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Complete solution for streaming your event live, smoothly.

About Israk Technology Sdn. Bhd

A Malaysian-based company incorporated July 20, 2010 Specialized on Video Streaming, Digital Signage and WeWeb Portal Development (Drupal CMS) MSC-status company since June 2011 Intel Branding Partner (Digital Signage), Dec 2012 Microsoft Partner since May 2010 Service Partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Exclusive Distributor for Viewcast Product (Niagara, Osprey) in Malaysia Authorized Distributor for SorensonMedia transcoding software/cloud Distributor for Wowza Media System in Malaysia Registered MOF (All IT Headings & Audio/Video) 100% Bumiputra Paid up & Authorized Capital : RM500,000

What is a Live Streaming ?

Video feed is being broadcast live through webpages or mobile devices as the event is happening. Each user views the same video scene, even though they come to watch at a different time (different than Video on Demand VOD).
Any Browser & Cross platform

Embed ed Live Video

Mobile & Tablet

What do you need #1 Video Camera & Accessories

Professional Broadcast Camera

Sturdy Tripod Use HDMI/SDI output for Best quality

Quality HDMI/HD-SDI Cable & Connectors

Capture video

What do you need #2 Live Streaming Encoder

IsrakStream 2000

IsrakStream 3000

Encode Video/Audio

What do you need. #3 Streaming Server/Cloud Server

Video Camera

Web Server

Accessing Landing page only ~100KB

HDMI/SDI Direct cable LAN + Internet Unify 5Mbps 1Mbps is ok

2 Bandwidth Calculation Required @Streaming Server/Cloud 4

Say average bitrate ~ 500kbps @ 24fps

Streaming Embedded video

If # people watching :
10pax x 500kbps = 5Mbps 100pax x 500kbps = 50Mbps 200px x 500kpbs = 100Mpbs Video streaming is bandwidth hungry. Watchout. Is your Data Center Ready? Streaming Server

Stream Video/Audio

Live Streaming Diagram - Single Camera > Cloud

Why use Cloud service instead of your own server

Cloud Service offer flexible CPU resource need.

The higher the user viewing video, the higher CPU resource required. High initial investment of setup high specification server.

Cloud Service offer higher and flexible bandwidth resource


The higher the user viewing video, the higher CPU resource required. For 100 users, you need at least 50Mbps bandwidth at the data center. High initial investment of setup of high bandwidth. Since live streaming is not held all the time, it become wasted.

Redundant services High Availability

Why Israk ? We have a REAL solution for you

Custom Landing Page, No Advertisement .
Embed into your website

Video for any screen & Smartphone and Tablet ready.

HTTP Adaptive Streaming avoid buffering & caching

Responsive Design for Mobile & Desktop

Self-hosted or Cloudbased Subscription

Single RTMP video feed and server transcoded multiple bitrates

One Stop center for Video Equipment, Live Streaming Encoder

Experiences with Live streaming projects & government agencies.

What services we can offer you :


Fully outsourced services.

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Multi-camera Production (MCP) 2 or more cameras. Video Editing and Montage Encoder rental and encoding services Internet Access rental Cloud-based streaming platform Landing page design and hosting Mobile devices setup Work with your Video team/appointed contractor. Any combination of the above Supply and commission your own server hardware Supply Video Camera and accessories Supply Encoder Technology Transfer


Partially outsourced services

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Setup you own

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Past Live Streaming Projects

Fast Track Your Live Streaming Project with Us.

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