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SPOKEN NUMBERS AND MEASUREMENTS 1.- The sentences below are written as they World be spoken.

Rewrite them as they would normally be written, using numbers and abbreviated forms. Eg. I take a size fourteen and a half shirt. I take a size 14 shirt Ten per cent of the working population earn less than six thousand, five hundreds pounds a year 10% of the working population earn less than 6,500 a year. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Forty minus fifteen plus six is thirty-one Eight one divided by three is twenty-seven Three times six is eighteen. Queen Elizabeth the First reigned from fifteen fifty-eight to sixteen oh three. The show is due to commence at seven thirty p.m. on the second of August. It cost me six pounds seventy-five pence Phone me an time on four double-one four eight five oh. Please note that our reference number is double-four dash seven stroke five oh nine. i) The total cost is estimated at two million, four hundred and seventy-one thousand, eight hundred and fifty pounds. j) The mixture is two thirds water. k) A litre is one point seven six pins l) Twenty-two per cent of the candidates passed with distinction . m) The temperature was thirty degrees centigrade, that is eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit. n) It measures four feet two and three quarter inches by two feet eight and a half inches. o) France beat England three nil. (football) p) Brazil and Italy drew three all. (football) q) The score stands at thirty love to Becker. (tennis) 2.- Write out the following sentences exactly as they would be spoken, as in the exercise above. a) 73 + 20 43 = 50 b) 129 / 3 = 43 c) 4 x 21 = 84 d) Edward VII died in 1910. e) It was exactly 11:35 a.m. on 21st May. f) They cost 3.25 each. g) Our new phone number is 307 2201. h) Please quote reference no. 8/2-771. i) The population is 3,255,840. j) I am 1/8 French k) 1 mile=1.609 kilometres. l) It is 17.38% gold m) Waters freezes at 32F , ie 0C. n) The picture measured 26 x 58.

o) We won 3:0. (football) p) The final score was 2.2. (football) q) The scores 15:0 to me at the moment. (tennis) ANSWERS a) 40 15 + 6 = 31 b) 81 / 3 = 27 c) 3 x 6 = 18 d) Queen Elizabeth I reigned from 1558 to 1603. e) at 7:30 p.m. on August 2nd f) 6.75 g) on 4114850 h) is 44-7 / 509 i) estimated at 2,471.850 j) The mixture is 2/3 water. k) 1 litre = 1.76 pints l) 22% of the m) was 30C, ie 86F n) 42 x 28 o) 3:0 p) 3:3 q) 30:0 to Becker Exercise 2 a) Seventy-three plus twenty minus forty-three is fifthy.