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Surface Area The total area of the surface of a three-dimensional object.

B. Define SURFACE AREA. C. Give the formula and 1 example in finding the SA of diff. Solid figures D. Answer the ff. 1. The total SA of a cubical box is 864 dm. What is the measure of each side of the box? 2. A rectangular box is to be painted on all its sides if the box is 15dm long, 12dm wide and 6dm high, how much surface is to be painted? 3.what is the total surface area of a rectangular pyramid with a base of 8m by 6m and is 5m on its slant height. 4. A square base pyramid is 32 m in slant height and 12 dm on each side on its base. FIND the total SA?5. A spherical water tank is 6m in diameter. Find its total SA. 6. A cylindrical tank has a radius of 10 dm and a height of 40 dm is made of metal sheets. How many dm, in terms of pi, of iron sheets were used in making the tank. A. Define volume. B. Give the formula and 1 example in finding the volume of the different solid figures. C. Answer the ff. 1. Find the volume of a cube of side 4cm. 2. Find the volume of a rectangular prism with 8dm by 4dm by 5 dm. 3. The total surface area of a cube is numerically equal to its volume. How long is the edge of the cube? 4. The base of a square pyramid measures 3.5 m on its side. If the height of the pyramid is 7m, what is the volume of the pyramid to the nearest whole number? 5. A cone is full of ice cream. How much ice cream is contained if the cone has a radius 9dm and a height of 16dm? 6. How much air does a ball of radius 21 dm contain? 7. A cylindrical water tank with a radius of 1.5 m and a height of 4m is full of water. How many liters does it hold? VOLUME

pyramid = (1/3) b h

cone = (1/3) b h = 1/3 pi r 2 h

sphere = (4/3) pi r 3 A box-shaped solid object that has six identical square faces. A solid (3-dimensional) object which has six faces that are rectangles.

A three-dimensional geometric figure with a square base and four triangular sides that connect at one point; a pyramid with a square base
A rectangular pyramid is made up of one rectangular-shaped base. The pyramid is named after the shape of it's the base. A rectangular pyramid is made up of five faces which include one rectangular-shaped base and four triangular-shaped faces.

The amount of space occupied by a threedimensional object or region of space, expressed in cubic units.

cube = a 3

rectangular prism = a b c

Cylinder A solid object with: * two identical flat ends that are circular or elliptical * and one curved side.It has the same crosssection from one end to the other. -A solid (3-dimensional) object that has a circular base and one vertex Sphere A 3-dimensional object shaped like a ball. Every point on the surface is the same distance from the center.

irregular prism = b h

cylinder = b h = pi r 2 h