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COM - Communication

COM 110 Public Speaking Research skills, topic selection, speech organization, skills in speech de

COM 112 Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal communication competence: self-concept, self-disclosure,

COM 200 Communication Media in a Changing World Credit is not allowed for both COM 200 and COM 250 Traces ongoing evolution of communication media. Examines the place contemporary mediascape. Challenges students to examine their use of take COM 250 cannot get credit for COM 200. For communication majo

COM 201 Introduction to Persuasion Theory Impacts of persuasive communication on attitudes and behavior. Uses h

COM 202 Small Group Communication Theory and practice of effective communication in small groups, includin conflict management, and the significance of power.

COM 211 Argumentation and Advocacy Theory-based analysis of public argument in specialized settings of law,

COM 226

Introduction to Public Relations

Public relations as a communication function of organizations. Public rel communication, and audience influences on public relations practice; ca

COM 230 Introduction to Communication Theory Prerequisite: Communication Majors Micro- and macro-analytic theories used in the study of human commun contexts, cultures, and media.

COM 240 Communication Inquiry Prerequisite: Communication Majors Qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry in communication: types of different methods; reference tolls in the field; and channels of distribu

COM 250 Communication and Technology Prerequisite: Communication Majors. Credit is not allowed for both COM Examination of past, current, and future intersections of technology, cult communication technologies in interpersonal, organizational, societal, a

COM 257 Media History and Theory Prerequisite: COM 230 Historical development and social implications of telecommunications, p methodological approaches to the field of communication media: media media audiences; media technologies; and roles of the media in social,

COM 267 Electronic Media Writing: Theory and Practice Prerequisite: COM 230 Media writing as a social practice. Roles of writing and writers in media p

constrain writing and the writer. Specific media writing genres and forma commentary, and fictional genres in radio, television, film, and emerging

COM 296 Communication Internship-Non-Local Prerequisite: Communication Majors Non-local directed work experience for Communication majors with supe permission of the Internship Director and the Assoc. Dept. Head.

COM 298 Special Projects in Communication A special projects course to be utilized for guided research or experimen

COM 301 Presentational Speaking Prerequisite: COM 110 Design, organization and delivery of oral presentations for policy determ

COM 302 Managing Meetings Rules and customs of meetings in committees, assemblies and organiza

COM 307 Digital Audio Production Prerequisite: COM 267 Basic principles of digital audio production, including studio operation, p

COM 315 Phonetics Articulatory and acoustic phonetics; application of the International Phon

COM 316 Public Relations Writing Prerequisite: COM 226 and ENG 316 Communication processes and procedures of public relations programs.

COM 317 Television Production Prerequisite: COM 267 Basic techniques of television studio production, including producing, wr

COM (ENG) Survey of Rhetorical Theory 321 Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and above Principles of rhetorical theory from its classical origins through the mode processes of persuasive symbol use.

COM 322 Nonverbal Communication Prerequisite: COM 112 Theory and research in nonverbal communication, including: environme communication in personal, workplace and cross-cultural setting.

COM 325 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Anatomy and physiology of the speech mechanism including the muscu

COM 327 Critical Analysis of Communication Media Prerequisite: COM 240 and COM 257, Corequisite: COM 240 Theoretical frameworks, methods, and aims of various approaches to cr

fictional, and hybrid media content; and historical forms of audiences an

COM 332 Relational Communication Prerequisite: COM 112 Communication patterns in the development and deterioration of interpe

COM 335 Language Development Syntactic, semantic, morphologic, and pragmatic development from birth First language acquisition versus second language learning.

COM 336 Newsletter Writing and Production Newsletters are an important part of the corporate, non-profit, governme - print or electronic - to reach their audiences with their key messages. M organization or their clients. Students in this course will work collaborativ

COM 342 Interviewing Prerequisite: Junior standing. Theory and practice of effective communication skills applied in various

COM 346 Case Studies in Public Relations Prerequisite: COM 226 and COM 230 Application of theory, principles, and problem-solving techniques used in

COM 357 Digital Video Production Prerequisite: COM 267

Principles of producing, directing, and editing techniques for digital video

COM (WGS) Communication and Gender 362 Prerequisite: Junior standing, COM 112 Effects of gender on the interpersonal communication process. Construc role of gender in organizational, institutional, and media communication

COM 364 History of Film to 1940 Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and above Technological developments and aesthetic movements that shaped inte movement, editing, sound, narrative form, and the documentary. The ris contexts.

COM 367 Multimedia Production and Digital Culture Prerequisite: COM 267 Production lab and seminar combined. Digital production of visual image Critical analysis of assumptions underlying development and deploymen and critical thinking.

COM 374

History of Film From 1940

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and above Technological developments and aesthetic movements that have shape sound, narrative form, and the documentary. Post-war Hollywood cinem cultural context.

COM 385 Speech Science Prerequisite: COM 325 Acoustic properties of speech sounds and the dynamics of speech soun phonatory, and atriculatory movements and the acoustic events that res completed outside of class.

COM 386 Quantitative Communication Research Methods Prerequisite: COM 240 Design and implementation of communication research methods, includ

COM (HSS) International and Crosscultural Communication 392 Patterns and problems of verbal and non-verbal forms of crosscultural c characteristics and crosscultural communication. Impact on communicat

COM (ENG) Studies in Rhetoric and Digital Media 395 Prerequisite: ENG 101 Study of the influence of emerging technologies on rhetorical theory and digital media texts as a means of engaging rhetorical theory and analysi

COM 402 Advanced Group Communication Prerequisite: COM 202 Communication processes and outcomes in groups with complex, strate constructing group processes. Advanced theory with application.

COM 407

Advanced Digital Audio

Prerequisite: COM 307 Advanced multichannel techniques for audio production. Studio acoustic

COM (ENG) Rhetorical Criticism 411 Prerequisite: Junior standing Rhetorical analysis of public speeches, social movements, political camp movement studies, genre criticism, dramatistic analysis, content analysi

COM 417 Advanced Topics in Communication and Race Prerequisite: COM 257, Corequisite: COM 250 Advanced topics seminar examining construction of racial and ethnic ide communication works to construct, undermine, and reinforce understand

COM 421 Communication Law Prerequisite: Junior standing. Explores the historical, philosophical, and legal foundations of communi channels, receivers, and situations provide the central focus of the cours

COM 427 Game Studies Prerequisite:COM 250 or STS 214 Exploration of inter-relations among mobile technologies (cell phones, P definition of basic gaming concepts (community, narrative, play, and spa (MUDs); and (3) the definition of games, which use the physical space a Discussion of inter-connections among games, education, and art. Jr/Sr

COM 431

Communication in Political Campaigns

Prerequisite: COM 110 or COM 201 Roles of analysis and criticism of oral communication in political campai advertising.

COM 436 Environmental Communication Prerequisite: COM 230 or STS 214 Critical analysis of environmental discourse in organizational, mass med advocacy and deliberation; environmental conflict management; rhetoric risk communication; and competing ecological paradigms. Must hold Jun

COM 437 Advanced Digital Video Prerequisite: COM 357 Hands-on experience in digital video production. Production of instructio organization and critical analysis of final product.

COM 441 Ethical Issues in Communication Prerequisite: COM 110, 112 Critical analysis of ethical problems in interpersonal and public commun

COM 442 Communication and Conflict Management Prerequisite: COM 112 Examination of conflict styles and theories; conflict management strateg workplace, families, and interpersonal relationships. Practical, theoretica

COM 444 Film Production Prerequisite:COM 267 or ENG 330 Principles of cinematography, production, and editing technologies for fi

Critical analysis of production of classic and contemporary feature films.

COM 447

Communication and Globalization

Corequisite: COM 327 History and current trends in globalization of media, information, and tel globalization, including debates over corporate vs. public control of glob American culture. Internet-based group research projects on globalizatio

COM 451 Visual Rhetoric Prerequisite: COM 201 or COM 321 Examine the rhetorical strategies employed in various primarily visual fo commemorative artifacts and sites. Explore the concepts and methods u field trips to which students will provide own transportation.

COM 456 Organizational Communication Prerequisite: COM 230 Role of human communication in organizations, the assumptions inhere relationships among communication, job satisfaction, productivity, devel

COM 457 Media and the Family Corequisite: COM 327 Impact of mediated messages upon children and the family unit. Origins Implications of commercial structure of the media industries on the struc pro- and anti-social impacts.

COM 466

Nonprofit Leadership & Development

Nonprofit Leadership and Development is a service-learning course in w organization. Students will critically examine theories of communication boards, volunteer management, and resource development. Students ar

COM 467 Advanced Topics in Gender and Communication Prerequisite: COM 327 or COM 362 Advanced Topics seminar examining construction of gender identities th critical approaches to social, political, and economic impact of gender co

COM 476 Public Relations Campaigns Prerequisite: COM 226, COM 316, COM 386 and Corequisite: COM 346 Management of the public relations function in organizations and public departments and counseling firms, practical analysis and development o

COM 477 Communication and Mobility Prerequisite:COM 250 or STS 214 Mobile communication technologies and their influence on communicati internet access points and gaming devices. History, current uses and fu The influence of mobile images on communication and the creation of m and Latin America.

COM 484 Advanced Television Production Prerequisite: COM 317 Television program production utilizing advanced production techniques production of sophisticated program formats.

COM 487

Internet and Society

Prerequisite: COM 250 or COM 257 or STS 214 Exploration of major issues involved in the growth of computer-mediated technology to social, civic, and political life; gender, race, and class as c on the nature of communication, knowledge, and information.

COM 493 Advanced Topics in Public Relations This course addresses current trends and recent development in the pu each semester subject to faculty availability, but may include topics such public relations specializations. Juniors and Seniors only.

COM 496 Communication Internship Prerequisite: Junior standing, Communication Majors Directed work experience for Communication majors with supervision fro

COM 498 Advanced Topic in Communication Prerequisite:Junior or senior standing Advanced study of contemporary theories, methods, practices, processe

COM 499 Advanced Independent Research Prerequisite: Nine credits in Communication courses. Junior standing or Special projects in communication developed under the direction of a fa twice.

COM (ENG) Verbal Data Analysis 506 Prerequisite: ENG 513 or ENG 527 or COM 541 or COM 542 Research strategies for understanding how spoken and written language

Tracking patterned uses of language as verbal data (e.g., grammatically questions through quantitative descriptive means. Sampling, collecting a measures, and reporting the results.

COM (ENG) History Of Rhetoric 514 Historical development of rhetorical theory with attention to contemporan coverage of medieval, Renaissance, 18th-century, and 19th-century dev

COM (ENG) Rhetorical Criticism: Theory and Practice 516 Prerequisite: Graduate Standing or the equivalent of COM/ENG 321 or C Development, achievements, limitation of major critical methods in the 2 fantasy-theme and postmodern approaches. Criticism of political discou Relations between rhetorical and literary criticism and other forms of cul

COM 521 Communication and Globalization Prerequisite: Graduate standing Economic, political, cultural dimensions of globalization. Role of informa organization.

COM 522 Critical Approaches to Organizational Communicat Prerequisite: Graduate standing Overview of critical and interpretive organizational communication resea

COM 523 International and Intercultural Communication Prerequisite: Graduate standing

Survey of intercultural, cross-cultural, and international communication t

COM 524 Political Communication in Organizations Prerequisite: Graduate standing Explore effects of modern communication techniques on political life in o and governmental institutions.

COM 525 Communication and Decision-Making Prerequisite: Graduate standing Communication in decision-making process from individual, group, orga problems, applied field consideration.

COM 526 Media Ownership Prerequisite: Graduate standing Identify major media companies worldwide areas of dominance. Examin

COM 527 Seminar in Organizational Conflict Management Prerequisite: Graduate standing Examination of conflict antecedents, interventions, outcomes through m system design. Evaluation through participation in class discussion, inde

COM 528 Communication Culture and Technology Prerequisite: Graduate standing Examine Communication technology via historical examples. Inquiry into Communication genres.

COM 529 Communication Campaigns Prepares students to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate a succes in sound theoretical approaches. The students conduct focus groups for mentioned types of organizations. The course emphasizes theoretical a

Interpersonal Communication in Science and Techn Organizations Prerequisite: Graduate standing Blends theory and research to understand and analyze interpersonal co conversations, engaging in active listening, managing conflict, influencin at work and improving student's communication competence. COM 530

COM 532 Communication Consulting This course provides an introduction to the art and methods of consultin students the opportunity to develop and/or refine training and facilitation required.

COM 536 Environmental Communication Research and critical analysis of environmental discourse in organizatio environmental advocacy and deliberation; environmental conflict manag environmental risk communication; and competing ecological paradigms

COM 537 Gaming and Social Networks Exploration of inter-relations among mobile technologies (cell phones, P gaming concepts (community, narrative, play, and space); (2) the history the definition of games, which use the physical space as the game envir inter-connections among games, education, and art. By permission of de

COM 538 Risk Communication Comprehensive review of principles, theory, research, and practices inv management of risks. Emphasis on risks associated with emerging scie

COM (PA) 539 Fund Development Identifies and assesses techniques and best practices of fund developm organizing and staffing a fund development campaing, and identifying d issues, and government regulations. PBS status or Graduate standing.

COM 541 Quantitative Research Methods in Applied Commun Prerequisite: Graduate standing Introduction to research methods in applied communication. Knowledge

COM 542 Qualitative Research Methods in Applied Communi Prerequisite: Graduate standing Theoretical and practical dimensions of conducting qualitative research. representation of data, analyzing texts and discourse, writing qualitative

COM 543 Visual Content Analysis Research methods class in social science-orientated quantitative or qua concepts for visual media. Readings will focus on analytic techniques an organizational websites, blogs, online news sites, films, games, mobile m required

COM 546

Nonprofit Marketing and Public Relations

Survey of the marketing and public relations principles and practices ap

COM 547 Mobile Technologies and Social Practices Mobile communication technologies and their influence on communicati Internet access points and gaming devices. History, current uses and fu The influence of mobile images on communication and the creation of m and Latin America. Permission of department.

COM (ENG) Contemporary Rhetorical Theory 554 Contemporary rhetorical theory covering the 20th and 21st centuries. Co between rhetorical theory and philosophical trends, institutional histories revival of invention, rhetorical agency, and ethics.

COM 556 Seminar In Organizational Communication Prerequisite: Advanced Undergraduate standing or Graduate standing Theoretic and applied approaches for studying communication perspect methods, leadership, power, attraction, conflict and theory development

COM 561 Human Communication Theory Prerequisite: Graduate standing or PBS status The role of theory in study of human communication. General social scie and mass communication contexts.

COM 562 Communication and Social Change Prerequisite: Graduate standing Examine persuasive theories and methods including compliance gaining

COM 563 Public Relations Theory Study the theoretical body of knowledge in public relations and its applic

COM 566 Seminar In Crisis Communication Working within theoretical perspectives of communication, conflict mana thorough guidelines for strategic communication planning for, managing

COM (ENG) Visual Rhetoric: Theory and Criticism 581 Graduate Students Only Application of visual theory to rhetoric and of rhetorical theory to visual f informational media, political communication, instructional material, scie

COM 585 Teaching College Communication Prerequisite: Graduate standing Introduction to communication education theory and research. Course d practice.

COM 598 Special Topics In Communication Detailed investigation of a special topic in communication. No more than

COM 630 Independent Study in Communication Prerequisite: Graduate standing Special projects course to be utilized for guided research at graduate lev

with master's degree.

COM 685 Master's Supervised Teaching Prerequisite: Master's student Teaching experience under the mentorship of faculty who assist the stud teaching assignment, and evaluate the student upon completion of the a

COM 688 Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Prerequisite: Master's student For students in non-thesis master's programs who have completed all cr complete incomplete grades, projects, final master's exam, etc.

COM 689 Non-Thesis Master Continuous Registration - Full T Prerequisite: Master's student For students in non-thesis master's programs who have completed all cr complete incomplete grades, projects, final master's exam, etc. Student

COM 695 MR Thesis Research Prerequisite: Master's student Thesis Research

COM 696

Summer Thesis Res

COM 798

Special Topics in Communication

Intensive exploration of specialized or emerging topics in an area of com research and writing. May be used to test and develop new courses. Ma

COM 810 Directed Readings in Communication Intensive study of a specific topic from various specializations of the Com approved by Director of Graduate Studies. May be repeated for credit. D

COM 896

Summer Dissert Res