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Education and Training Issues

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NDT Scope is growing up day to day with most advance technologies and very sophisticated equipment. The training is major concern to generate a reliable NDT inspector. Its challenge for industry to develop perfect knowledge to perform NDE. Even though the guidelines are drawn through some written practices, standards, codes. The online training and class room training leaves some debate. The Non destructive testing requirements has grown up a double fold since last five years . this was predicated in 2011 and will continue to grow for next five years. The high turnover rate of employments is the main cause of this demand. The NDT is a well paid business. Need of good technicians are always there. Last paper at ICIPIT XI - Houston about NDT employment in USA , it was predicted that, in next 5 years the demand will become almost 50% more, it was true till today, the way NDT companies have hired technicians since 2010.In fact demand will keep growing and NDT companies will be in constant search for good technicians. When we stated a good technician, mean fairly educated , trained and experience. Even though the ASNT SNT -TC 1A guidelines are very clear about minimum education for each level and method some thing is missing to produce a perfect technician. ASNT SNT - TC 1A is key document for Training and certification and describes all requirements and a guideline for all method applicable. ASNT SNT TC-1A does not limit to customized training for any organization and their customers. NDT can be defined in clear words as qualitative ,quantitative, and repeatable inspection field, with inherent moral responsibility of NDT technician who perform the task. In above paragraphs, its emphasized on moral responsibilities and this can be part of organizations quality policy and their objectives. just customers satisfaction is not only a point of quality policy or to follow customers specification , but also to audit the inspection technique and workmanship. The frequent audits of technicians can be avoided if the training is comprised with high ethical and moral responsibilities. In other word a good technician is not only one who knows the method of inspection , but also he completes his task according to written and approved procedure, without compromising situations which make his task under complete.

What are the factor can cause the task under complete, could be one or more than one reasons. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Punctuality Inadequate equipment , accessories or consumables Weather Approach Unsafe condition Health Customer awareness Unknown reasons The above reasons might look like a common thing , but it can cause a major setback for a proper inspection. A formal NDT training does not include all of these , hence its organization responsibility to train and explain other than outlines of ASNT SNT TC 1A documents or companys written practice. Example flow chart of education and training for a NDT Tech.
Selection Based on Education, past training and experience if any Training if required as per written Practice

General Training Based on moral responsibility/ professional Ethics

Test General, Specific and Practical

Observation By Physical audit, Customer feedback

Corrective actions & Refreshing training



Re Audit

The online training will not provide all of these, except bookish knowledge, hence we have to shape the education, training and audit system to enhance reliability. Conclusion: Thus education and training is not limited to the requirements of any specification or code, we have to visualize beyond these documents and set our own goal to accomplish tasks and make industry a safe working place.