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About Godfrey Phillips India

Godfrey Phillips India is one of the largest players in the Indian cigarette industry with an annual turnover of over Rs3,600 crores (estimated 2012-13) has other business interest in tea pan masala and confectionary. A flagship company of the diversified K. K. Modi Group,Godfrey Phillips Indias operations primarily spans the country with prominence in northern and western part of the country and recent forays into West Bengal and South of India. The Company manufactures some of the most popular cigarette brands in the country like FS1, Four Square, Red and White, Cavanders, Tipper and North Pole. Additionally,Godfrey Phillips India also manufactures and distributes iconic brand Marlboro under a license agreement with Philip Morris . Godfrey Phillips India concerted efforts in Tea City has led to successful Symphony and Super Cup launch. The Company has forayed into the highly competitive confectionary segment with Fundamint and FundaGoli using their extensive distribution launch to have a pan India reach. Godfrey Phillips India has also recently launched Pan Vilas pan masala which has already shown great potential with positive outcomes. Godfrey Phillips India has also spread its footprint into the international markets. Today, the International Division collaborates with some of the top players in the international tobacco industry to assist them in marketing their products and providing various professional and expert services including contract manufacturing, cut tobacco, smoke analysis and various other consultancy services. Many countries from the Middle East to West Africa, South East Africa, South East Asia, East Europe, Australia, South America and Central America have been added to the portfolio. The International Division also exports Bulk and Specialty Teas to Germany, USA, Japan, UAE, Kazakhstan and Iran. Godfrey Phillips India Bravery - a corporate social initiative by Godfrey Phillips India recognizes and awards civilian bravery. Instituted in 1990, the awards have four categories, are held over zone and one national event that include 20 states, the initiative has awarded over 1200 brave. With two decades of committed and dedicated work, Godfrey Phillips India Bravery has now evolved into a movement. From merely awarding and recognizing the brave, the CSR initiative has added Amodini, Womens Empowerment initiative that believes that financial independence helps women to take control of her life. Over 20000 women have benefitted directly from the projects that have been undertaken in partnership with renowned nonprofit organizations

Vision & Values

To become a leading tobacco player in India and beyond.

To sustain and enhance our position as one of Indias most prominent business organizations, while leveraging our proven competencies to diversify our reach across the globe.

Passion for winning Innovation through learning and intrepreneurship Winning trust internally and externally. Global mindset Socially Responsible Corporate Citizen

The Management
Godfrey Phillips India is a Company committed to innovation and continuous improvement which can be seen in the Company employees; from the top management to the factory level. Godfrey Phillips Indias management represents the optimum mix of pr ofessionalism, knowledge and experience. They are the guardians to the Company, and protectors of the shareholders interest.

Achievement & Award

Godfrey Phillips India, Guldhar Factory won Gold Award at 12th Greentech Safety Award, in 2011 and 2012 Godfrey Phillips India, Andheri Factory won Gold Award at 12th Greentech Safety Award, 2012 Godfrey Phillips India Andheri Factory was awarded with "Special Commendation" for the Golden Peacock Award for Occupational Health & Safety and Gold Award for Outstanding Achievement in Environment Management, Greentech Environment Awards, for the year 2011 Godfrey Phillips India Guldhar Factory was awarded the Greentech Foundation Gold Award in 2009, 2010 and 2011 for Outstanding Achievement in Environment Management. These awards are the most coveted awards in the corporate world for outstanding achievements in the field of Environment Management. Godfrey Phillips India Andheri Factory won the Greentech Safety Silver Award in recognition of excellence in safety management. The Indian National Suggestion Scheme Association (INSSAN) presented awards to Andheri factory, Mumbai team for its best suggestions/ideas during the various conventions held on different topics and places for a record 15th consecutive year in a row in 2011. Won Golden Peacock Award 2007 for excellence in Product Innovation category for Four Square. Tipper won Golden Peacock Award for the best product innovation in the year 2003 and then again in 2006 for innovative product and service. It has also won the Silver medal at the Monde Selection Brussels, World Selection of Quality 2006. The Guldhar factory won The 'Greentech Environment Excellence Awards' and Greentech Safety Awards', in the year 2006. These awards are the most coveted awards in corporate world for outstanding achievements in the field of environment management.

The pack design of Jaisalmer, the premium King Size cigarette of the Company, won the coveted PFFCA (Paper, Film & Foil Converters Association) Star Award, felicitating the pack for its excellence in design, development and creativity in packaging. North Pole has also won the Golden Peacock award for innovative packaging in 2005.

Godfrey Phillips India as a Company is dedicated to the interests of all those who have invested their faith in it. The Company strives to maximize growth in revenue while equally managing the cost of doing business. Thereby, it continuously seeks to create greater value for the shareholders.

Investors Information
In terms of a circular dated 22nd January, 2007 of Securities and Exchange Board of India, the Company has decided to designate an exclusive Email Id of the Grievance Redressal Division at the office of its Registrars and Transfer Agent, M/s Sharepro Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. as under: Mr. Sharepro Services Email: Anantha (India) Pvt. Krishnan Ltd.

Registered Office
13 2nd A-B, Floor, Near Samhita Sakinaka Sakinaka, Warehousing Telephone Mumbai Complex, Exchange, 400072.

Andheri-Kurla Road, Phone : +91-022-67720300, 67720400

Investors Service Centre

912, Free Nariman Press Point, Raheja Journal Mumbai Centre, Road, 400021. : +91-022-66134700

Phone E-mail :

The Shareholders may forward their queries/grievances to the Company at the following address :

Compliance Officer:
Mr. Company Secretary Godfrey 40-41 Friends India Colony, Phillips Community New Sanjay Gupta


Limited Centre Delhi-110025

Tel. Fax Email

No No

: :

+91-11-26832155 +91-11-26840775 :

Website :

Code of Business Conduct

In terms of the revised Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement with the Stock Exchanges, the Board of Directors are required to lay down a code of conduct for all its Board members as well as senior management one level below the executive directors including all functional heads ( a list of present directors and senior management is attached). This code of conduct has accordingly been approved by the Board of Directors by a resolution passed by circulation which will be effective from 1st January, 2006 and the same shall be uploaded on Companys website for information of general public.

This code is applicable to the Board Members and Senior Management who are members of its core management team one level below the executive directors including all functional heads (hereinafter collectively referred to as Employee(s)). All employees must read and understand this code and ensure to abide by it in their day-to-day activities.

Values and Expected Behaviors

Passion for winning
Constantly thrive in bettering the competition in every field. Have a positive attitude, and restlessly seek and capture new opportunities.

Innovation through learning and entrepreneurship

Be a world class innovative organization by continually developing and successfully launching new brands. Encourage risk taking and learning, and create conditions for empowerment with accountability.

Winning trust internally and externally

Build enduring relationships with all stakeholders including employees, shareholders and trade/alliance partners, and honor all commitments. Encourage transparent and fair systems and policies.

Global mindset
Constantly benchmark in all areas against the best globally, and strive to exceed those benchmarks. Develop opportunities through a global network of distributors and alliances.

Socially responsible corporate citizen

Ensure the compliance of all applicable laws and the highest standards of corporate governance. Support and encourage employees to actively participate in identified social and environmental concerns. In addition to the above values and expected behaviors, the business will be conducted in such a manner that it ensures the following :-

Safety in Workplace
The safety of people in the workplace is a primary concern of the Company. Each of us must comply with all applicable health and safety policies. We maintain compliance with all applicable laws to help maintain secure and healthy work surroundings. The employees will also ensure that there is no sexual harassment at the work place and in case any allegation is made, it is immediately dealt with in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court.

Conflicts of Interest
Each of us has a responsibility to the Company, our stockholders and each other. Although this duty does not prevent us from engaging in personal transactions and investments, it does demand that we avoid situations where a conflict of interest might occur or appear to occur. All employees must avoid situations involving actual or potential conflict of interest. Personal involvement with a competitor, supplier, or subordinate employee of the Company, which impairs an employees ability to exercise good judgment on behalf of the Company, creates an actual or potential conflict of interest. An employee involved in any of the types of relationships or situations described in this policy should immediately and fully disclose the relevant circumstances to his or her immediate supervisor, or any other appropriate supervisor, for a determination about whether a potential or actual conflict exists. If an actual or potential conflict is determined, the Company may take whatever corrective action appears appropriate according to the circumstances. Failure to disclose facts shall constitute grounds for disciplinary actions.

Protecting the Companys Confidential Information

The Companys confidential information is a valuable asset. This information is the property of the Company and may be protected by patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret laws. All confidential information must be used for Company business purposes only. Every employee, agent and contractor must safeguard it. This responsibility includes not disclosing the Companys confidential information such as information regarding the Company services or business over the internet. You are also responsible for properly labeling any and all documentation shared with or correspondence sent to the Companys Legal Department or outside counsel as Strictly Confidential. This res ponsibility includes the safeguarding, securing and proper disposal of confidential information in accordance with the Companys policy on maintaining and managing records. This obligation extends to confidential information of third parties, which the Companys has rightfully received under Non -Disclosure Agreements.

Obligations Under Securities Laws "Insider" Trading

In the normal course of business, officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors and consultants of the Company may come into possession of significant, price sensitive information. This information is the property of the Company. You may not profit from it by buying or selling securities yourself. Further you are not to tip others to enable them to profit or for them to profit on your behalf. The purpose of this policy is both to inform you of your legal responsibilities and to make clear to you that the misuse of price sensitive information is contrary to Company policy and applicable laws. Insider trading rules are strictly enforced, even in instances when the financial transaction seems small. For more details, you should read the Companys Insider Trading Rules carefully, paying particular attention to the specific policies and the potential criminal and civil liability and/or disciplinary action for insider trading violations. You should comply with the Companys Insider Trading Rules, follow the pre-clearance procedures for trading and trade only during a trading window.

Use of Company Assets

We all are perceived as Trustees of Companys properties, funds and other assets. We owe fiduciary duty to each stakeholder, as their agent, for protecting the Companys assets. We, therefore, must safeguard and protect the companys assets against any misappropriation, loss, damage, theft, etc. b y putting in place proper internal control systems and procedures and effectively insuring the same against any probable fire, burglary, fidelity and any other risk.

Maintaining and Managing Records

The purpose of this policy is to set forth and convey the Companys business and legal requirements in managing records, including all recorded information regardless of medium or characteristics. Records include paper documents, CDs, computer hard disks, e-mail, floppy disks, microfiche, microfilm or all other media. The Company is required by applicable laws, rules and regulations to retain certain records and to follow specific guidelines in managing its records. Civil and criminal penalties for failure to comply with such guidelines can be severe for employees, agents, contractors and the Company, and failure to comply with such guidelines may subject the employee, agent or contractor to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or business relationship.

Conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects credit to the company

All of us are expected to conduct ourselves, both on and off-duty, in a manner that reflects credit to the Company. The sum total of our personal attitude and behavior has a bearing on the standing of the Company and the way in which it is perceived within the organization and by the public at large.

Equal opportunity Employer

The Company expects each employee to ensure that only meritocracy is rewarded in the Company and that there is no discrimination based on sex, religion, creed, color or origin.

Compliance with the Code

As employees of Company, we will uphold and promote the principles of this code
The future of the organization depends on both technical and ethical excellence. Not only is it important for employees to adhere to the principles expressed in this Code, each employee should encourage and support adherence by other employees.

Treat violation of this code as inconsistent association with the organization

Adherence of professionals to a code of ethics is largely a voluntary matter. However, if any of us do not follow this code by engaging in professional misconduct, the matter would be reviewed by the Board and its decision shall be final. The Company reserves the right to take appropriate action against the guilty employee.

Interpretation of Code
Any question or interpretation under this Code of Business Conduct will be handled by the Board or any person/committee authorized by the Board of Directors of the Company and their decision shall be final and binding on all concerned.

Continual updation of code
This code is subject to continuous review and updation in line with any changes in law, changes in Companys philosophy, vision, business plans or otherwise as may be deemed necessary by the B oard.

o o o o o o o o o (A) Executive & Not Independent Directors Mr. K. K. Modi Mr. R. Ramamurthy Mr. Samir Kumar Modi (B) Non-Executive & Non-Independent Directors Mr. Lalit Kumar Modi (C) Non-Executive & Independent Directors Mr. R. A. Shah Mr. Lalit Bhasin Mr. Anup N. Kothari Mr. C. M. Maniar Mr. O. P. Vaish

Our Businesses
We are dedicated towards improving the quality of peoples lives through the implementation of innovative ideas and solutions, developing best-in-class operational competencies and committing to deliver excellence. We have successfully branched to consumer goods and retail, offering a bouquet of goods and services under the Godfrey Phillips umbrella. The new, matured consumer class seeks goods

and services that fulfill their needs and support their aspirations. Godfrey Phillips India recognizes this need and, besides our renowned cigarette brands, have diversified into Chewing Masala Tea Retail Confectionary Each category is well researched and the products have been positioned in a manner to build brand value by offering our customers a unique value proposition. Godfrey Phillips India continues to broaden its horizons everyday; envisioning a major role for itself in the social and economic progress of the nation. We, at Godfrey Phillips India understand the importance of innovation in a dynamic business environment, where technology and processes can easily become redundant. TPM processes like Six Sigma, Kaizen, 5S, and Haichi ban have been successfully incorporated in our value system to improve the quality and efficiency of our work place. This perseverance towards quality has infused our sales, marketing, and distribution channels with new life and led to the creation of a motivated, dynamic, work force geared to take on any kind of challenge.

Cigarette Brands
Godfrey Phillips India is one of the largest players in the Indian cigarette industry and has two major stakeholders, the K. K. Modi Group and Philip Morris. The companys operations primarily span the entire northern and western part of the country with new markets like West Bengal and South of India. The company today manufactures some of the most popular cigarette brands in the country like FS1, Four Square, Red & White, Cavanders, Tipper and North Pole. Godfrey Phillips India is known for its innovations. The company has created popular products like Stellar, Indias first slim cigarette and i gen a king-size cigarette, the first in India to conform to EU norms of 10-1-10 in their kitty. Godfrey Phillips Indias global mindset also drew the company towards an arrangement with Philip Morris for manufacturing and sale of the iconic brand Marlboro in India. The Company cigarettes are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories at Guldhar, Andheri & Rabale. A robust supply-chain & distribution network ensures that the popular brands reach the length & breadth of the country. The wide network comprises of 520 exclusive distributors and over 800,000 retail outlets.

FS1 is the premium line of cigarettes launched by Four Square. Each Turkish Blend cigarette in the FS1 pack attributes its distinct taste and aroma to Luxury Long Leaf blended with the finest Indian hand picked tobaccos. It is designed to give the Ultimate Taste Experience. FS1 comes in 3 variants Full Flavor, Extra Smooth and Regular.

Four Square

Four Square is a well established and leading cigarette brand in India. Launched way back in 1964, the brand commands trust and reputation amongst its consumers and is known for its innovative ways to meet the changing consumer preferences. Today, the Four Square franchise has a wide portfolio of variants that are available in both King-size and Regular-size segments, namely - Four Square Kings, Four Square Special, Four Square Premier, Four Square Fine Blend and Four Square Rich Gold. In its relentless pursuit to provide value to customers and leveraging advancements in technology, the brand has many firsts to its credit like introducing innovative pack designs with a tactile look and feel, and applying digital means to communicate with and delight consumers.

Godfrey Phillips India has an arrangement with Philip Morris to manufacture and distribute their brands, including the iconic Marlboro brand of cigarettes. Available at select cities in India at approximately 65,000 retail outlets, the brand has 7 variants including the recently launched Marlboro Gold Advance.

Red & White

Enjoying an iconic stature and a strong emotional bond with its loyal consumers, Red & White is one of the fastest growing regular filter brands. With a presence in markets such as those of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi, it is available as a R&W Filter, R&W Plain, R&W Super and R&W Premium. The brand continues to retain its iconic popularity as Red & White peene walon ki baat hi kuch aur hai still resonates strongly with consumers and is one of the most memorable ad-lines in India.

North Pole
An innovative brand from the stable of Godfrey Phillips India, it is the largest selling menthol cigarette in India.

Cavanders is one of the oldest and most trusted brands from the house of Godfrey Phillips India. Associated with a unique taste and value proposition, Cavanders has always enjoyed a strong emotional connect with consumers owing to its unique positioning of "Friendship". The brand is available in a host of variants ranging from Cavanders Gold Leaf and Magna in the plain segment to Cavanders Gold, Cavanders Special and Cavanders Magnum filter in the Regular size filter and Cavanders Magna filter in the Micro filter segment. Through the variants stated, Cavanders has a foothold across the length and breadth of India.


Tipper is a brand driven by innovation, superiority of imagery and offering. The new Tipper Filter variant has been able to attract a significant share of Tipper's erstwhile micro consumers.

The Groups Cigar business can be credited with organising the fragmented cigar market in India and securing the position of a market leader in cigar distribution. The Division is the largest importer of Cigars in India, and appointed distributor of world famous companies like Habanos SA (Cuba), Altadis (SA), Oettinger Davidoff (Switzerland), Altadis (USA), Scandinavian Tobacco Group, and Villiger Sons (Switzerland). The entire range of renowned brands , hand and machine rolled, like Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, Guantanamera, Davidoff, Phillies, Hav-A-Tampa, Don Diego, Santa Damiana, Flor de Copan, Henri Wintermans etc. are now available for the discerning consumer. With an exclusive cigar shop in Delhi, plans to open one in Bangalore, Express Kiosks in Delhi and NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, Custom Bonded Warehouses in Delhi and Mumbai, and Regional sales offices in Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, the Cigar business is poised for growth across the country. Growth that will bolster the Groups plans to expand into the premium segments to fulfill its ambitious vision for the future.

Pan Vilas
The quest for the perfect pan masala comes to an end with Pan Vilas. The delicately balanced blend and the rich trove of finest ingredients give Pan Vilas an unmatched and lingering taste. The brand goes a step further to ensure quality and establish trust by using a natural alternate to banned Magnesium Carbonate and applying the best worldwide technology in manufacturing. It is a treat for those discerning people who can go to any length for the elusive perfect taste. Thus Shauq badi cheez hai aptly captures the brands ethos of passionate indulgence. It was launc hed successfully in India in early 2010. Pan Vilas is manufactured at Baramati, a state-of-the-art plant that employs some of the worlds most advanced food processing technologies.

Tea City
Tea City presents an extensive range of fine teas from our master blenders crafted to carter to different segments and markets. Young tea buds and tender leaves are delicately hand plucked, then tested for quality and freshness using the most advanced technology and processes, to make every blend a special one.The consumer can enjoy and appreciate the fine teas through a variety of brands from Tea City Symphony,. Samovar, SuperCup, Super Cup Duet,Utsav and Rangoli. The Brands and their attributes are presented in detail below. Read more...

Tea City presents Symphony, a premium assortment of original brews and flavors that relax and revive you instantly. Available in three variants- Assam Tea, Green Tea and Darjeeling Tea.

Symphony Assam Tea

A refreshingly balanced blend of distinct taste and strength, this all-timefavorite brew is crafted with the finest mix of fresh granular and orthodox long leaves picked from the superior tea gardens of Assam. Feel even the dullest moment come alive with its full bodied flavour and stimulating aroma.

Symphony Green Tea

Green Tea also called the wonder tea is natures most unique gift. High on antioxidants and nutritional content, this natural tea is famous the world over for its innumerable health benefits. Have a sip of this fine portion and experience natures healing powers.

Symphony Darjeeling Tea

Reminiscent of the misty highlands of Darjeeling, the carefully handpicked leaves of this classic brew give a light golden coloured liquor with muscatel flavour and distinctive aroma on brewing. This magical brew soothes your senses even before you have had the first sip.


Samovar Green tea is a special blend of pure long leaves. Its tender leaves when brewed with noon, a special additive ,gives a refreshing taste and distinct color which brings you the purity and originality of noon chai made in a samovar.


Made from choicest of tea leaves , small quantity of Utsav tea leaves gives a full bodied strength and rich colour. It is an value for money offering that comes in leaf as Utsav Chai and dust variant as Utsav Dust Chai.

Super Cup

A mid premium segment brand of Tea City is a blend from sprawling tea gardens of Assam which gives a full bodied brew. It is for them who like their tea 'strong'. Its strength and stimulating flavour creates a strong combination of intense taste, enriching colour and refreshing aroma. Super Cup is available in two formats: Leaf & Dust

Super Cup Duet

This tea offers a completely new tea drinking experience. Along with strong granular CTC one can enjoy the aromatic Darjeeling tea which is mixed along with CTC. While the granular CTC gives strength and colour, Darjeeling tea gives a delightful aroma in every sip.


A special blend of Assam CTC tea, its fuller granules give it strength and a rich colour. It is an value for moneyoffering that comes in two variants to suit all taste palates Leaf and Dust.

Madhuban Festive Pack

Take Home a Taste Of India with Madhuban Authentic Teas. Cultivated across the land and nurtured to perfection, the Madhuban range of teas are distinct in flavor and unanimous in taste fine and authentic. It contains the finest range of authentic Indian Teas. The Madhuban Assam Tea is a black tea with invigorating, malty flavor and a beautiful ruby- amber hue. To get a taste of luxury,sip the Madhuban Darjeeling Tea, and savor its golden hued liquor and aromatic muscatel flavor. Equally exquisite is the Madhuban Nilgiri Tea which is a dark and intensely fragrant brew, with a full bodied flavour.

Funda Goli
Brand Funda embodies the right balance of international quality with an Indian core. Godfrey Phillips India first ventured into the highly competitive confectionery segment in 2008 with the launch of our mouth freshener- Funda Mint. The launch of the Funda Goli range of candies in 2009 has helped us establish a niche for ourselves as a unique confectionery brand. Developed with the objective of providing the Indian consumer with a candy that is not only fun to eat, but also one that caters to the varied Indian taste profile, the brand is synonymous with flavours that are meant to capture the Indian heart. From Refreshing Saunf to Orange mints, Slurpy Lychee and KacchaAam candies, FundaGoliendeavors to tingle the Indian taste buds.

Twenty Four Seven

Twenty Four Seven Convenience Stores are Indias only convenience stores operating round the clock. Our range of offerings comprise of fresh food, groceries, vegetables, RTE (ready to eat) meals, frozen food, wide assortment of beverages, imported products, OTC pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal

care products, travel accessories, pet food, toys, music, movies, magazines, cigarettes, hukkas, gifts and souvenirs. We also offer a wide range of services for your convenience. Couriers domestic and international, credit cards and utility bills payment, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, PVR movie tickets, Air, Rail & Bus tickets, Drop boxes for cheque payments or various services. Our mission is to be the preferred choice of the modern, busy consumer for round-the-clock convenience in a friendly and safe environment.

International Business
Our foray into international markets and success with new business ventures has been part of an endeavour to realize our vision of becoming a leading player in India and beyond. Today, we collaborate with some of the top players in the international tobacco industry to assist them in marketing their products and providing various professional and expert services including contract manufacturing, cut tobacco, smoke analysis and various other consultancy services. Many countries from the Middle East to West Africa, South East Africa, South East Asia, East Europe, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia and Central America have been added on to our portfolio of exporting cigarettes as well as cut tobacco. Our brands Force 10, Jaisalmer, Originals and Ultima are already making substantial inroads in their respective markets. Our International Division is continually making efforts to forge new global contacts to facilitate tea exports. Our primary tea brand, Tea City has already made a successful entry into the export market. Under the brand, we offer Indian teas from various origins such as Assam, Darjeeling, Dooars, Terai, Nilgiris and South India to meet the requirements of cup quality. We also export Bulk and Specialty teas to Germany, USA, Japan, UAE, Kazakhstan & Iran with the objective to expand our consumer base horizontally as well as vertically across segments. We persistently work towards understanding our consumers and their distinct taste palates in order to develop the most customized blends as well as specialized teas like organic tea, flavors in packets & tea bags. The success of our International Division can aptly be credited to the superior, state- of- art infrastructure that supports it, which begins right from the superior quality leaf ensured by our Leaf Division to the end product from our Manufacturing units. In order to become a leading player in the tobacco industry, we have constantly been upgrading and improving our systems and processes through better R&D practices, upgraded manufacturing facilities and a better understanding of consumer and market needs.

The R&D facility at Godfrey Phillips India employs some of Indias best scientists, cigarette de signers, blenders and flavourists, and has the distinction of getting an ISO 17025 certification. Ours is the first

laboratory in the Indian tobacco industry to be accredited with such a certification. We have also been recognised by the Department of Science & Technology (the apex body governing affairs related to Science and Technology in India). Located alongside our production facilities, our R&D division extends its competencies to combine synergies and create the best blends for domestic and international markets. In order to bring greater reliability to our analytical results, we also take part in initiatives such as the Asia Collaborative Study (ACS). Our participation each year, along with 58 other prominent cigarette companies of the world such as PMI, BAT and JTI, helps cross calibrate our results with the best in the business. Our Z- scores, which determine the quality of analytical data, vis--vis the best in the world, have proven to be excellent year on year.

Leaf Export Division

Our Leaf Division is located in the tobacco growing area of Guntur in Southern India. We are the first leaf operations company to have been accredited with the ISO 9001: 2000 certification. We export FCV as well as Non-FCV tobacco to both, quality and value-conscious customers. Our Non-FCV farming operations are monitored by the Leaf Development Team. We have implemented and observed GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) in all developmental arenas through our leaf developmental team to enhance productivity and improve the quality of tobacco, while keeping it free of chemicals and pesticides. Our leaf team comprises of the most experienced professionals in the industry. We are one of the few leaf operation companies in India to have our own R&D as well as a state-of-the-art QA facility to support operations. We have two captive Threshing Plants equipped with the latest technologies to process tobacco that is meant to cater to domestic as well as export demands. Godfrey Phillips Indias tobacco reaches some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry today, namely Philip Morris, ITG, JTI, Eastern Co., European Tobacco, Libyan Tobacco Company and RNTA. Our major countries of export include Belgium, Egypt, Philippines, South Africa, Germany and Brazil. We can also proudly announce that we are the first Indian company to initiate a state-of-the-art Recon Manufacturing Plant located near Ongole in South India with an annual capacity of 750 Mt of Reconstituted Tobacco, which is then blended while making cigarettes to bestow them with the requisite characteristics that brings them at par with international brands.

Manufacturing Units
Godfrey Phillips India is continuously adopting the latest technology to deliver products which are at par with global standards and international quality in the market. Driven by innovation and speed to market, our two manufacturing facilities in Ghaziabad, U.P. and Mumbai, Maharashtra are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and ensure the incorporation of best practices such as TQM, HaichiBan, 5S, Kaizen Teian and so on. Since we embarked on integrating Six Sigma initiatives 5 years ago, both our manufacturing units boast of a deeply enriched Six Sigma culture and continually undertake a significant number of Six Sigma projects for quantum improvements each year.

Each of our manufacturing facilities at Ghaziabad, U.P., Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Rabale, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra are recognized not only for their superior production capabilities, but also for the adoption of environment friendly processes. Our Ghaziabad and Mumbai factories are equipped with state-of-the-art, high speed cigarette making and cigarette packing machines. We house the latest cigarette making machines from GD, Italy that run at a capacity of 12,000 cigarettes per minute and packing machines that run at 600 packets per minute. Our primary manufacturing departments that process tobacco in order to supply to the cigarette making machines are also equipped with high-tech equipment to produce cut tobacco at par with global standards. All our manufacturing departments are equipped with Computerised Data Acquisition Systems to closely monitor each stage of production in order to ensure a consistent smoking experience for our consumers. The two recent additions to our manufacturing facilities are plants that facilitate the production of Expanded Tobacco and Reconditioned Tobacco, both of which, when added to cut tobacco further enhance the smoking experience. Our manufacturing facilities are supported by state-of-the-art R&D facilities in Mumbai, which assist with the development and creation of new products as well as improving the current range of products for the domestic as well as international markets. Our product range includes 69 mm to 100 mm cigarettes in regular as well as super slim sizes with customer oriented packaging. Our facilities comply with international quality standards such as the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14000. The high standards of environment-friendly manufacturing processes are brought about entirely due to the recommendations of our motivated factory personnel. The ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management System) certification of Mumbai and Ghaziabad plants evidences our commitment towards environmental control. Both the factories have also adopted various environment friendly initiatives like recycling of water, rain water harvesting, using solar power systems, etc. Both factories are also certified OHSAS 18001:2007, as our commitment towards Occupational Health and Safety. Our Ghaziabad plant is the first cigarette manufacturing unit in India to have been accredited with a Social Accountability (SA) 8000:2001 certification. Our Ghaziabad factory was awarded the Greentech Foundation Gold Award in 2009 and in 2010 for its Outstanding Achievement in Environment Management. We also received the Eco Friendly Award in 2009 from the Ghaziabad Management Association for implementing Best Environment Management Practices. These awards are the most coveted awards in the corporate world for outstanding achievements in the field of Environment Management and we endeavor each year to continue delivering upon their expectations. Our Mumbai facility boasts of extreme dedication of employees that has led us to establish an industry record by winning the INSAAN Awards (The Indian National Suggestion Scheme Association, given for the best suggestions made by a factory worker in the year) for 14 consecutive years. Our Mumbai factory was also awarded the 2010 Greentech Silver award as a commendation of its efforts in outstanding achievements and excellence in safety management.

Our latest, upcoming third manufacturing factory in Rabale, Navi Mumbai has been registered with IGBC for green factory building and it is the first registration after Standard for Green Factory Building was launched in 2009. The Rabale factory is equipped with high-speed cigarette making and packing machines along with the latest primary manufacturing facilities for cut tobacco production. The facility also has a state of the art automatic storage and retrieval system for all raw materials. The Rabale factory like our Ghaziabad and Mumbai units, has already adopted the use of environment friendly measures such as recycling water, rainwater harvesting and using solar power systems, amongst various other initiatives.

International Trade Enquiries:

Godfrey International 41, New Phone : +91 Fax : +91 Email : Community Delhi 11 11 268 268 Phillips Business Centre, 32155/268 40775/268 Friends India Ltd. Division, Colony, 110025 36468 35803