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Assessing Clients with Endocrine Disorders Exercise Use the following health history questions and leading statements,

, categorized by functional health patterns, with a family member, friend, or client. Identify areas for focused physical assessment based on findings from the health history. Assessing the Endocrine System Health PerceptionHealth Management Describe your overall state of health. Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best health you have had. Describe any endocrine problems you have had (pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pancreas, ovaries, testes). How was this problem treated? With medications, surgery, hormone replacements, diet? What prescribed and/or over-the-counter medications do you use? Do you smoke tobacco? If so, how much per day, and for how long? Have you ever been tested for high or low blood sugar? Do you drink alcohol? If so, how much and what kind? Describe how you care for your health. When was your last physical examination? NutritionalMetabolic Describe your usual dietary intake for a 24-hour period. Describe how much water or fluids you drink in a 24-hour period. Have you noticed that you are thirsty more often than you used to be? Has your appetite changed? If so, describe. Has your weight changed? If so, by how many pounds? Over what period of time? Have you noticed any changes in your energy levels? Explain. Have you noticed any change in your ability to tolerate heat or cold? Have you had any difficulty swallowing? Explain. Elimination Describe your usual pattern for emptying your bladder in a 24-hour period. Has this changed? If so, describe. Have you noticed any changes in the color or odor of your urine? If so, describe. Do you have to get up at night to empty your bladder? How often? Have you ever had kidney stones? If so, how were they treated? Has there been any change in your bowel elimination? Explain. ActivityExercise Describe your usual activities over a 24-hour period. Do certain activities make you short of breath or very tired? Explain. Has your ability to care for yourself changed with this endocrine problem? If so, describe. Has your energy level decreased or increased? If so, explain. SleepRest On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being uninterrupted sleep throughout the night, rate your ability to rest and sleep. Explain your rating. Do you feel nervous or unable to rest? CognitivePerceptual Do you feel restless, anxious, or confused? Have you noticed any hoarseness or changes in your voice? Have you noticed any changes in the color or condition of your skin, such as a darker color, changes in the ability to tan, dryness, oiliness, bruises? Have you had any heart palpitations? Have you had any abdominal pain? Have you had headaches, memory loss, changes in sensation, or depression? Have you had any pain or stiffness in your muscles and joints?

Self-PerceptionSelf-Concept How do you feel about this health problem? How has having this problem made you feel about yourself and the future? How do you feel about taking medications for the rest of your life? RoleRelationship Is there a history of any type of endocrine problem in your family? Explain. How has this health problem affected others you live with? Has having this health problem changed your role and responsibilities in your family? Explain. Has having this health problem affected your ability to work? Explain. SexualityReproductive Have you noticed any change in your interest in sexual activities? Explain. Have you noticed any change in your ability to have sexual relations? Explain. (For females) Have you had any change in your menstrual periods? Describe. (For males) Have you had difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection? (For females) Have you had any difficulty becoming pregnant? (For males) Have you had any difficulty fathering a child? How many children do you have? What were their weights at birth? CopingStress Does stress seem to increase the symptoms of your endocrine problem? If so, in what way? What or who helps you most in coping with your health problem? Describe what you usually do to cope with stress. ValueBelief Are there significant others, practices, or activities that help you cope with this health problem? Explain. How do you perceive the future in regard to living with this health problem?