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Nejat Newsletter F EB RU ARY 16, 20 07


Iranian Mojahedin, Iranian Mojahedin, 1
Terrorist list under
Terrorist list under UK & EU laws UK & EU laws

Terrorist list - Follow- month to present its nulled Council Decision Iraq set to expel 1
up to court ruling in views, together with any 2005/930/EC insofar as MKO terrorists
OMPI case supporting documenta- it had imposed an asset Time to Expel MKO 2
tion. freeze on OMPI follow- From Iraq
The Council, following ing its inclusion on the
the judgment by the The Council will con- terrorist EU list. The The Plots of Cult 2
Court of First Instance sider any reaction by Court found i.a. that the against Iraqi Govern-
on 12 December 2006 in OMPI within this period decision ordering the ment
the OMPI case of time, before taking a freezing of OMPI's
MKO, Sectarian 3
(Organisation des Mod- final decision. funds had not contained Terrorist Organiza-
jahedines du Peuple de a sufficient statement of tion
l'Iran), decided to pro- PROVISIONAL VER- reasons and that the
vide OMPI with a state- SION 30.I.2007 right to a fair hearing MKO and Iranian 4, 5
ment of reasons for had not been respected. Chalabis
keeping it on the EU's It is recalled that on 12 How I was brain- 6
asset freeze list of per- December 2006, the The Council therefore washed by the Tank
sons, groups and entities Court of First Instance, decided to take the nec- Girls
involved in terrorist acts, in case T-228/02-, essary measures to com-
and to give OMPI one OMPI, v. Council, an- ply with the judgment. An Autopsy of the 7
Ideological Media in
Mojahedin cult
Iraq set to expel MKO terrorists
Adnan, Al-Alyan 8
IRNA, countries, AFP quoted behind terrorist acts in and Alaani Cry for
Feb 2, 2007 the spokesman as saying. Ir an, a ssa ssi na tin g MKO!
"The presence of this prominent figures and
Iraq Thursday an- organization is illegal officials in the country.
nounced it would expel and the cabinet has de- Iraq's Deputy Interior
members of the terrorist cided to put an end to it, Minister for Security
Mujahedin Khalq Or- said Dabbagh, adding, Affairs Shirvan Vaeli
ganization (MKO). "We have given it time had already announced
to prepare to leave Iraq that the MKO which had
Iraqi gover nment for another country. We hatched numerous plots
spokesman Ali al- have left it to them to go against the Iraqi nation
Dabbagh said, "We have to the country of their would be expelled from NEJAT SOCIETY
our own problems and choice. the country.
are going through a try- Nejat Society rejoins
ing period that prevents "This organization has "We are now preparing a the broken relation-
us from offering refuge. broken the law and inter- comprehensive plan
ships and revives the
Our Constitution forbids fered in Iraq's internal which requires approval
us from hosting an or- affairs." of the government to affections and thinks
ganization considered to expel the MKO from the of the reunion of bro-
be terrorist." During the regime of country," he said.
now executed dictator ken families including
Prime Minister Nouri al- Saddam Hussein, the "We strongly follow up parents and children
Maliki's cabinet had MKO was welcome in the case because the
separated under the
demanded that the MKO Iraq and fought with MKO seeks to hatch
members be rapidly Iraqi forces against Iran. plots against the Iraqi pressure of Rajavi’s
transferred to other The organization was people," vowed Vaeli. thoughts. ......

Time to Expel MKO From Iraq

Mehdi Ghassem to its previous status and there Iraq, makes their presence in
Sautaliraq (Voice of Iraq) is coordination between the Iraq more suspicious and dan-
2007/02/08 members of MKO and rem- gerous, particularly when
nants of former regime so that Baathists and Wahabis relent-
with the lobby of MKO in lessly talk about the dangers of
Following the downfall of former Europe, orphans of former re- Iranians and Iraqi Safawis, with
regime, new Iraqi officials gime have gone to the EU. MKO blaming Iran for the
should expel the MKO from deaths of Sunnis as if the mem-
Iraq. Now the question is "why the
MKO members, who have good bers of the MKO are neither
During Saddam's rule, this ties with some MPs and are Iranians nor Safawis!
group acted as its army and he able to link terrorist Baathists to Isn't it true that Baathists' sym-
used them to pressurize Te- the EU, can't get permanent pathy for the MKO and their
hran. Following the ouster of refugee status for the members requests for the group's pres-
former regime, the group is in Iraq? Since their presence in ence in Iraq are enough evi-
playing the same role for the Iraq is illegal and unacceptable, dences on the old cooperation
Bush administration. The US and with respect to the fact that and coordination between the
government also wants to use the presence of the group group and extremist Baathists
this group as a political lever- causes many political prob- and other terrorists?
age against Iran as well as in lems, their stay in Iraq is no
bloody clashes inside Iraq. Therefore, Iraqi government
longer bearable. should take necessary meas-
Danger is not limited to this. It The sympathy of former regime ures to expel the MKO from
has become more dangerous. supporters for the group and Iraq so that they could freely go
This organization has returned asking for their presence in to the countries they like.

The Plots of Cult against Iraqi Government

Irandidban as if all sides in Iraq have all the voting has been a task by
2007/02/08 understood the fact that it was Tehran. The fact is that, by
only a tactic to help the survival such claims they only show that
Issuing a statement in Paris of the group. their previous claims on having
under the name of NCRI, the Following this failure, the sec- popular support in Iraq were all
terrorist group of Mojahedin-e ond phase of plot began and lies.
Khalq expressed deep concern they claimed that, following What's clear is that the illegal
over the decision of Iraqi gov- Hakim and Abdulmahdi's visit to presence of the group in Iraq
ernment to expel the group Iran, parliament voting on the has been possible with the help
from Iraq. expulsion of the group was of American-British warmon-
This follows the failure of a plot planned. gers. Without such help, the
by the agents of the group These co nflicting claims group wasn't able to stay in
against those Iraqi officials and (conflicting because on one Iraq for even one day.
authorities who have asked for hand they claimed that Hakim The presence of the group after
the expulsion. and Abdulmahdi have been the fall of Saddam on one hand
Last week, the agents of this tasked by Tehran to expel the is limited to efforts for interfer-
terrorist group published a list MKO and on the other hand say ing in Iraq's internal affairs in
of names (of Iraqi political fig- that the bill will be put to vot- order to preserve its stats and
ures, reporters, officials and ing in Iraqi parliament before on the other hand it has not
MPs) and accused them of re- winter vacations!) prove how succeeded in satisfying indus-
ceiving money from Iran and concerned the group is about trial and manual needs of the
claimed that they were Iran's the determination of Iraqi gov- occupiers.
agents! ernment. It's clear that in such situation,
The terrorist MKO thought it The MKO knows well that only the decision of Iraqi govern-
could intensify US's confronta- a few unpopular pro-Baath indi- ment is right and since the
tion with Iran and pave the viduals or groups in the parlia- MKO is dependent on Iraq the
way for a big attack on Shiite ment will support the group leaders of the group try to im-
figures and MPs. However, this and therefore they try to con- pose themselves on the coun-
failed and no one paid attention vince the public opinion that try.

MKO, Sectarian Terrorist Organization

Abdulkarim al- role in destabilizing the se- and the decision of the
Mohammadavi curity and supporting ter- government to expel this
rorists. For instance, we group show that the gov-
Sotaliraq (Voice of Iraq) can discuss the status of ernment is well aware of
Dyala province. this organi- the dire consequences of
February 16, 2007 zation is playing a role in the presence of this terror-
Iraq's instability and it has ist group in Iraq and that conducted many crimes they are determined to es-
icles-iraq.php?id=45384 against Iranians. Even, tablish security for Iraqis.
tribal leaders and sheikhs
The presence of Iranian op- in Dyala can't stand this The response of NCRI to
position group, Mojahedin-e group anymore. What the comments of Mr. Dab-
Khalq, has had negative should be dealt with care- bagh is funny and sarcastic.
consequences for Iraqis. fully is the plan they're try- This response includes il-
ing to achieve in Iraq: sec- logical sentences:
This organization was used
tarianism and plotting "The legitimacy of MKO's
as a sectarian group
against Iraqis. For exam- presence comes out of Ge-
against Iraqis and Saddam
ple, the group held a con- neva Convention"!
Hussein turned them into a
ference under the name of
suppression force We answer: "Which
against Iraqi peo- law legitimizes the
ple. In 1991, we interferences of a
witnessed the role terrorist group in
of this organization our internal affairs?
in Shaabanieh up- Which law opens
rising against the their hands to erase
Kurds. The ele- our national figures
ments of this group and which law al-
are known for their lows them to kill our
brutality. In 1991, children?"
during the assassi-
Iraqi government
nation of senior
should discuss the
religious leader
case of this organi-
Seyed Mohammed
zation and expose
Sadeq al-Sadr, they were
supporting Iraqi Sunnis the crimes they did against
used again as a suppres-
with coordination of Euro- the Iraqis so that world
sion tool.
pean representatives, but public opinion is aware. It
The MKO has been desig- the European sides didn't should also do its best to
nated as a terrorist organi- take part in the conference. expel the group from Iraq.
zation and the stances of Iraqi parliament should
While the Iraqi government
the US and Europe on this take this case and decide
tries to destroy paramilitary
group are similar. As it about it. If we ask our
and armed groups in order
served the goals and inter- neighbors, including Iran,
to secure the country and
ests of Saddam's regime in not to interfere in our inter-
apply the law, the presence
the past, it is now acting to nal affairs, we should first
of a foreign armed militia in
deepen tribal differences. expel this organization
Iraq, which has military
Some Imperialist forces since its presence in Iraq is
teams and plots against
have tied their hopes to interference in Iranian af-
Iraqis, is a threat to our
this terrorist group and fairs.
even use this organization
The comments of Mr. Ali Al- The presence of this or-
against Shiites of Iraq and
Dabbagh, Iraqi government ganization in Iraq is against
Iran; they use it for illegal
spokesperson, on the all laws and regulations and
threats of this organization also against the national
This group has an active interests of Iraqis.

MKO and Iranian Chalabis

Radio Farda, White House and Penta- Iranian Chalabis are Com-
gon's Iran office. This ing!
February 7, 2007 group claims to have docu-
Iranian Chalabis are a
Spiegel Magazine has pub- source of intelligence
lished an article, "The Sec- whose accuracy is not
ond Iraq", in which dis- known. This group includes
cusses the issue of US's people like Amir Abbas Fak-
support for Iranian opposi- hravar. He introduces him-
tion group, the MKO, to self as a leader of Student's
confront the Islamic Repub- Independent Movement
lic. who has been tortured in
Rockefeller, the head of ments on Iran's nuclear ac-
Senate's Intelligence Com- tivities in Arak. Spiegel refers to his visit to
mittee, has recently ex- the US senate and his
pressed concern over the m eet i n g wi th James
possibility of US's action Other claims of the group Woosely, the former head
against Iran and the repeti- includes having documents of CIA, and a number of
tion of Iraqi story. on the role of Iran's Revo- senior Pentagon officials.
lutionary Guards Corps in
Najaf, secret documents
Pointing to Bush's order to from a group of physicists Although Fakhravar doesn't
US forces in Iraq to shoot showing Mahmoud Ahmadi- like to be compared to
Iranian and Syrian agents Chalabi, Spiegel says they
in Iraq, Pentagon's empha- have both a common
sis that Iranian agents friend: Richard Perle, well-
were behind the deaths of known conservative and
5 US forces in Karbala and one of Iraq war planners.
the departure of second US
aircraft carrier to the re- Spiegel also writes about
gion, Spiegel writes that the budget the Bush ad-
despite all these, the White ministration has allocated
House denies any effort to to regime change in Iran.
overthrow the rule of Mul- In Dubail, London and
lahs. Frankfurt, US experts on
Iran are looking for revolu-
Spiegel also points to Iran's tionary people like Fak-
denial of interference in hravar.
Iraq and that the US has
delayed presentation of "It seems that Bush ad-
documents on Iranian in- Amir Abbas Fakhravar ministration has also an-
volvement in Iraqis unrest, other plan: that if it can't
which were to be presented nejad's efforts to acquire stop the production of nu-
on last Thursday. nuclear bomb and … clear bomb by Tehran, it
should be careful not to al-
According to Spiegel, The group also claims to low the Mullahs get it,"
what's more alarming here have a list of 30000 Iraqi Spiegel writes.
is the presence of a group politicians, army and police
of Iranian opposition in the working for Iran. Prominent political figures
State Department, the like James Baker and Henry

MKO and Iranian Chalabis (cont)

Kissinger have warned the Terrorist Allies in the War carrying materials for re-
Bush administration that it on Terror? construction of holy cities
should stop such supports of Iraq, to transfer weap-
because working on people In response to this ques- ons; however, this has not
like Fakhravar prevents tion, Jafarzadeh laughs and been confirmed by any
making deal with Iran. says they enjoy unimagin- other sources.

"Meanwhile, who's this "US's bitter experience in

smart guy (Fakhravar)?" Iraq should prevent Ameri-
Spiegel asks. can people from being con-
vinced of the necessity of
The rumors in Washington another war. However, in
indicate that he was an or- this issue, the US is influ-
dinary wrongdoer who acci- enced by MKO," the Spiegel
dentally met the students writes.
in Evin prison. Mr. Vali
Nasr, Professor of Political Also citing an article in
Sciences and a prominent Congressional Quarterly,
Iranian expert, says com- Spiegel says that Pentagon
ments of Fakhravar are Alireza Jafarzadeh uses MKO members in
"sheer lies" and that no- Camp Ashraf for setting air
body knows him. targets in Iran.
able level of support.

However, Fakhravar is not It's been said that these

the only reservist of the They have also provided people are given new iden-
US, Alireza Jafarzadeh is many details about Iranian tities so that Washington
another one. agents' interferences in can claim easily that they
Iraq. have never been terrorists.
According to Spiegel, Jafar-
zadeh is busy holding inter- In a press conference, According to Spiegel,
view with Fox News Chan- there's big difference be-
nel and has recently pub- tween current time and
lished his book "the threat when Iraq was attacked:
of Iran". unlike the previous time
during which the American
During a controversial media showed sympathy
press conference in August with occupying Iraq, this
2002, Jafarzadeh revealed time there's no agreement.
the uranium enrichment
facilities in Natanz. Ahmed Chalabi Last Thursday, NY Times
wrote that Bush can go to
On the issue of MKO to Jafarzadeh claimed that another war if he's not
which Jafarzadeh belongs, Revolutionary Guards Corps careful and that he could
Spiegel refers to thousands distributes millions of dol- bring a disaster to his
of its members living in lars among Shiite paramili- country if the Congress
Camp Ashraf near Baghdad taries in the border region doesn't stop him.
after US invasion and that of Shalamcheh.
they are ready to help US
forces. They have also claimed ernational/spiegel
that Iran uses the trucks,

'How I was brainwashed by the Tank Girls'

By MATTHEW HICKLEY forces and despotism’. was asked to go to for mili-
2nd February 2007 Today Miss Singleton re- tary training.
calls with horror how the "I loved the camp and it
group, which is based in felt liberating to obey or-
Iraq and wants to over- ders, because you lose all
throw Iran’s current re- responsibility for yourself,"
gime, was able to convince she said.
her to give up her life in But a year later she began
Anne Singleton said ordi- the UK and travel abroad to have doubts.
nary British Muslims were with them as a brain- At this point she met her
increasingly vulnerable to washed slave. husband Massoud, another
recruitment by extremists Her indoctrination, conver- disillusioned MKO member,
A white British woman who sion and submission to the and in 1996 they made the
was sucked into an extrem- MKO happened gradually decision to leave. It took
ist Muslim terror group over a period of ten years. them a further three years
warned yesterday of the to break free.
dangers of "brainwashing" Miss Singleton and her
by radical groups operat- husband are involved in
ing in the . the campaign group Iran
Anne Singleton said ordi- Interlink highlighting the
nary British Muslims were dangers of groups such
increasingly vulnerable to as the MKO.
recruitment by extrem- She works as a computer
ists, who use psychologi- programmer while raising
cal tricks to turn them her six-year-old son.
into unquestioning follow- Yesterday, she warned
ers prepared to carry out that many British Muslims
atrocities for their cause. are at risk of suffering the
The 48-year-old mother same brainwashing as
of one, who lives in Leeds, She now regards the group she did.
became involved with fa- – known as the "tank girls" "Look at the young men in
natics while studying at because there are so many West Yorkshire who are be-
Manchester University in women in its ranks – as a ing targeted by the terrorist
the 1970s. dangerous cult which uses organisations.
Her boyfriend at the time, psychological manipulation. "Psychological manipulation
an Iranian called Ali, was "I thought I was a saviour can happen to anyone, any
interested in a radical of the world and would time. If you’re lucky you
group known as the Peo- have done anything for the end up with a timeshare. If
ple’s Mujahideen of Iran, or Mujahideen. I worshipped you’re unlucky you end up
MKO, which was formed a those people. I thought blowing up yourself and
decade earlier and aimed to they were of a higher or- innocent people on the
free from ‘capitalism, impe- der." Tube."
rialism, reactionary Islamic In 1992, Miss Singleton

An Autopsy of the Ideological Media in Mojahedin Cult

Omid Pooya, Mojahedin WS, 1- Distortion: the news are dis- an ex-member, stated:
torted to comply with the I remember the years when I was
February 16, 2007 objectives of the group. The with Mojahedin in . One of the
news of the Judgment of the issues of my falling-out was why
(Part one): Court of the First Instance, we announced a single move as
The MKO-run media and websites for example, was misrepre- many and even as hundreds. For
quantitatively rise to a big number sentation of the truth to con- instance, we launched a small
which, compared with the group’s cur the proceeding propa- operation ourselves but we saw
insignificant political weight and ganda of Mojahedin in its that the media coverage of the
modest structure, indicate they attempts to be de-proscribed. same operation demonstrated as if
are means merely utilized to ac- 2- Repetition: a report is recur- many teams at different time ad
complish the cult’s objectives. rently repeated to justify a places had carried out many op-
distortion. From a psychologi- erations. We knew well that they
Exploited beyond their main pur- cal point of view, the audi- developed many phases of a single
pose, the media are practical in- ences’ defensive power no- operation as fully accomplished
struments to fulfill MKO’s ambi- ticeably shrinks and doubts operations to pose as a potential
tions. Besides their utilization to begin to grow inside them. force capable of planning many
augment psychological warfare 3- Modification: the big and hot operations every day.*
and propaganda blitz, the media news and reports that might This news making method is actu-
are turned into the means of dif- be challenging are modified ally applied in all other programs
fusing ideological teachings di- to seem as merely simple such as interviews, meetings, and
rectly and indirectly. The TV af- events lacking any signifi- so. We see that a matter and
fording many privileges, the psy- cance. event of significance becomes the
chological impacts and popularity 4- Paraphrasing: reports are subject matter of many programs
to count, plays the front role for paraphrased so the minds of for the extent of many days and
Mojahedin to control the members the audiences might deduce each time presented as if a fresh
held in Camp Ashraf and bias desired results. The reports subject.
them in favor of the ideology and are usually left open to fur- At times, the airing of the news
political line of the cult. ther interpretation by the projects the group’s strategy. In
Mojahedin’s TV principally ad- audiences when the main none of the aired reports concern-
dresses two groups of audiences; goal is to grow misgivings ing the - dispute over the nuclear
the first are Ashraf residents that are maintained by later file you may end up with a peace-
whose chief means of receiving complementary reports. ful conclusion. The audiences
information from the outside is 5- Blending: a report is a combi- regularly encounter an escalated
through TV. The aired biased pro- nation of alternative sources. tension on the horizon. No promis-
grams also work to have a com- The nature of the report ing diplomatic and peaceful solu-
plete control over the members’ resembles that of a distinct tion to the file is ever anticipated
psychological conducts and even one, but in fact, it is a com- and the attempts are made to fan
the entertainment. It would be position of adapted parts to the existing dispute to reach a
discussed later. form an ideal outcome. stalemate where the sole outlet
The second group is the cult’s 6- Annexing: the previously re- would a military option.
sympathizers living in the Western leased reports might be an- In the case of Saddam’s execu-
countries and who, according to nexed to the latest ones so tion, the reports are prepared so
the group’s teachings and orders, the actual ones are hardly crafty that you come to believe
distinguished. that no body consents his hanging
have to look upon Mojahedin TV 7- Censor: a newsworthy report
as a source of receiving the infor- and that the executioners have to
mation. Such a channeled source is totally disregarded while it be prosecuted. Saddam’s being
might have received wide- exonerated of all charges might
for the Western activists of the spread media coverage. It
group well reveals the complicated depict a positive effect on the
happens when the report minds that the group’s past col-
sect-like infrastructure teachings antagonizes the interests of
of the organization that need to be laboration wit the dictator re-
the group. volved on an axis of goodwill.
fully analyzed. 8- Silence: The same as in the
The chief infrastructure parameter Thus, when a dictator can be
censor with the difference made into a hero, the terrorists
on which Mojahedin TV operates is that later on the group reacts
the group’s ideology that is in- can also be taken as pro-
and takes a position, as in democrats.
fused in all its programs and which the case of Saddam’s execu-
is the main factor to delimit the Mojahedin are fond of being men-
tion. tioned in the media for whatever
network compared with many
other networks. One might identify cause, even if they are referred to
Mojahedin’s TV news broadcasting as mercenaries and spies. Al-
it with the Bolshevik daily newspa- program plays an influential role in
per Pravda during the Communist though revelation of ’s nuclear
expounding and generalizing the programs might be considered as
era of Lenin and Stalin. Even the group’s organizational and political
news broadcasts that have to nec- an act of espionage rather than a
policies. In this process, one sees political campaign, they recur-
essarily follow an impartial line that ’s nuclear file transforms into
delineate traces of the ideological rently and in any occasion advert
a pretext for the military leverage to be the first to have disclosed
teachings. Thus, the news are against .
distorted, censored and the tone the veiled activities.
of the newsmen is ideologically Of course, many aired and pub-
(Part two): lished reports of events from in-
prejudiced. A remarkable complementary task
The slanted news might remarka- side are merely distorted and ex-
in applying the news as working aggerated news and reports. A
bly slow down the news broad- propaganda instruments is em-
casting but sometimes it lasts be- commonplace gathering of people
ployment of the sponsored or paid before state-run or NGO offices is
yond forty minutes, an over- newspapers, especially those cir-
prolonged tempo that actually publicized as a big demonstration
culated in . At the present, a num- of dissidents and advocates of
violates the conventional stan- ber of Iraqi newspapers are di-
dards. Sometimes a single report Mojahedin in . The national and
rectly and indirectly supported by traditional events and celebra-
is prolonged by immoderate repe- MKO. The papers publish selected
titions, a trick that simply converts tions, especially when the youths
or exclusive news reports which in swarm into the streets, are re-
a news-report into a propaganda turn serve as sources of reference
furor. For instance, Maryam Ra- ported as rebellions against the
for MKO propaganda machine. regime. Even in the case of quot-
javi’s news of visiting a place is That is to say, a single piece of
first reported according to Mojahe- ing Iranian authorities, parts of
news is repeated again and again speeches and comments are left
din’s sources and then repeated with the difference that each time
references to other media are out and are paraphrased so new
it is quoted from a different paper subjects are formed to maneuver
made to create much elongated with a deliberate display of the
news. In general, the news broad- on.
front page. As an evidence of
casting follows a regular, system- MKO’s trick of reporting news
atic order complying with the fol- To learn for yourself, have a look
more than once but from different over Mojahedin’s TV programs and
lowing observations. angles, Rassul Mohammadnejad, publications.
On the occasion of the anniversary of the fall of Sad-
Briefing dam's Regime.
Posted on 2007-02-08
Publicationof On the occasion of the anniversary of the fall of Saddam's Regime.

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4- Disarming of MKO after the cult's forces bombed by the American forces.
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Adnan, Al-Alyan and Alaani Cry for MKO!

Nabil Al-Basari through Shiite militia? who plot for killing and
Why do they claim beheading Iraqis.
Sautaliraq (voice of that Shiites are Sa-
Iraq) fawis not Iraqis? Why Our gov ernm ent
do they cry for the ele- should always be vigi-
ments of MKO while lant about the dangers
February 12, 2007
they're in fact very of MKO criminals, who
Safawis in Iraq? were used by Saddam
com/articles- Hussein in killing our
iraq.php?id=45092 Is there anything ex- Kurd brothers during
cept the fact that 1991 uprising. These
these remnants want traitors were armed to
What forced me to
to destroy Iraq with the teeth, used mod-
write this were the
ev ery possible ern weapons, had
cries of Adnan, Al-
means? They would enough experience to
Alyan and Alaani for
do it even if they have run the war, agents of
the MKO in Brussels.
to sell Iraq and Iraqis Estekhbarat monitored
with the cheapest their training and their
An Autopsy of the First, this double be- price and set fire to weapons and their ties
with the former regime
Ideological Media in havior these people the public in order to
was complex and
are following will have
Mojahedin Cult nothing except de-
revenge for their for-
strong; I'm sure that
mer master. These
struction of Iraq and people tried to sell they already have co-
Iraqis, including Shi- Iraq in their deals with operation with terrorist
ites and Sunnis, and Israelis, the US and groups in Iraq. They're
only helps their per- some neighboring being supported by
sonal interests. As countries. Their last the people who call
We are on the Web! everyone knows, the card could be the themselves "the ene-
MKO is an Iranian or- MKO. This would be mies of Safawis". ganization and be- their losing card not
sides, it has been winning card but they This group should be
categorized as a ter- consider it a boost to dealt with cautiously. It
rorist group. Now, their sick bodies. should be noted that if
what's the mystery of
their weapons were
relations of Adnan, Al-
What's the reason for transferred to terror-
Alyan, Zafer and Al-
N ej at Soci et y Zari with this organiza-
these people, who are ists like Dulaimi and
of Iraqi Sunnis, to cry Zari, a disaster would
tion that they cry for it
for the MKO. This happen to Iraq and
and claim of Iran's
group includes people Shiites in particular.
interference in Iraq