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Aug 21st 2013 Notice of Intent and Notice of Liability created by engaging the AG to act.

This Notice is being forwarded to express my thanks to the Lieutenant Governor for recognizing my protest contained in my Courtesy Notice on HC abandoning of the articles of the MMAR Program. Notice of Intent: Let's first address what i consider important world events of the last year: th, 1. On Dec 25 2012 the UCC-OPPT public trust challenge went into effect, and it basically criminalizes the incorporation of institutions under foreign obligations [like governments in power] AND it created the foundation for a deep fundamental change by offering a ways and means to return to the original order of things in Eden [Gen 2], where our very function was to 'serve the Creator', and frankly this means abandoning Nineveh's trust of 'serving the Sovereign's interest', which they claim would lead to Jubilee, AND as i see it, this provides a ways and means for 'Comfort to all God's children' of Isaiah 40on to happen; this is thru an agent of wrath, in Rom 13, who is sent to challenge authority to do good, and we get an answer to: Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? i. i'm trying to accomplish this, by pressing a challenge to the BAR to convert their oath from 'serving the Sovereign's interest' to 'serving the Creator', and in his way trigger Good 1st fruit 2. Shortly after gaining the Papacy in March 2013, the new Pope declared that after September 1st, 2013 that under the UCC, corporations are no longer immune from prosecution for crimes of state, [for example] which resulted in all kinds of major top executives resigning since or on that date. i. AND here i'm trying to accomplish this by challenging the Act of1559, in order to convert respondeat superior from <<no one is above he law>> to <<no body is above the law>> in order to fix the mess created by giving person status to corporations, in 1895, and in this way we find out if my interpretation of 1Cor15's riddle is correct or not NAMELY: i'm convinced that: - Dead-things [called corporations] could be brought to life thru human means', when oath holders challenge the Act, and affirm to serve the Creator [and again trigger Good 1st fruit]

Notice of Liability: Due to the nature of HC abandoning the trust contained in the MMAR that
occurred on June 19th, 2013 [due to just timing issues] means that HC and the Harpster are criminally and civilly liable for all the harm created by any attempt to trample on [in our case] BC Supreme Court upheld rights that were won under the MMAR because of the lifting and shredding of UCC protection of immunity by corporations that occurs as of Sept 1st because they have no such immunity any more. i. As i see it, with my trust challenge, and no immunity, HC directors and it's employees face indictments, if /when they fail to respect the rights of those they abused under those erroneous powers of immunity, under fraud or extortion charges, or Sec 16 CC [for example]. ii. AND here i'm pressing that if/when the AG refuses to submit to keeping the Peace by trampling on our claim of right to 'serve the Creator', by 'being caretakers of the garden' means the AG /BC BAR refuses to even co-exist in Peace with our legitimate claim to fulfill the 1st and 2nd elements necessary in pressing a legitimate Genesis 2 Millennium Trust Challenge . iii. With this new development [of the AG being pressed from above to act on this activity,] means that we'll get an answer sooner [as opposed to later] to 'which side the Sovereign is on' BY DEFINITION what i'm creating is an opportunity for dark forces to do good, in the hope that a rebellion from within will occur [Luke 11/21] BUT what must be understood is that what i'm pursuing will inevitably lead to good 1st fruit or bad 1st fruit. It's not my choice what others pick a. Frankly, my Faith is contained in a trust to never shrink [Heb 10] and in this way i might find those who believe, before dark forces trigger the irrevocable consequences of bad 1st fruit. There are lots of dark forces in high places agreeing that a Jubilee must happen soon, and they are staling and appear to not see how my activities can trigger a chance for Love conquering all. [as to Romans 8on] i. No body really needs my Millennium Trust Challenge or my damage awards to enact Jubilee But then, why not? I'll insist on forgiving our trespassers, in return for triggering Jubilee and as to Isaiah 3, i will still insist on being the nobody who says never make me leader of people. ii. It's said: Who knows how the mind of a prophet works? i act thru Peaceful means, and wait in patient anticipation for the consequences that can occur, from just challenging the Act.


ON: August 21st , 2013

This 1-page NOTICE was served onto:

[as a human being]

Holding the Office of:

Special Notice: Once read, one would agree that it's time-sensitive, and should be pressed now [as opposed to late]. - this said - This Notice is not to be construed as 'all i have to say' as my response to Judith Guichon's reply to my 'Courtesy Notice'; in kind, i plan on adding 2 more [short to the point] articles before the 21-day window that is normally graced, as a time frame to respond With a standard date-stamp confirmation from the email of the Public Official mentioned on this cover page will suffice in acknowledging that marc boyer did electronically deliver this 1-page document with an employee, on behalf of above mentioned senior Public Official, and in so doing this means this Public Official has been duly served. AND /OR In the event that this Notice was hand delivered by marc boyer, means that anyone receiving this NOTICE do so, on behalf of the above mentioned Public Official AND if this servant refuses to stamp this document, will simply be duly noted by marc boyer as having been served with this Notice, on his copy In the event that anyone cares to talk to me, [marc boyer] to get more information or negotiate or even open a dialogue is welcome to do so, by calling me on my cell phone @ 778-707-7461 [or] @ to set a time and place to meet. NON FEASANCE TO RESPOND, MEANS A TACID COMPLIANCE THAT ALL SERVED PARTIES AGREE TO KEEP THE PEACE AND BE OF GOOD BEHAVIOR