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WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT A EUROPEAN MBA PROGRAM? Shorter Program Good Deadlines Good op4on for those who are late in the game Can also be a good op4on for those who didnt get accepted to US programs of their choice You want to live, work and study in Europe You want to learn a new language or take advantage of another one you have You are seeking a program that is TRULY Global

Its all about ROI, people. Let me explain. Are you older? Do you want to spend less money? Do you want to spend less 4me without a job? Do you want the same results as your friends at US schools? Did you miss your deadlines, or not get in?

Sloan MBA:
Tui4on and Expenses Year 1 $83,000 Tui4on and Expenses Year 2 $83,000 Opportunity Costs Salary Year 1 $60,000 Opportunity Costs Salary Year 2 $60,000 Total Real cost of Program $286,000

Tui4on and Expenses Year 1 $76,000 Opportunity Costs Salary Year 1 $60,000 Total Real cost of Program $136,000

Yet Post-MBA Salaries are $147,974 at INSEAD and $158,353 at Sloan


Interna4onal Students: 34% Interna4onal Faculty: 37% Interna4onal Board: 21%

Interna4onal Students: 92% Interna4onal Faculty: 90% Interna4onal Board: 80%

Where Graduates Work Harvard:

Africa: 1 % Asia: 9 % Europe: 7 % North America: 80 % Oceania: 0 % La4n America and the Caribbean: 2 %

Africa: 3 % Asia: 28 % Europe: 53 % North America: 8 % Oceania: 2 % La4n America and the Caribbean: 6 %

Most Pres4gious Programs INSEAD, IMD, LBS Other Top Programs IE, IESE, ESADE, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Manchester, HEC, Ro_erdam, Bocconi

LBS: Limey, [the] Best School?

Consistently ranked in the top 10 Interna4onal schools, LBS is part of an Elite and growing group of non-US MBA programs. It is oben ranked as the best business school in the world, topping even HBS and Stanford. With its loca4on in the heart of the Worlds (other) Finance Center, the program is par4cularly well-suited to those who wish to pursue careers in nance or consul4ng. LBSs program, with students from 59 na4onali4es, is global in way that only a non-US school can be. APPLICTION TIPS: FIT WITH LBS Fit with Industries (Consul4ng and Finance) Fit with personality of school (collabora4ve and involved) Fit with goals (Europe/London) Bonus: t with loca4on SHOW YOUR INTERNATIONALISM

INSEAD: Euro Consul4ng Heaven

INSEAD is Interna4onal. With students from over 50 countries, speaking over a dozen languages. One of the oldest European MBA programs, consistently ranked as one of the top three non-US MBA programs. APPLICTION TIPS: - Be crea4ve, inven4ve, humorous, take risks in your essays - Play up your interna4onalism both in your past and in your goals - Show a loca4on t with INSEADs unique loca4ons(s) and opportuni4es - Show match with industry (Consul4ng, Industry, Family Business)

IMD: Simply Exclusive (and near the Alps)

IMD is smaller, older, wiser, more in4mate. And in Switzerland. It boasts a general management program that is the same for all, with personalized hands-on projects for each student. APPLICTION TIPS: - Apply later Average class age is 30-31 - Show your vast experience - Fit with the schools recrui4ng (more industry-based jobs) - Fit with the schools personality (in4mate, small) - Once again, show true proven interna4onal experience.


There are a LOT of schools out there, folks. Europe is catching up to America in both number and pres4ge of the programs. Yet many remain a bit o the radar. Partly it has to do with marke4ng, partly because some schools have great reputa4ons in their countries only, and have yet to make waves in the rankings. (An aside about the rankings in general the Financial Times and Economist rankings see far more clearly when it comes to European and Asian programs than do American rankings, which heavily bias North America and Anglo countries) The MOST important thing to keep in mind is YOUR specic goals!! If a school can t your goals, then its probably a good place to apply.




Ins4tuto Empresa is one of the top ranked schools interna4onally. Ranked 7 by the Financial Times. Booth? Pshaw! Yale? Ha! Tuck? Dont make me laugh! IE beats them all out Deep connec4ons with Madrids nancial district Very well connected to La4n America and one of the founding members of SUMAQ, a network comprising business schools in Spain and La4n America. Great choice for candidates bilingual in Spanish Opportunity to complete your Interna4onal MBA in Espaol or Ingls Curriculum Composed of 3 core periods and one elec4ve period


IESE oers a world-class program in two Campuses in Spains two largest and most business-friendly ci4es Madrid (EMBA and Global MBA) and Barcelona. The school is Europes rst ever two-year MBA program and was established with the support of Harvard Business School, whose case-study method is used by IESE today. Needless to say, this is a great program for those looking to work in Europe or La4n America. 100% No-cosigner Loan IESE oers full loans to all Interna4onal Students, so once you get in, youre all good. Great Hiring Sta4s4cs With 94% of its graduates being placed within six months of gradua4ng, IESE has one of the best placement sta4s4cs of any MBA program, worldwide. Well-connected IESE oers alliances with semester-abroad opportuni4es at 23 schools, from Kellogg to HEC, from Wharton to CEIBS Bilingual Degree


Actually holding the baguene under your arm REALLY is a good way to carry it


In France, HEC is the premier business school, and its MBA program is one of the top- ranked in the world. Small, in4mate, and set in one of the worlds most beau4ful and dynamic ci4es, HEC oers an excellent program ideal for those whose work des4na4on is Europe. 16-Month Program divided into two halves: 1. The Core Phase 2. The Personalized phase. Euro-centric Although students arrive from just about every country in the world, the large majority of students go on to work in Europe and about half of them, in France. Mission and Ac4on Program (MAP) This is a hands-on consultancy project conducted in developing world-countries with a humanitarian goal. Luxury When one thinks of France, one thinks food, fashion, jewelry, and makeup. Needless to say, one of HECs biggest strengths is in the luxury goods (and marke4ng in general).


Why take the escalator when I have a perfectly good canoe right here?

Although a newbie by all standards (1996), the Sad Business School is consistently ranked as one of the world's leading business schools. (Maybe it has something to do with being a_ached to um Oxford? Which is only, you know, the worlds rst university.) Oers an Entrepreneurship Project and a Consul4ng Project for relevant students Totally new program allowed Said to mix and match teaching styles to come up with a program that includes lectures, projects, case study, and simula4ons Located only a stones throw from London Applica4on Tips Oxford seems to be biased towards good people who show a real passion for the school. They know they are outranked by LBS, and prefer to take on folks who have Oxford as their number one choice.


Only the second oldest, aber some folks had a ght with the town of Oxford in 1209! Well known for its strengths in entrepreneurship and innova4on management, Cambridge Judge oers an Entrepreneurship concentra4on Cambridge Venture Project - consul4ng for one of the entrepreneurial rms in the Cambridge area. School also oers Global Consul4ng Project abroad Applica4on Tips: Fit here is crucial too. Tech/Entrepreneurship does well here, and if this is your industry you will want to emphasize that. Be CREATIVE with your essays! Be original! Judge seems to like that.


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SDA Bocconi Italys most famous MBA program Very small in4mate program with only 110 students 13-month program with a 3-month internship 80% Interna4onal Oers a Luxury Business Management Track with the program in Rome Oer concentra4ons in Finance, Marke4ng, Strategy, Innova4on and Investments RSM Erasmus The Netherlands most famous MBA program A year-long Personal Leadership Program runs alongside the curriculum to develop leadership abili4es Students' average age is 29 with an average of 5.5 years of experience Partner school with Wharton, Ross, HEC Paris and others.


1. Prove your interna4onalism through REAL Work and Academic Experience 2. Be interested in their specic country and culture 3. Love mobility, and have goals that t in with the mobility of Euro-programs 4. Be passionate, be crea4ve, show them your true self!


SPECIAL OFFER: 30% o our packages (Basic, Junior Deluxe, and Deluxe) Through February 12th.
Email with subject "BTG Euro" to inquire. (Ask us about how to receive up to 40% o.)


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