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Its a miracle how natural atural perfumes change their scent on each different skin.

Thats why they are basically unisex recommended, , even if their ingredients make them more feminine feminin or masculin oriented. About the brand: Les essences dAmelie natural perfu perfumes mes are created using the most pure and refined ingredients from all over the world. Blended with passion and devotion, these rare essences become the most exquisite natural perfumes you have ever used. Feel deeply and take comfort in this genuine fragrance luxury. A natural perfume: perfume: - will influence your body, your mind and your spirit; - will ill highlight your personality, will increas increase and empower your personaland natural skin smell; - will ensure and protect your individua individuality and your unique kind; - will discreetly follow ollow you and wont disturb the others with a strong and annoying smell. How and why use a natural perfume: Apply your favourite urite perfume in the morning, after the shower. It is recommended to use a fragrance free soap or shower gel, otherwise your skin will blend the soap and the perfume scents. If you want the perfume to last longer, apply it on a well hydrated skin, using a fragrance free body lotion or body oil. If youre using a liquid perfume, spray it from 10 10-15 15 cm distance from your body or spray it in the air, pass through and you will be discreet discreetly surrounded by its scent. If youre using a solid perfume, apply it with your fingers on the most vascularised areas of your body.

Our advise is to apply both liquid and solid perfumes on the most vascularised areas of the body: on the lower back of your ears, on the back of your wrists, on the back of your elbows, between your breasts, on the back of your knees. You can even apply it on your hair for a longer lasting effect. The fragrance will enchant you, delicately surround you and will provide a positive energy and an aromotherapeutic effect. It is recommended to use natural perfumes and toilet waters, as they dont have an agressive long lasting effect, which could give you even headaches. A perfume should be slowly fading, and then being replaced with another, accordingly to the daytime or nighttime hour or to your mood. Also, a natural perfume is meant to highlight your natural skin scent rather than cover it. Avoid synthetic perfumes, as they are dangerous for your skin and for your health. They contain harmful chemical preservatives: diethyl phthlate or DEP is a DNA threat, diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and dibuthyl phthalate (DBP) are toxic and dangerous for fertility, synthetic mosque contaminates blood and breastmilk and causes hormonal imbalance.

FAQ Whats a natural perfume? A natural perfume is created from the purest aromatic essences, naturally extracted from leaves, flowers, fruits, barks and roots. They dont contain dangerous chemical ingredients, are free of paraben, phtalates and other harmful substances. Natural perfumes dont cause headaches, nausia or suffocation. Which is the difference between a natural and a synthetic perfume? The main difference are the ingredients. Natural perfumes are made of the purest ingredients, from vegetal extracts with aromotherapy effect, while synthetic perfumes are mainly made from chemical and potentially harmful ingredients. Another difference is the fragrance. Natural perfumes leave behind a discreet and suave scent and dont bother the other persons from the same room. Synthetic perfumes are strong and are able to fill an entire room with their scent. A natural perfume doesnt have the same effect and fragrance on each and every skin. It highligts each individual differently. The more the ingredients are used, the more impredictable the perfume becomes. Its natural essences interracts with each user skin chemistry and frees different fragrances

every time. Thats why its important for you to be open minded when using a natural perfume, for it is very different from anything you are accustomed by the conventional perfumery. How long does a natur natural perfume last? A natural perfume doesnt contain synthetic fixatives and stabilizers. Thats why it will last about four hours, depending on your chemistry and your skin type. How long is a natural perfume available? A natural perfume is based on alcohol, which is a natural presevative. Thats why the natural perfumes are getting better in time, as the essences macerate. Although, for safety, the term of availability is two years for botanical liquid perfumes and one year for solid perfumes. Why are the natural perfumes more expensive than the regular ones? ones? A lot of the floral essences from a natural perfume are worthing their weight in gold. The process of obtaining them is laborious, hundreds of people are needed to pick up the flowers and the leaves by hand and a great quantity of the vegetal product is neccesary for extracting a few grams of the essence. In addition, the natural perfumes are handmade from their production to their packing. All these are making a natural perfume to be a genuine aromatic luxury. Which Which is the significance of a natural perfumes notes? Accordingly to the vaporization rate of its essences, a perfume has top, middle and basic notes. Top notes are the most stimulating and energizing, they are fresh and have an intensive aroma, which is the first we feel when we smell a natural perfume. Its also the first to dissapear in about 1-2 hours. Some examples: anise, basil, bergamot, coriander, laurel,cinnamon, eucalypt, lemongrass, neroli, orange, mint, pine, grapefruit, lime, sage, lemon, vervain, hyssop. Middle notes dissapear in about 2-4 hours and they can be felt immediately after the high notes vaporize. Middle notes have a strong and long lasting fragrance. Examples: chamomile, balm, black pepper, cardamom, geranium, lavender, palmarosa, rosemary, tea-tree, ylang-ylang. Basic notes are lasting the most. They last more than 4 hours and some of them until the next day. These fragrances are the strongest. Examples: clove, cedarwood, jasmine, ginger, incense, patchouli, sandalwood, rhodium, vanilla, rose, vetiver.

Could I use an essential oil as a perfume? The essential oils are highly concentrated, so its not recommended to apply them undiluted directly on your skin. Whats a solid perfume? The origins of the solid perfumes are back from the time of the Egiptians and of the Roman Empire, when they were used for curing some diseases and for their very nice fragrance. A solid perfume is made of wax (soy wax or beeswax), a base oil (jojoba, sweet almonds, coconut, etc.) and from the essential oils combination that enhances its original scent. The main advantages of using a solid perfume: - Its small size, so you can carry it in your purse and use it anytime - Its easy to apply, use your finger to apply it on the most vascularised areas of the body - Because of its ingredients, the solid natural perfume has the therapeutic properties of the essential oils which its made of - Doesnt contain harmful chemical substances - Its perfect to replace the liquid alcohol based perfumes - Being solid, its very long lasting, about 3-6 hours, depending on the skin type. It lasts longer on a well hydrated skin and its highly recommended to be used in summertime. These natural perfumes are tested on animals? No, our perfumes are not animal tested and dont even contain any ingredient from animal origin. Our natural perfumes are totally vegan. Directions for use: - Keep them away from direct sunlight or heat. - Never evaluate the scent of a natural perfume immediately after atomizing, Wait at least 10 minutes before decoding its mistery. - Natural perfumes must be applied on clean skin. - Never rub the skin after applying a natural perfume, youll only alter its original scent. - Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as they contain natural essential oils. Also, not recommended for those who are allergic to esential oils and to other natural ingredients.

OUR PERFUMES INCEPTION 100% Natural Toilette Water If you admire contrasts, love and hate, atraction and rejection, this perfume would be like an intense time travelling. Your senses will be echanted by a sweet, sensual and erotic fragrance, taking you into an oriental dream. And you wish this dream to never end... Suitable for hot, mysterious and passional women, for burning days or late nights, for a sensual date, for a revival of senses, Inception is aphrodisiac, daring, energizing and refined. Quantity: 30 ml Top: Top orange, peach, yellow melon Middle: Middle Bulgarian lavender, cinnamon Base: Base Indonesian patchouli Ingredients: Ingredients cereal alcohol, floral verbine *bio certified, natural, from unpolutted sources water, essential oils*, natural extracts*

NIGHTWISH 100% Natural Toilette Water If you love to look at the sky at night and dream about the stars, this perfume will make some of your dream come true. It inspires romantism, lots of memories and it suits very well to a delicate woman, who pays high attention on little details. Nightwish is warm because of the chamomile, citrus fresh because of the red orange and mandarin, sensual because of the magnolia and jasmine. Its fragrance surrounds you with peace and harmony, because of the lavender.

Top: , palmarosa Top mandarin, red orange, Middle , lav lavender, chamomile Middle: ddle jasmine sambac, magnolia, Base Base: se patchouli Ingredients: ol, floral verbine water, essential oils*, natural extracts* Ingredients cereal alcohol, *bio certified, natural, from unpolutted sources Quantity: 30 ml

PETIT ANAIS If you love remembering the sweet innocence of your childhood, whe when n you were dreaming, dreaming smiling and wandering through red ed roses and lilac gardens, with oranges and vanilla van cakes in your hands, this perfume is perfect for you. Petit Anais is a special and innocent perfume created for a special and innocent girl. It brings you a sense a joy and happiness, its very optimistic and ensures you a very good mood all day long. The perfume has a wonderful flavor of vanilla and rose cake, lilac, cherries and cocoa. Its simply delicious! Top: Top lilac, cherries Middle Middle: ddle rose Base Base: se vanilla, cocoa, bitter almond camphor Ingredients: Ingredients cereal alcohol, floral verbine water, essential oils*, natural extracts* *bio certified, natural, from unpolutted sources Quantity: 30 ml

ZEUS (FOR HIM) For a real man who wants to show his strenght, whos never afraid to follow his dreams. This complex perfume inspires warmth, masculinity and self-security. Zeus is made to highlight your own personality, its persistent and a little mystical, because of the myrrh. Youll feel very good being yourself, youll feel self confident, strong but kind, youll feel a real gentleman. Top: Top mint, cinnamon Middle Middle: ddle lavender, myrrh, sylvan pine Base Base: se vetiver, patchouli, bitter almond camphor Ingredients: Ingredients cereal alcohol, floral verbine water, essential oils*, natural extracts* *bio certified, natural, from unpolutted sources Quantity: 30 ml

SOLID PERFUMES AMELIE Motto: Never lose an opportunity of seeing anyting beautiful, for beauty is Gods handwritting. A wonderful solid perfume with a mystical and sensual flavour. Amelie inspires 1001 nights, being created by incense, jasmine and azalea. It has aromotherapeutical properties and its ideal for making you dream about the long warm summer nights. Top: Top palmarosa, bergamot orange Middle Middle: ddle azalea, jasmine Base Base: se myrrh, incense, vanilla Ingredients Ingredients: soy wax, jojoba oil, essential oils Quantity: 5 ml

GRACE Motto: Grace isnt a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. Its a way to live. Grace gathers the purest and most wonderful floral scents: ylang ylang, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, vanilla and tangerine. It brings peace, serenity and gratefulness. Suitable for inspiring calm, harmony, relaxation and empathy. Top: tangerine (Citrus Tangerina) Middle Middle: ddle: ylang-ylang, jasmine, lavender, chamomile Base Base: se: vanilla Ingredients: soy wax, jojoba oil, essential oils Quantity: 5 ml

JASMINE Motto: Be kind and love whenever possible. It is always possible. A romantic perfume with a precious jasmine scent, inspiring the tenderness of a hot summer night. Very feminine and exotic, Jasmine highlights your sensual and sophisticated style. Ingredients: soy wax, jojoba oil, essential oils Quantity: 5 ml

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