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Chicken feet

The cuisine
Sichuan - Sichuan cuisine is a long history of cuisine, which is the birthplace of the ancient Pakistan And Shu . Guangdong Baiyun chicken claw, Zijin Jiang Fengzhua, oyster sauce chicken feet. The Cantonese style chicken

Taste characteristics
Chicken feet color crimson red, swollen cortex and wrinkles, so there are wrinkles Feng Claw said. Subcutaneous with sauce, irrigation

Album(20) Soup feeling. When eating, dermal bone Yi Li, soft slippery, bone Sulan, young and old alike.

Cook: chicken feet with boiled until cooked, boiled water to Zhuojia vinegar and Maltose . Fried: deep fry red color can be cooked. After the bombing of water to float, greasy, make the skin and not from cortical shrinkage, wrinkled, or of the entrance. Steamed: plus steam when Euryale ferox juice sauce, steamed soft to be rotten. Add sauce which, with the local flavor, also can make different. Now, Guangdong With oyster sauce, Guilin Sauce, column Hou sauce, OK sauce and so on, but none of them are the same shop.

The general.
Sliced chicken feet over boiling water Cheuk drain, then hot dip fried and then drift cold, add five spices and brine simmer for another cold river (water), dip Corn flour Into the pan with sauce steamed.

Spicy chicken feet

1, put the chicken feet with water to smell. 2, heat the pan, saute ginger, garlic, bean paste Pixian (1 Chicken feet ~2 spoon), pour the chicken fried, add water, salt, soy sauce, a little sugar, cook for 15~20 minutes, fast and green HERSHEY'S Red pepper Break out of the pot, add chicken, pepper oil.

Spicy chicken
Production of food Chicken son, cucumber (can not), wild pepper (some brands the best taste taste, not tasty), pepper, salt, sugar, Essence of chicken , clove of garlic The production process 1, the pot of water, boil, add chicken, cook until chicken feet can use chopsticks. 2, put into cold water, put the chicken son with a knife to the bone 3, larger container, into the Chinese prickly ash , salt, sugar, chicken, garlic powder, then pour into the wild pepper, then add cold boiling water amount, stirring evenly. Note: the first do some less chicken son boiled, hard is not good, must be boiled rotten some. Chicken feet out in the refrigerator, not directly to eat, and fried some pepper, sesame, pepper, while heating in the chicken feet. Surface Also, very fragrant.

Chicken soup with peanuts

Production of food Chicken feet 10, Peanut meat 50 grams. Chicken feet Seasoning: Shao liquor 20 grams, 10 grams of chopped green onion, ginger 5 grams, 3 grams of salt, MSG 1 grams, chicken oil amount. The production process Chicken chop to tip, wash, Gachot wine, ginger and water, the fire after 15 minutes, add peanuts, season with salt and the fire in 40 minutes, sprinkle chopped green onion, monosodium glutamate, topped with chicken oil, high fire 2 minutes.

Sea cucumber with chicken Papaya Soup

Production of food The soaked sea cucumber 200 grams, papaya a about 400 grams, six to eight feet. Materials: salt, ginger 3-4 films The production process 1, the sea cucumber washed, cut 2, chicken feet cut and boiled water, remove the blood 3, Papaya Peel planing cutting 4, the chicken, sea cucumber, ginger placed after the boil for 30 minutes, then put papaya down together for 10 minutes, add salt.

Lean chicken fruit ginseng soup

Production of food Pear A, ginseng flower 3G, 200G, 150G, fresh longan meat,

Three chicken, cooking wine, salt The production process 1, the chicken and chicken meat was

hed, cut nails cut into pieces, lean meat cut into pieces. Method for making(11) 2, the longan shell to nuclear stand-by. 3, the pot of boiling water, add chicken and pork boiled water, not with water, this is to remove the meat smell, the smell of meat would lock. Then set aside. 4, honour in turn into the chicken, lean meat, ginseng flower and Longan , pour the right amount of cooking wine. Open fire boil, then turn a small fire for 20 minutes 5, peel the pears cut into pieces, and then to praise, to 10 minutes 6, soup to drink before adding salt. Because of this Tonga Two kinds of fruit, do not add Monosodium glutamate Or chicken, salt is to reconcile the better of sweet fruit soup.

Skin chicken with oyster sauce

Oyster sauce chicken soup, pickled, subject to the hot fried and stewed chicken meat to vegetables, yellow easy removal, glial thick, smooth taste more fragrant flavor, and oyster sauce. Chicken and pork are rich in collagen, often feed can make the skin moisture adequate, maintain flexibility, prevent The skin Long lines, the trotter Fat The content is high, and feed more easily fat, chicken feet are fat and Quantity of heat Are low, eat also is not afraid of body fat. Cooking materials (five servings) Production of food

Chicken feet (12, 684 grams), onion (1), ginger (3 pieces) Chicken feet(20) Seasoning: oil (2 tablespoon), wine (3 tablespoons), soy sauce (3 tablespoon), oyster sauce (3 tablespoon), sugar (1/3 tablespoons salt (1/2), spoon), chicken (1/2 tablespoons), vinegar (1 tablespoons) The production process 1, chicken feet off the toe, washed, placed in boiling water boil for a short hot 2 minutes, picked up the drain water; Jiang Qiecheng silk, green onions and cut into sections. 2, chicken feet into the casserole, add 3 tablespoon cooking wine, 3 tablespoon soy sauce by hand grasp uniform, marinate for 60 minutes. 3, heat pan with 2 tbsp of oil, saute scallion and ginger, pour the chicken feet fire quickly fry for 3 minutes, pour 2 bowls of water. 4, add 3 tablespoon oyster sauce, 1/3 tbsp Sugar , 1/2 tablespoons salt, 1/2 tbsp chicken powder, 1 tablespoon white vinegar, and mix together with the chicken feet. 5, the boiled after the fire, the fire Gaixiao simmer 20 minutes to open fire, close to the soup will do, chicken feet dish.

Rock crystal
Ingredients: Chicken feet 0.75 pounds, Tom Yum Goong soup 3 tablespoons, Pickle 10, Chilli oil 1 tablespoon, Lemon 1, Onion 0.5, ginger 1 pieces. Rock crystal Practice: 1, chicken feet open half, and cook for about ten minutes and blanch, don't put the chicken cooked too soft, but not unfamiliar, then rinse with clean water, foam, put a large box, half a lemon peel, pepper shred of about 5 and cut into sections, 1/4 teaspoon salt, sliced ginger, put a stir in the box, in the refrigerator overnight; 2, the very next day picked up the chicken feet, other don't bowl, cut into sections, pepper 5 slices ginger, half a lemon shred, onion half a shred, shop in the chicken feet; 3, on a small pot, put shrimp sauce, chili oil, chicken, put a little sugar and salt, add a few drops of sesame oil, into a bowl of water, boil, then cool; 4, after cooling, put chicken into the bowl, soak 0.5--1 hours, can use.

Nutritive value
Chicken feet - the high nutritional value of chicken, contain calcium and collagen rich, Chicken feet Eat not only can soften blood vessels, also has beauty Effect . Water (100 g) energy (Qian Jiao) 1063 Protein (g) 23.9 fat (g) 16.4 Carbohydrate (g) 2.7 dietary fibre (0 grams) Cholesterol (mg) 103 ash (g) of vitamin A (0.6 mg) of 37 carotene (mg) 0 retinol (mg) 37 Thiamine (g) 0.01 Riboflavin (mg) 0.13 nicotinic acid (mg) 2.4 (36 mg) of calcium phosphate (mg) at 76 K (mg) 108 (169 mg) sodium magnesium (mg) of 7 iron (mg) 1.4 (0.9 mg) zinc selenium (g) 9.95 (0.05 mg) of copper manganese (0.03 mg) Proline 2795 leucine arginine 1226 2072 Threonine The 668 amino acid (T) 381 methionine phenylalanine tyrosine valine 353 751 193 573 Tryptophan The 129 histidine 310 cystine 188 alanine 2531 aspartic acid glutamic acid glycine 564 1715 2923

Making tips
The first step: the selection of raw materials The choice of raw materials is the premise of this step, chicken feet off the bone, the raw material is directly related to the product Chicken feet The quality of the shape and the dishes. Practice has proved, the white color, texture, fat and tender Broiler Chicken the most appropriate, but little or no blood spot best; local chicken (i.e. farming family rearing Chicken Claw) for dark color, body lean, so it can not be used. In the selection of chicken claw, should be the same size, the best selection of large (small not easily off the bone). The second step: Rinse immersion The chicken itself has an earthy smell, to reduce or remove, rinse the chicken is done. But it should be noted that, in the rinsing process, to use the knife to small yellow cocoon scar chicken feet palm removed, and residual yellow chicken "coat" fade out, this is very important. After rinsing to chicken, marinated. Immersion, the best in some onion ginger, Cooking wine (or 10- Beer ) of the water, soak 3~4 hours, so that can not only remove the odor, but also can make the system out of the de - bone chicken more crisp texture, color is more white. The third step: master the stew Braised cook is good or bad, the key is off the bone is smooth, shape is perfect. First soak feet in Boiling water Boil up (to flavor and impurities), remove and then put water in the pot, add appropriate amount of wine, scallion, ginger, use the fire boil, then turn a small fire, let the pot Chicken feet In the water simmer, add pot simmer, about 10 minutes, as the chicken oil full and broken health, remove immediately. In cooking, should pay attention to the following points: 1, boiled chicken feet when the water not too few, raw material is suitable to drown. 2 Chicken feet In cooking, cannot be used when cooking fire fierce, otherwise it will put the chicken boiled. 3, then in the cooking process, with a spoon or other not Cooker Stirring, otherwise it will bring some parts of chicken stir broken and not conducive to off the bone, influence the appearance of chicken. The fourth step: the rapid cooling The wind claw stew cooked, to let it cool immediately, this is the chicken feet become brittle and easy to key off the bone, and should not be ignored, the actual operation of this step is often careless treatment, causing de bone is not ideal, should pay attention to when cooling Is is best to use the flow of water flushes while bubble, such not only can make the chicken feet suddenly turned cold, texture from soft to hard, also can impact on net oil chicken feet and make it more white. If a basin of water cooling, the disadvantage is the high temperature, the chicken feet into the water, the water inside the basin. Temperature It will rise rapidly to tens of degrees, and the effect of cooling effect. The fifth step: clever off the bone Chicken feet cooling through, can be de bone processing. The specific method is to control water purification, chicken feet, left hand picked up a Chicken feet , Chicken feet The chicken feet palm down, right hand fingernail in chicken feet and three toes on the back bone of each set (or the right hand holding a knife, with the tip), and then hand pinch to claw toes (also can be the first chop), and then use the The thumb And The index finger The front claw toe pinch live, by pushing on the direction to the palm, when pushed to the end of the jaw bone removed. According to this method the chicken bone out of all. Claw back bone, the direction of the palm push, push the end, will head out. The sixth step: the water brewing

Chicken feet off the bone, then the flow of clean water to brew about 2 hours, can be used for cooking. If a inexhaustibility, can be put into Fridge Naka Reikura, but do not freeze, features will be affected in the crisp, fresh. 1, should be the first chicken feet into the Boiling water Float is hot, then add seasonings grasp uniform pickle, peculiar smell can remove the chicken feet itself. 2, under the pan fried chicken feet first, then add water to cook, this method can increase the fresh flavor of chicken feet, make better flavor. 3, oyster sauce is used Oysters The meat is cooked, take juice, concentrating, plus other Accessories Processed. Oyster sauce sweet flavor, therefore not with flavor seasoning with cooking, so as not to rob the delicious flavor of oyster sauce. 4, stewed chicken feet, pig feet, add a little Vinegar Can make it more easy Dunlan, also can shorten the time of stew. 5, because the chicken feet with Colloid Clean wok before the open fire, close to the soup do can, if add the cornstarch water to the juice, soup is too thick to eat.