

Starring: Nicole Kidman

Directed by: Bazz Luhrmann
129 minutes
Rating PG

High school The Fiddler on the roof is basically a musical,
nevertheless, it is also an epic, thanks to the re-
musical flection it makes on the Jewish civilization,
which is quite realistic. The only possible draw-
** back is the large number of songs which after
three hours of film, starts to get a bit boring.
However, it is something understandable if we
This is a film which has provokes a great deal
are talking about a musical.
of interest because it isn’t as good as the other
With a PG rating and both musical and an epic
ones. The story is based on the two other films.
scale, it has gained a huge popularity during the
It’s directed by the director Kenny Ortega and
45 years it has been offered to the audience either
stars Zac Efron (as Troy Bolton) and Vanessa
at cinemas or in DVD format.
Hudgens (as Gabriela Montez). This film is
about the last year in high school. Starring by C. Topol and Rosalind Harris among
It’s a musical film full of dance routines and
Directed by Norman Jewison
centered on combinations of music and dance.
181 minutes
But this film has drawbacks that the other
Still available on DVD
two didn’t have, the script is unimaginative
and the special effects are very simple. The
only two possible positive things are absolutely
brilliant acting of the two main characters and
the wonderful music. The Pink Panther 2
This film is not recommended to boys or girls ****
of 15 years old, but is the perfect film for chil-
dren of 10 to 12 years. This is a film which has provoked a lot of interest
in children and also in adults, thanks to the direc-
Starring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens tion of a good director like Harald Zwart.The
Directed by Kenny Ortega story is based on the theft of a famous diamond
90 minutes called the Pink Panther .Inspector Clousau is the
Now available on DVD leader of a detective group that tries to get back
the famous diamond.

The Pink Panther is a comedy action film with a

funny actor and funny scenes that amuse the
Fiddler on the roof people easily. According to peoples opinion
**** Steve Martin, interpreting Inspector Closseu,
didn’t perform them role of inspector Closseau
This film obviously provoked a great deal of in-
terest which remains nowadays as much because This is the perfect film to see with all the family
of the original plot as for the high-quality acting. and enjoy a funny film.
The plot is about a small village called Anatevka,
where people from various religions coexist Starring  Steve Martin
peacefully or at least coexisted. The huge change Directed by Harold Zwart
of situation from the begging to the end really 92 minutes
has an impact on the viewer, throughout the film. All the family

Burn after reading Starring: Shia Lebeouf.
***** Directed by: Andrew Davis
117 minutes.
You can see the quality of this
Rating PG
film reflected on the actor's terri-
It’s available on DVD.
fic performance as much as in the
film itself. this movie is about an ex-agent from
the CIA called ozzie cox, who loss a diskette James Bond: Quantom
with his memoirs , amd it's found by linda litz-
kie and Chad Feldheimer, and they try to ex- of Solace
change it for money. ***
this is a hilarious comedy mixed with some
crime, and not only the script is briliant, also the This is a film which has obviosly pro-
actor's give life to the script with their great vocked a great deal of interest as much because
performances. the only possible drawback is of the actors as for the film. The story is based
that if you know nothing about the col war you on the search for the assasin who killed James
my loose some gags. but even though, you're Bond’s girlfriend in the previous film. James
going to totally love it. bond find someone to help him.
this is the kind of film that you should watch
with friends if you're older than 13 years. Quantom of Solace is a non-syop action
thriller. There is a lot of action in exotic loca-
tions. The only possible drawback to the film is
directors. coen brothers
that in the first part you can feel sick because
staff. george clooney, brad pitt john malkovich there is a fight with special effects to make it
Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton quicker.

With a 12 rating this film is perfect for

Holes James Bond films lovers.

This is a film which makes you Staring: Daniel Craig and Olga Kury-
think. The story is based on a boy lenko
Directed by: Mark Goster
that is sent to a kind of jail and they
106 minutes
have to dig holes every day. Stanley, the
main character, wants to escape from there and Rating +12
finds a secret about a curse on his family.

“Holes” is an adventure film and often a quasi-

action with stunts and chases. The only possible
drawback is that it is a little bit unrealistic and
the special effects weren’t very good, they could
be much better.

With a PG rating and both adventure and action

this is a perfect film to watch it wherever,
whenever and with whoever.

*** *
It is a great film wich has provoked interest because of
the special effects as much as for the great acting. In this film
nobody likes Hancock, although he is a hero, so a public re-
lations adviser wants to make everyone change their rude,
stinky and drunk impression they have of him, turning him into
the hero everybody wants.

Hancock is a comedy action science-fiction film which

included big-budget chases, a light-hearted plot, portraying
real-life situations with impossible quests, all designed for
pure audience escapism.

With a P.G. rating and both comedy and

action it is the perfect film for people who
love laughing.

Directed by Peter Berg

Starring: Will Smith and Charlize Theron.
Length: 92 min.
Rating: everybody
It is available on DVD and Blue Ray.

The Dark Night

The film has provoked a great deal of interest as much because of the excitement of the story
as for the catastrophic death of the actor Heath Ledger. The story is based on the frustration of
the Mafia because they can not move their money as they would like because of Batman and be-
cause of Harvey Dent the districts prosecution. This frustration makes the Mafia employ a very
strange assassin that even they don’t understand.

The Dark Knight is an action-drama that it will show you the craziness of an assassin, the exas-
peration of missing some one you love and the serenity and obligation of doing the correct
thing. There is no possible drawback in my opinion. I think we are talking about a masterpiece.

Starring: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart

Directed byChristopher Nolan
152 minutes
Rating PG

Now available on DVD and Blueray

Push much in them. Instead of focusing on fights the
film focus on a real situation involves a police-
*** man and an Amish family.
This is a film were lots of special effects are
used, which look almost real and were you can This film is a definitely for teenagers of adults,
see the hard work of the actors. The story is because it is a plot driven story. This film might
based on how two American people (Chris be perfect to watch at home alone; to reflect on
Evans and Dakota Fanning), who live in Hong it.
Kong and have special powers, have to save the
world from a company. Starring Harrison: Ford, Kelly McGillis and
Lukas Haas.
Push is a Sci-Fi, Thriller in which you may not Directed by the Australian filmmaker Peter
stop watching for a second because you will get Weir.
lost and not find out what is going on. A good Running time 112 min.
feature of this film is the quality of the actor’s
performance, the drawbacks aren’t too impor- Available on DVD
tant. One of the possible drawbacks you may
notice at the end is how they changed the name
of Dakotas Fanning character and the similarity Gran Torino
of the film with the Heroes TV series. ****
This film is special as much because
This film is perfect for people who like Sci-Fi Clint Eastwood’s job in front and behind the
films and that may watch the TV series Heroes. cameras as for being the last film in which he
may act. Gran Torino is suitable for all kind of
Starring: Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning audiences except young children because it’s
Directed by Paul Mcguigan quite hard to understand and violent. This film’s
111 minutes plot is about Walt Kowalski’s relationship with
Script: David Bairla his neighbours, most of them Asians who try to
Rating PG steal his Ford 1972 Gran Torino, after the death
Now in cinemas. of his wife. Walt is a racist, conservative, old
person who fought in the Korea war. He also is
very unsociable and politically incorrect but
helps the people he knows in whatever way he
Witness can. I could write pages of this fascinating
*** character played by Clint Eastwood.
The film has provoked interest as much be-
cause of the religion involved as for the per- Gran Torino is a violent drama about racial ten-
formance of Harrison Ford. The story is based sions with some comical scenes. The develop-
on the bribery of policemen. John, who is a po- ment of Walt’s personality towards his neigh-
liceman, and an Amish family who get in- bours it also remarkable and how his unsocia-
volved in it. ble side disappears as his racism turns into a
more affectionate quality and how Tao, played
Witness is a crime film with some fast action, by Bee Vang, brokes Walt’s internal shield and
and with a shocking final. There are no amaz- becomes his friend. The only possible draw-
ing effects, but the script is really original. The back could be that some actors’ faces wore a bit
stunts quite entertaining, without focusing too inexpressive (the case of Tao (Bee Vang)).

I ´´only`` give 4 stars to Gran Torino due to
the fact that even the job of Clint Eastwood as
actor absolutely brilliant, as director he could
made a slightly better film showing young ac-
tors like Bee Vang how to act better. This is
recommendable to all sorts of audiences but
you need to have patience because some parts
are a bit slow. However, extraordinary job,

Starring: Clint Eastwood and Bee Vang.

Director: Clint Eastwood
116 minutes
Rating: +13
Released in January

****Che is a two-part film
which has pro voked interest in
the audience as much because it
is based on the real life of a very
famous person, Che Guevara, as for the film
itself. The film is based on the life of an im-
portant revolutionary man who changed a lot
of peoples’ lives. He was successful because
of his knowledge in medicine and other sub-
jects as much as because of his braveness.
The film is a plot-driven drama in which
you can appreciate the personal thoughts of
the Che and see his own character develop-
ment. The great actor’s performance (Benicio
del Toro) is one of the most important things, as
he won a Goya for it.
This is a great film for people that want
to know about how revolution was in some
countries of South-America.

Starring: Benicio del Toro, Franka Potente

Directed by: Steven Soderbegh
140 minutes

Touching the
Void Twilight
**** *****

This is a film which has obviously provoked This film has created a lot of expectation as
a great deal of interest as much for the shocking much because of the fascinating plot as because
images in the film as the performance given. the film is based on Stephanie Meyer’s best-
It is a true story based on the difficulties of seller “Twilight”.
two mountaineers climbing a mountain
which nobody had ever climbed before. The story concerns a girl (Kristen Stewart) who
is new in the school and meets Edward Cullen
This is the true story of two real climbers (Joe (Robert Pattinson). They fall in love with each
Simpson and Simon Yates) who have a peril- other, but Bella discovers Edward’s biggest se-
ous journey up the west face of Siula Grande cret: he’s a vampire.
in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. The two main
actors that play the part of Joe Simpson and Twilight is a romantic horror drama film that
Simon Yates are: Brendan Mackey and Nicho- has managed to get every single teenager’s at-
las Aaron. The only possible drawback to the tention with the love story between Edward and
film are the completely awful images you Bella, and with Edward’s great charm. The hor-
can see during the film, because it shows the ror part of the film is quite entertaining, but it’s
brutal conditions that the two climbers expe- not the main part of the film. The only unsuc-
rience. cessful feature of the film is that there are some
details of the book that they don’t include in the
With a PG. rating this true story is a perfect film, so the book’s fans were quite disap-
film to make people realise that with deter- pointed.
mination, you can achieve anything you like
in this life. Generally the film is brilliant, and is perfect for
boys and girls, as it includes a romantic story
Starring, Brendan Mackey and Nicholas Aaron. with a horror background.
Directed by Kevin Macdonald.
106 minutes Starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and
Taylor Lautner
Available on D.V.D. Directed by Catherine Hardwick
122 min

Released soon on DVD.


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