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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

a CCDC initiative
SAP Competency Development Programs for Corporates

Technology Training Division Source One Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One


1. About Source One & Why Source One for SAP Corporate Trainings .. 2 2. Different formats of SAP Corporate Trainings .... 2 3. Trainer Sourcing: Hot Topics Latest Market Trends in SAP ....4 4. Advance Topics: Short Courses within SAP SAP Corporate Training Calendar . 5 5. Academic programs: Core Topics SAP Certification Training Calendar . 6 6. Training Cost . 7 7. Our facility . 8 8. Some testimonies . 9 9. Contact Details ...10

Technology Training Division

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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

About Source One:

Source One is a young, seven year old organisation with business interests in Recruitment services, IT Services, Technology Training and Consulting. Source One is Liferay India service partner for solutions, enterprise integration, implementation and license sales, SAP India education partner for SAP training and certification across SAP skills for ILT/OLT and uAcademy and Gold Partners for Oracle. We have a world class training facility in Bangalore and will expand to have presence in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida (Delhi), Hyderabad, Kolkata and other places for authorised training academies and Corporate Training in SAP. Why Source One for SAP Corporate Trainings 1. Understand the desired processes & practices: There are small organisations in Corporate Training domain with not very robust processes and practices. Whereas Source One which is large corporate house in technology training brings the required processes and practices in Corporate Training delivery. Our feedback, and continuous improvement plans differentiates our training delivery from others. 2. We do SAP training according to global SAP Practices: We do large numbers of authorised training programs from our training centre in Bangalore and will shortly conduct from other centres as well and hence we understand SAP training delivery well. A high satisfaction score would be the hallmark of our training programs.

3. We are very strong in Sourcing and therefore can source the best trainers: We are a resourcing organisation and one of the largest for top SAP Consulting organizations. We get our competence in Sourcing profiles through our resourcing strength. We can source the right trainer profiles to you in the shortest possible time. Different formats of SAP Corporate Trainings In order that we cater to every kind of corporates requirement for SAP Training, we have devised different approaches. 1. Trainer Sourcing We can just source the trainer to you. The trainer would come to your campus and do the training on your server after during the configurations required. Training on Specialised Topics (SAP format) We are authorised by SAP to conduct trainings on specialised topics under Supply chain, Finance, Managerial accounting, Supplier and Customer Relationship management, Governance, Risk & Controls, BASIS administration, Other New Dimensional modules of SAP, Netweaver platform etc.



SAP Certification format We have authorised SAP certification programs for which the calendar is published even on SAP website. Corporates can nominate participants for this training if they intend to give make the employees certified in a particular module of SAP.

Technology Training Division

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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

Formats of training, description, when to use each format and the cost for each format of training.

Format Trainer Sourcing

(Server and content by CLIENT and Trainer by Source One)

We have the largest and one of the best SAP trainer's pool for various competencies in SAP.

At the time when you have low budgets. Regular or Back to Back Training requirement of the same module. When you have to train in large numbers When you dont have time to design the program and do the configurations yourself.

Per Day Training charges

Trainings on Specialized Topics of SAP module

(Server and content by SAP which will be organized by Source One and Trainer by Source One. For few modules SAP Certification is also available. No. of days of training varies from 1 to 10 day)

These are specialized topics with in SAP modules. There are quite a number of Course Codes with in each module of SAP. We conduct trainings for corporates in SAP format for which SAP servers are booked which comes with pre-configured data to suit the training program.

You need specialized training into emerging areas of SAP You have the budget to fit SAP pricing If you take a decision to have certified SAP consultants for your SAP Practice.

Per day x Per Candidate' with minimum 4 to 8 participants depending on the module

Certification Programs
(Server and content by SAP organized by Source One and Trainer by Source One. For all the modules SAP Associate Consultant Certification is available. No. of days of training varies from 20 to 25 day) These are programs specially designed by SAP for people with 0-2 years of exp. in SAP to qualify the SAP Associate Consultant level certification. The program delivery is completely pre-designed and goes as per schedule through class room and online training methodologies. If it helps you get extra billing from the client by giving certified consultants for the project As per the SAP catalogue price If it is seen to be a brand building exercise, a part of Go-To-Market Strategy or strengthens delivery capabilities.

If you have the budget for SAP certification programs.

Technology Training Division

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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

We have also classified corporate trainings into Hot Topics Latest Market trends, Advanced Topics - Short Courses within modules, and Core Topics Certification Courses. We are the first organisation to publish corporate training calendar for the benefit of our corporate customers. Trainer Sourcing: Hot Topics On Demand SAP Corporate Trainings We can design the program for you and also can resource a trainer for the below mentioned topics. If there is a particular topic that is hot for you and wish to have training you can let us know. We will resource the trainer on those topics for you. For all your SAP Training requirements, we will not just source Trainers but those who have been Evangelists in those fields. The Best in Class Trainers We select trainers who have been consultants of repute and understand your business helping you to get quality training. We can do all this for you with best in class quality and lowest in cost, as resourcing is in our organizational DNA.

Hot Topics Latest Market Trends GRC 310, 330 & 340 - Access & Process Control ABAP & Java work flow SAP Business Server Pages BASIS Upgrade (EHP or Vers.) E2E 200 Change Control Management E2E 300 Business process integration and automation management E2E 100 Root Cause Analysis SM 100 Solution manager operations & Configuration SM 200 IT Service management Configuration DB upgrade Web Dynpro Configuration Controls Work clearance management Project oriented management Treasury FSCM New GL accounting CIN SAP EWM ESS & MSS ADM 326, 327 Ver.& EHP installation TADM 70 OS and DB migration ADM GRC 955 excess control GTS PI Business Process mapping DPM65 Operation Account Assignment Customer service Sybase IS Oil HANA 100, 200, 300 Solution manager Functional & Technical PLM 300 MDM SAP Payroll 110, 400 & 900E SAP GL/AR/AP/AA GRC Access Control Security With SAP NetWeaver 7.0 ADM_SEC_70 BO Pool Asset management Badi , Bapi integration in PM Asset accounting with EAM

Technology Training Division

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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

SAP Corporate Training Calendar:

Advance Modules: Specialized Topics: These are specially designed and scheduled for people who are already SAP consultants and require delta knowledge to outperform in their respective SAP projects. Trainings will be of 1 day to 5 days depending on the SAP topic/area and the depth that you choose. Nomination can be an individual or a group from a specific company and Training can be delivered at your campus if it is a group nomination i.e., more than 3 people. These training programs are available only through class room based training methodology, except for SAP ERP Integration and SAP Overview which are available through Online training Methodology as these are specially crafted for Team/Tech leads & Project Lead. We have a bandwidth to deliver trainings in more than 120 sub modules of SAP. The delivery of the same can be in-house or on campus.

Course Code


No. Of Days

Per Candidate Training Cost

Start Date

EWM110 FSC120 FSC010 GTS100 GTS200 TADM 70 HR316 SCM230 SCM670 SCM612 SCM235 GRC300 SMI310 GTS200 SCM360 SRM270

Customization - Extended Warehouse Management SAP In-House Cash Processes in Treasury and Risk Management Global Trade Services Overview Configuration - Global Trade Services Overview Operating System and Database Migration SAP e-Recruitment Supply Network Planning (SNP) Global Availability Check Transportation Planning and Vehicle Scheduling Planning with Capable to Match (CTM) SAP Business Objects Access Control 10.0 Implementation and Configuration Implementation Projects with SAP Solution Manager Configuration of SAP Global Trade Services Capacity Planning (SAP ERP) SRM MDM Catalogue

5 3 5 3 1 3 3 5 5 4 4 5 4 1 5 4

Rs 1,10,000/Rs 66,000/Rs 1,10,000/Rs 66,000/Rs 22,000/Rs 66,000/Rs 66,000/Rs 1,10,000/Rs 1,10,000/Rs 88,000/Rs 88,000/Rs 1,10,000/Rs 88,000/Rs 22,000/Rs 1,10,000/Rs 88,000/-

11th February 11th February 18th February 18th February 21st February 25th February 25th February 4th March 4th March 5th March 5th March 18th March 19th March 22nd March 25th March 26th March

Technology Training Division

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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

SAP Certification Courses: Jan-March Quarter, 2013

Academic programs: Core Topics SAP Certification Training Programs These are SAP associate certification oriented training programs which are scheduled/published Quarterly and will lead to SAP certification exam at the end of the training.
January13 Module ABAP Course TAW10, 11E, 12 No. of days 25 February13 Module FI SD MM PP ABAP PS CRM HR Course SAP129+TERP01+TERP02+TERP21+SM001, TFIN50 & 52 SAP129+SM001+TERP01+TERP02+TERP61, TSCM60, 62 SAP129+SM001+TERP01+TERP41+TERP42, TSCM50, 52 SAP129+TERP01+TERP02+TERP51+TERP52+S M001, TSCM40, 42 TAW10, 11E, 12 ERP001, ERP040, SAPPLM, PLM200, PLM210, PLM220, PLM230 TCRM10 & TCRM20 SAP129+SM001+TERP01+TERP02+TERP31, THR10, THR12 March13 Module ABAP BASIS PM Course TAW10, 11E, 12 TADM10, 12 & 51 SAP01+SAP129+TERP01+TERP53, PLM300, PLM305, PLM310, PLM315, PLM318, DPM65 SCM 200, PLM114, SCM 210, SCM 220, SCM 230, SCM 250, SCM670 No. of days 25 25 25 Start Date 25-03-2013 25-03-2013 18-03-2013 End Date 26-04-2013 26-04-2013 16-04-2013 Course Fee(INR) 3,00,000 4,50,000 3,31,000 No. of days 25 25 25 25 25 25 15 25 Start Date 18-02-2013 18-02-2013 18-02-2013 18-02-2013 25-02-2013 18-02-2013 25-02-2013 18-02-2013 End Date 22-03-2013 22-03-2013 22-03-2013 22-03-2013 29-03-2013 22-03-2013 15-03-2013 22-03-2013 Course Fee(INR) 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,10,000 3,60,000 3,00,000 Start Date 28-Jan-13 End Date 01-Mar-13 Course Fee(INR) 3,00,000






The course fee mention above doesnt include the Service tax and the SAP certification fee of Rs30,000/ -

Technology Training Division

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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

Training Cost The training cost of the above mentioned modules will depend on: Number of nominations. Off Campus or On Campus. Customized or Certification oriented. One time or Long Term association. The training cost mentioned is exclusive of Service Tax of 12.36% Certification Fee of Rs 30,000/- Extra if you choose to go for SAP certification.

For all the above mentioned Training programs Courseware will be from SAP AG (if you choose to go for predesigned content) and Participation Certificate will be from Source One. For all the certification oriented training programs the SAP online certification exam will be conducted on the last day of the training. (This is a normal practice. But certification date can be decided by the candidate). On registering for these training programs, the participant will receive the OSS ID and Password from SAP AG, which helps the consultant to access the limited sites/knowledge forms of SAP.

Technology Training Division

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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

Our Training facility

Training Rooms 4 rooms with 12 seat capacity each and 1 room with 20 seat capacity

Inside the training room

Technology Training Division

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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

Customer care & Admin. Block

Some customer references I am happy with the training at Source One. Good Trainer & good support from Source One. The overall topics and concept were well explained. I am thinking in future to do SAP APO certification here only. Because of good training and support. I am doing good in my present project - Arun Kumar, Capgemini

It had been a good journey with SourceOne. Our trainer has been extra ordinary in training us and helping us with our doubts. My special thanks to him. Thank you to the complete SourceOne team for the excellent delivery and support Naveen Kumar Reddy, Dexler

Training was really good and the trainer was really friend ly. He has delivered an extra ordinary training which I am sure will help me follow so of the best practises of the industry at work Praneeth, Yash Technologies

The training covered the topics of the course as given by SAP. I have good overview details of the GATP and its integration with SAP and APO module. The trainer was good. Venkata Naga Babu, SAP Labs

The training and the trainer was good. Got good support from SourceOne Sashi, Ericssion

Technology Training Division

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SAP Corporate Trainings by Source One

Contact Us: Mr. Deepak Rayapudi

Business Head - SAP Corporate Competency Development Centre

+91 0 96638 11 228 / 080 6758 6000/15

Source One Management Services Pvt. Ltd., #15, Technology Training Division SAP ATC, 2nd Flr, Corporate Competency Development Centre, Banerghatta Road, JP Nagar, Bangalore 78, Karnataka

Technology Training Division

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