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et Search Methods Name precisely the information being sought. Use a search string (one or more search terms) rather than a single word to increase the preciseness of a search. Enhance search strings by Boolean or natural language methods. Use the Boolean terms: AND, OR, or NOT. AND is used when search terms or strings need to be added together. OR is used when equivalent terms or synonyms are used to capture the information required. METASEARCH represents a process similar to parallel, federated, broadcast, or cross database searches. Two metasearch providers: 1. NLM Gateway ( 2. Ithaki ( INTERNET-AVAILABLE CLINICAL PRACTICE TOOLS - This structured approach to clinical information database development is clinically useful, helps clinicians organize their own knowledge databases, and facilitates ready access to needed information. Y ASSESSMENT -refers to the systematic collection of data needed to arrive at one or more diagnoses. -includes forms, miscellaneous screening tools, risk assessment instrument, and information of the manifestation of signs and symptoms. - example of a comprehensive nursing assess form. resource information on alcoholism - domestic abuse assessment tool - multiple assessment and screening hyperlinks

GOVERNMENT DOMAINS: Food and drug Administration NLM Pubmed database EDUCATIONAL DOMAINS: - P450 Drug Interaction table - body mass index calculator cancer risk tools coronary heart disease risk calculator - health risk calculators for 24 health conditions. NLM MEDLINE Y DIAGNOSIS -from the Greek word, Dia means through and gnosis means knowledge. -is dependent on the knowledge base of the person diagnosing. New Threats to Health include mass trauma, biologic and biochemical warfare agents, and emerging infectious diseases. Mass Trauma Preparedness and Response mass trauma hyperlinks, featured on the CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response webpages include coping with a traumatic event, a primer for clinicians on dealing with explosions and blast injuries; fact sheets for injuries and mass trauma; possible research studies; and rapid assessment of injuries. Bioterrorism Agents/Diseases the CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response webpages present information on approximately 30 diseases. Photographic images and/or video presentations facilitate clinical decision making related to infectious agents that may be used for bioterrorism purposes. Chemical Agents the CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response webpages hyperlink information to more than 70 chemical agents. Recent Outbreaks and Incidents the Emergency Preparedness and Response page also includes information on outbreaks, e.g., severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), West Nile Virus, monkey pox, and mad cow disease; this site also includes information on incidents, e.g., wild fires, winter storms and power outages. Bioterrorism Information Available through Academic Health Science Centers - bioterrorism education - biodefense - Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections - Biosecurity

DISEASE DIAGNOSIS - International Classification of Disease disease directories - online medical dictionary A-Z index of health information of uncommon illnesses. - information on genomics and disease prevention. HUMAN RESPONSE TO ILLNESS/HEALTH DIAGNOSES - perioperative nursing data set listing nursing diagnoses - evidence-based nursing diagnoses


THE INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF FUNCTONING, DISABILITY, AND HEALTH (ICF) - standardized nursing diagnosis terminologies do not encompass the entire field. As a result, subsets from the ICD are used, especially in the provision of primary care services by advanced practice nurses. Another terminology of interest to nursing practice is the ICF. - consist of four domains: body functions, body structures, activity and participation, and environmental factors. -I CF may assist nursing terminology developers in generating revised and new diagnose. It may also serve as a tool facilitating collaboration among leaders in the field of nursing diagnosis classifications. - Kearney and Pryor (22004) found it to be a useful conceptual framework for practice, education, and research. - Lehman (2003) concluded that it provides a useful framework in researching health conditions, body structures and function, activity and participation, and environmental influences on patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension. - ICF browser

Y TREATMENT -the term treatment is used here in lieu of interventions and nursing actions, because it expresses more precisely the broad clinical management focus of this section. NURSING TREATMENT Home Health Care Classification - Nursing Intervention Classification - Perioperative nursing data set CALCULATORS Martindales Calculators Online Part I:Nutrition - - Nursing Calculators for Drug Administration Medical calculators

DRUG MANAGEMENT Drug Enforcement Agency - Vaccine Event Reporting System National Institute on Drug Abuse Medscape Rxlist


EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE GUIDELINES - Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment National Guidelines Clearinghouse - Diagnosis and Management for Asthma - evaluation and treatment of high blood cholesterol in adults - High blood pressure Guidelines PRACTICE AND TREATMENT GUIDELINES: PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION SITES -many of the professional association or societies include clinical practice guidelines or recommendations. American Diabetes Association American cancer Society Guidelines for Screening, Surveillance, and Early Detection of Adenomatous Polyps and Colorectal Cancer - American Academy of Family Physicians Y OUTCOMES -outcomes measurement is a tradition within nursing practice. -categories of patient outcomes: Patient safety Nursing outcomes Nursing home and home healthcare setting outcomes Health plan outcomes Short form health survey PATIENT SAFETY presentation and discussion of medical errors. - Institute for Healthcare Improvement

NURSING OUTCOMES - Information of NOC NURSING HOME AND HOME HEALTHCARE SETTING OUTCOMES -related to nursing outcomes are those measures that evaluate the quality of care within nursing homes and home healthcare setting. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid OASIS (outcomes assessment information set measures are used to evaluate quality within home healthcare settings. HEALTH PLAN OUTCOMES - HEDIS ( health plan employer data and information set OFFICE TOOLS: Online Healthcare Record Audit and Patient Satisfaction Forms -First, both the quality of the health care record and patient satisfaction reflect upon the quality of the care provided, a healthcare outcome. -Second, patient satisfaction variables provide clinicians with criteria to evaluate their own performance and that of the office in which they are practicing. - Patient Satisfaction Form

SHORT FORM HEALTH SURVEY Medical Outcomes Trust - OUTCOMES MEASUREMENT: INTERNET-AVAILABLE BIOSTATISTICAL AND ANALYTICAL TOOLS Qualitative data creation, management and analysis software - Qualitative database software - Epidemiologic analysis software

eCLINICALOG ( ) , A Web-Based Clinical Encounter Database - Part of an educational strategy, initially designed to build data entry, analysis, and synthesis skills in nurse practitioner students. - Started out as a paper and pencil format - First version was a spiral-bound, legal-sized, two-page grid of boxes that student filled in.

Second, addressed issues of retrievability, familiarity, availability, student acceptance, curricular congruence and contribution to the discipline Consist of three categories: Patient Program Demographic Guides students through an informatics skill building and refinement process and assists professional development.