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Model Catalogue 2013

Thank you for your interest in the Fastparts 2013 model catalogue, highlighting some UNIVERSAL HOBBIES and other brands of toys & models. If the model want you are looking for is not in shown here, this doesn't mean we can't get it for you, so please get in touch and let us check it out for you. Seasonal special offers **All orders received over 400 will get a 50% discount on carriage, maximum carriage with this offer will be 7.75 **All orders received over 500 will get a 50% discount on carriage, and receive a free* Universal Hobbies model. **All orders received over 600 will be carriage paid, and receive a free* Universal Hobbies model.

* free model will be chosen by Fastparts (subject to availability) when processing order. **All offers only valid until 31st November 2013.

Universal Hobbies 1:16

UH4000 International 1455 XL 1st generation Limited edition 2000 worldwide production

UH4159 Case international 1455 XL 2nd generation Limited edition 2000 worldwide production

UH4160 Case international 1455 XL 3rd generation Limited edition 2000 worldwide production

UH4006 David Brown 990 Implematic

UH4007 David Brown 990 Selematic 1956

UH2705 Ford 5000 1964

Universal Hobbies 1:16

UH2705D Ford 5000 Doe demonstrator

UH2898 Ford Dexta 1960-1962

UH2826 Ford County 654

UH2899 Fordson Super Dexta

UH2900 Ford Super Dexta new performance 1962

UH2901 Fordson Super Dexta roadless

Universal Hobbies 1:16

UH2902 Ford 2000

UH2799 Ford 7600

uh2647 UH2647 Krone Optimat dung spreader

UH2915 Massey Ferguson 65

UH4037 Ferguson 40 1957

UH2987 Ferguson TQ35 1954

Universal Hobbies 1:16

UH2690 Ferguson TEA20

UH2986 Ferguson FE35 "Copper belly" 1956

UH4052 Massey Ferguson 165 mark 3

UH2906 Massey Ferguson 175


UH2697 Massey Ferguson 135 with cab

UH4141 Massey Ferguson 35 1959

Universal Hobbies 1:16

UH2915 Massey Ferguson 65

UH2921 Massey Ferguson Tea 20 "Sue"

UH2715 Nuffield Universal 4

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH2905 Amazone FT 1001 & UF 1801 sprayer

UH2803 Amazone UX 5200 sprayer

UH4097 Amazone ZA-M 2501

UH4095 Amazone Catros 6001-2T

UH2758 Amazone ZA spreader

UH2593 Amazone ZGB spreader

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH4069 Case IH Maxxum plus 5150

UH4069 Case Maxxum MX 150

UH4001 Case international Maxxum 5140 1990

UH4062 Case Quadtrac 600

UH2974 Case Puma CVX 230

UH4061 Deutz TTV 430

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH4125 Deutz TTV 7250

UH2842 Dangerville PE 32 low loader trailer

UH2648 Fendt 415 vario TMS

UH4049 Fendt Farmer 2

UH4117 Fendt Vario 516

UH4189 Ferguson TEA 20

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH4024 Ford TW 30 6 wheels 1979

UH4032 Ford County 1474

UH4030 Ford 8830 power shift 1989

UH4026 Ford TW 25 4x2 1983

UH4028 Ford TW 25 4X4 force 2 1985

UH4023 Ford TW 30 4X4 1979

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH2882 Ford 7810 "Jubilee edition"

UH4077 Ford 7810 "Muddy at work range limited edition"

UH4136 Ford 6610 2 wheel drive 1st generation Prototype

UH4138 Ford 6610 4 wheel drive 2nd generation Prototype

UH4139 Ford 5610 2 wheel drive 3rd generation

UH4140 Ford 7610 4 wheel drive 3rd generation Prototype

Universal Hobbies 1:32

uh7118 UH7118 Ford TW25 with Bomford super flow plough "Muddy at work range limited edition"

UH2869 Joskin modulo 2 tanker

UH4099 Joskin trans EX51 tipping trailer

UH2778 Krone KW 15.02 tedder

UH2773 Krone Big M 400

UH2774 Krone Big X 1000

Universal Hobbies 1:32

KR015 Krone big X V8

UH4177 Kubota M135GX

UH2908 Kuhn Axis 40.1 spreader with cover

UH4040 Kuhn GMD 3510 mounted mower

UH4042 Kuhn RW 1400 bale wrapper

UH4039 Kuhn GAV 4521GM rake

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH2922 Kuhn GF 6502 rake

UH4076 Kuhn Sitera 3000HR drill DC301

UH4126 Kverneland 150S Variomat plough

UH4104 Lely Splendimo 550P

UH2777 Lemken variopack

UH4051 Massey Ferguson 240

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH4106 Massey Ferguson 2620 2 wheel drive

UH4107 Massey Ferguson 2640 4 wheel drive

UH4108 Massey Ferguson 2680 4 wheel drive

UH2701 Massey Ferguson 35X 1963

UH2920 Massey Ferguson 3080

UH4088 Massey Ferguson 690 4 wheel drive

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH4089 Massey Ferguson 390 2 wheel drive

UH4096 Massey Ferguson 6290

UH4112 Massey Ferguson 398 4 wheel drive

UH4150 Massey Ferguson 675 2 wheel drive

UH2850 Massey Ferguson 7499

UH2938 Massey Ferguson 6465 European communal version

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH2923 Massey Ferguson 6475

UH2997 Massey Ferguson 8690 2011

UH2966 Massey Ferguson 5430 2011

UH4063 Massey Ferguson 7624 2012

UH4166 Massey Ferguson 5610

UH4015 Massey Ferguson 520V baler

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH2872 Massey Ferguson 135 industrial yellow

UH2964 Massey Ferguson 1080 2 wheel drive

UH2949 Manitou MI 25D forklift

UH2943 New Holland T6020 with NH blue front loader 2011

UH4004 New Holland CR 9090 combine

UH4046 New Holland T7.210 blue power

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH2996 New Holland T7.210

UH4045 New Holland T7.210 "Union flag collectors edition"

UH4009 New Holland LM5060 telehandler

UH4054 New Holland BB9090 baler

UH2960 Quivogne BL1800 Topper

UH4094 Raubaud towable sweeper

Universal Hobbies 1:32

UH4124 Rolland BH100 flat bed trailer with hay lades

UH4016 Schuitemaker Rapide "25th anniversary limited edition"

UH2810 Valtra T "Limited edition"

Universal Hobbies 1:43 & 1:50

UH6098 Zetor 25 1951 1:43

UH5634 Renault Magnum with Krone box liner 1:50

MPS agricultural 1:32

MPS68110 La Campagne trailer

MPS68111 Valtra C with power harrow

Universal Hobbies 1:18

UH4520 Renault 5 turbo

UH4525 Renault 5 turbo

UH4521 Renault 5 turbo

UH4530 Renault 5 turbo 1981 Monte Carlo rally winner

UH4533 Renault 5 turbo 1980 tour de France auto

UH4535 Renault 5 turbo 1982 tour de Corse winner

ROS 1:32
IC262 Amazone AD 3000

BK165 Bredal K165 lime & fertilizer spreader

F11090 Fiat 110 90

F130DT Fiat 130DT

NH11090 New Holland 110 90

ROS 1:32
BX1100 Krone Big X 1100

KR016 Krone Big M 500

Marge Models 1:32

M1302 Ford 5610 1st generation 2 wheel drive

M1303 Ford 5610 1st generation 4 wheel drive

M1304 Ford 5610 2nd generation 2 wheel drive

M1305 Ford 5610 2nd generation 4 wheel drive

M1203 Ford 8730

M1204 Ford County 1884

Marge Models 1:32

M1207 Ford 6610 1st generation 2 wheel drive

M1208 Ford 6610 1st generation 4 wheel drive

M1209 Ford 6610 2nd generation 2 wheel drive

M1210 Ford 6610 2nd generation 4 wheel drive

M1201 Ford TW25 1st generation

M1202 Ford TW25 2nd generation

Marge Models 1:32

M1101 Ford 7610 1st generation 2 wheel drive

M1102 Ford 7610 1st generation 4 wheel drive

M1103 Ford 7610 2nd generation 2 wheel drive

M1104 Ford 7610 2nd generation 4 wheel drive

Tronico diy kits

T10131 Wind turbine with solar cell 592 pieces

KR017 Krone Big X 1100 1456 pieces

Our contact details Fastparts 01 8129777

Colin Gillespie 0870522820 Jackie Mills 0872561454 Tim O'Regan 0872556408

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