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Russian Language Lesson

Developed for the Fulbright Hays GPA

2008 Summer Session in Vladimir, Russia
in Conjunction with University of Illinois Professor Ron Pope,
the American House in Vladimir, Russia
and the University of Chicago Center for East European and
Russian/Eurasian Studies (CEERES)

Submitted by Cherie Koss Fulbright 2008 Participant to

Meredith Clason, Assoc. Dir. of CEERES, University of Chicago

Study of the “ ovat; ” Verb Endings, Their Application and Usage with
Common Cognate-like Verbs to Facilitate Vocabulary Development.

1) Conjugate a common verb with an “ovat;” ending like

tancovat; to dance or risovat; to draw

2) Learn the verb “ovat; ” endings for 1st, 2nd,and 3rd person singular
and plural (u[, uew;, uet, uem, uete, u[t)

3) Then use this knowledge to expand upon your vocabulary by applying

these verb endings to familiar or cognate-like verbs ending in “ovat;”

aplodirovat = to applaud informirovat; = to inform

ignorirovat; = to ignore planirovat; = to plan
marwirovat; = to march rekomendirovat; =to recommend
formirovat; = to form/mold fotografirovat; = to photograph
“Ovat;” Present Tense Verb Patterns
Singular tancovat; = to dance
I dance (am dancing, do dance) q tancu[
you (familiar/sing.) dance ty tancuew;
he/she/it dances on/ona/ono tancuet

We dance (are dancing, do dance) my tancuem
You (formal/plural) dance vy tancuete
They dance oni tancu[t
Oni tancu[t.
(the root “tanc” sounds very much like dance)
“Ovat;” Present Tense Verb Patterns
Singular risovat; = to draw
I draw (am drawing, do draw) q risu[
you (familiar/sing.) draw ty risuew;
he draws on risuet
she draws ona risuet
We draw (are drawing, do draw) my risuem
You (formal/plural) draw vy risuete
They draw oni risu[t
Oni risu[t.

Oni risu[t v Suzdale.

Fotografirovat; = to photograph
q fotografiru[
I photograph

ty fotografiruew;
you photograph

on fotografiruet
he photographs

ona fotografiruet
she photographs

my fotografiruem
we photograph

vy fotografirete
you photograph

oni Fotografiru[t
they photograph
Q fotografiru[
aplodirovat; = to applaud

q aplodiru[ I applaud
ty aplodiruew; you applaud
on/ona aplodiruet
he/she applauds

my aplodiruem we applaud
vy aplodiruete you applaud
oni aplodiru[t they applaud

Oni aplodiru[t
marwirovat; = to march
Q marwiru[ I march
ty marwiruew; you march
on marwiruet he marches
ona marwiruet she marches

my marwiruem we march

vy marwiruete you march

oni marwiru[t they march

Oni marwiru[t
Prazdnovat; = to celebrate
“prazdnik” = a holiday or celebration (a beginning vocabulary word)

q prazdnu[ I celebrate
ty prazdnuew; you celebrate
on prazdnuet he celebrates
ona prazdnuet she celebrates

my prazdnuem we celebrate
vy prazdnuete you celebrate
oni prazdnu[t they celebrate
my prazduem
My tancuem i prazdnuem.
Koncul;tirovat; = to consult
Q koncul;tiru[ I consult
Ty koncul;tiruew; you consult
On koncul;tiruet he consult
Ona koncul;tiruet she consults

My koncul;tiruem we consult
Vy koncul;tiruete you consult
Oni koncul;tiru[t they consult
Oni koncul;tiru[t.
Planirovat; = to plan
q planiru[ I plan
ty planiruew; you plan
on planiruet he plans
ona planiruet she plans

my planiruem we plan
vy planiruete you plan
oni palniru[t they plan

Oni planiru[t
demonstrirovat; = to demonstrate
Q demonstriru[ I demonstrate
ty demonstriruew; you demonstrate
on demonstriruet he demonstrates
ona demonstriruetshe demonstrates

my demonstriruem we demonstrate
vy demonstriruete you demonstrate
oni demonstriru[t they demonstrate

On demonstriruet.
Celovat; = to kiss
Q celu[ I kiss
ty celuew; you kiss
on celuet he kisses
ona celuet she kisses

my celuem we kiss
Vy celuete you kiss
oni celu[t they kiss
Putewestvovat; = to travel

Putewestvu[ putewestvuem
Putewestvuew; putewestvuete
On putewestvuet. Putewestvuet putewestvu[t
Ona putewestvuet.

planirovat; to plan adresovat; to address

aplodirovat; to applaud organizirovat; to organize
ignorirovat; to ignore rekomendovat; to recommend
konsul;tirovat; to consult imitirovat; to imitate

importirovat; to import informirovat; to inform

adaptirovat; to adapt demonstrirovat; to demonstrate
rekomendovat; to recommend marwirovat; to march

formovat; to form, mold disciplinirovat; to discipline

interpretirova; to interpret kritikovat; to criticize
massa-irovat; to massage dezertirovat; to desert
interv;[irovat; to interview diagnostirovat; to diagnose
-estikulirovat; to gesticulate associirovat; to associate
registrirovat; to register garantirovat; to guarantee
finansirovat; to finance normalizovat; to normalize
balansirovat; to balance riskovat; to risk
Kontrol;naq Rabota - QUIZ
„ We dance
„ You (plural) march
„ I applaud
„ We kiss
„ You (sing.) plan
„ They celebrate
„ He travels
„ It marches (3rd person singular)
„ She photographs
„ He addresses / organizes/ forms