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From: David Bergstein <dbergstein@grayboxllc.

com> Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 10:11:40 -0500 To: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Subject: My friend, I trust you are keeping well. As discussed, we are in the midst of a significant transaction. Perceiving favorable economic indicatorsboth macro and microan investment group (Buyer) has been formed to acquire a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded construction company (the Company) through a going private transaction. The Company has historically traded at a material discount below its public peer group and Buyer believes the corporate fundamentals warrant a substantially higher market value. Accordingly, Buyeran investment vehicle seeks to enter into a definitive agreement to take the Company private. Buyer projects that the transaction will produce attractive internal rates of return ranging from [25%-35%] and corresponding cash-on-cash returns of up to 5x over a five-year period. The Company is a leading construction company offering diversified general contracting, construction management and design-build services to private customers and public agencies globally. The Company offers general contracting, pre-construction planning and comprehensive project management services, including the planning and scheduling of the manpower, equipment, materials and subcontractors required for a project. The Company is vertically integrated and operates the following four complementary business segments: Civil Group Specializes in public work and civil infrastructure construction, specifically the repair, replacement and reconstruction of highways, bridges, mass transit systems and wastewater treatment facilities. Over the past few years, the Company has concentrated its effortsorganically and through acquisitionon shifting its revenue mix to higher profit and consistent civil projects. Building Group Specializes in niche building markets, including hospitality and gaming, education, healthcare, high-tech, commercial office, corporate campus, government, lifesciences and transportation. Specialty Group In recent years, the Company has acquired a number of specialty contractors (e.g., electrical and mechanical, plumbing, HVAC) so as to ensure greater quality control and capture much higher margin business. This recent strategy has given the Company the ability to bid more competitively without compromising the Companys overall profitability.

Management Services Group The Companys management services group provides diversified construction and design-build services to the U.S. Department of Defense, other governmental agencies, surety companies and multinational corporations. The Company has established a strong reputation within its markets by executing large, multibillion dollar complex projects on time and within budget while adhering to strict quality control measures. Projects of this scale require: (i) expertise at all levels; (ii) deep financial resources and stable of construction equipment; (iii) extensive human resources; and (iv) bonding capacity exceeding $5 billion. These factorsamong otherscreate meaningful barriers to entry.

Buyer believes that the Company stands to benefit from considerable macro and companyspecific value drivers as illustrated in Exhibit I-1: Exhibit I-1: Uncovering Hidden Value

Buyer believes the robust infrastructure that the Company has built over the past century is virtually impossible to duplicate. Barriers to entering and succeeding in the large scale, commercial building construction, civil works and infrastructure project industry are substantial. New market entrants must contend with a number of hurdles, including the established names and reputations of existing local general contractors (GCs), the need to hire skilled labor, building relationships with specialty contractors and materials suppliers, the lending environment, substantial bonding requirements and whichever licensing and regulatory requirements exist in the particular state. Developing relationships with materials suppliers and wholesalers is also necessary to take advantage of favorable material costs, which larger participants can obtain easily by buying in bulk. I am enclosing an NDA which I would ask that you sign, after which time I will be in touch with you and send detailed material to you for review.

Warmest Regards,

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