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Frank Strickler, CCP Retires after 43-years of Service

In 1970, Frank Strickler, was teaching physics in Morristown, Indiana when it was time for a change. So, he literally flipped a coin on his future Heads, go to New York Tails, go to California. Fortunately, New York won the toss and Frank packed up and moved to the Empire State to seek a profession in medicine. Criss-crossing the state, from Rochester to New York City, he began interviewing at academic institutions for jobs in a variety of medically related fields. The perfusion trainee job at Albany caught his eye. At his second interview, he got a chance to observe Dr. Alley perform a VSD repair and Frank was hooked! When I saw that procedure, it was all over I knew that was what I wanted to do!. Of course, he accepted the position (at a salary of $105/week) and the rest is history. Now, 43 years later, Frank has retired from an amazing and distinguished perfusion career at Albany Medical College. Reflecting on his experiences, Frank states, I had a good run I really enjoyed the career. A good run? What an understatement! When looking at Franks professional career, it spanned the incredible era of innovation and development in heart surgery and perfusion -- an era in which he contributed significantly. Frank was intimately involved in the initial CABG operations and the use of and

crystalloid cardioplegia to stop the heart all ground breaking work in the early seventies. I remember operating the small pumps to deliver whole blood directly to the coronaries and keeping the heart perfused and beating during valve operations. Other efforts such as transplantation research were special moments in Franks career. We studied heart transplant surgical and perfusion techniques along with immunosuppression strategies on beagles in the lab. It was these pioneering research initiatives at Albany that standout as some of the highlights of his career. As far as what Frank considers his major accomplishment as a chief, he warmly thinks of his team of perfusionists and the support they brought to the program. Frank and his wife Liz live in Delmar, in the starter home they bought in 1975. Liz is a nurse and works as an aquatics instructor at the Bethlehem Y. They are proud parents of two sons: Brian, an ophthalmologist in Schenectady and Scott, an information technology project manager for the City of Philadelphia. They also have two terrific daughters-in-law, Abby, a pediatrician at AMC and Adie, a senior pharmaceutical research coordinator and a granddaughter, Carolyn and a new grandson Ben and a third on the way! In retirement, Frank and Liz plan to stay young hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, crosscountry skiing - and chasing the grandchildren!