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Forwarding Agent E.S. Beveridge 60? Farmers Baok Bidg. Maosfield, Ohio 44900


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Japan address: Qaude and Evalyo Likias 207 Fujie, Akashi City, Japan



JAPAN CHRISTIAN CONVENTION Every year we have two conveotioas, or pe^

A sec of slides of cbe Likias' work ia Japaa

is available byseodiogCo Mcs.Evelya Kicchea, Rouce 3, Frazeyburg, Ohio. 43822

haps more accurately, one convention divided inco Japanese and English sessions with some people-attending one or the other and some a^ tending both, according, to their interest and

language ability. It is a spiritual delight, and this year's was especially good wich represen
tatives, both missionary and Qatiooal from Ko rea, Okinawa and the Philippines as well as

most parts of Japan. Below are pictures of die

two conveacioQs.

Scephen Katsuma graduated from J apan Chris^ iaa College in March, and Is attending the tensive English department of the Univ. of Michigan during the summer and then the grad uate deparcmenc of Ciacionati Bible Semioary
from- Sepcember. He is available for occasional

weekend speakiog to churches ao<{^ ypong

people's groups as his schedule permits. He wootd be happy to visit and become acqMunted witb-cburches supporting the wotk in Japan.






Otsuka Sao, a young Christian from Southern Jspan is working in this area, hoping to eater Osaka Bible Seminary next April, and In die meantime, is starting to conduct aSunday school for children on Awaji Island. Ve are putting up a tent for this purpose. We admire his zeal and pray that there will be fruit for his labors.

The Rokko, Oao, and Awaji Island groups met

together for special services at the LUcins'

home last Christmas and then taking cupcakes

that Evalyo baked, sang carols for the people

of the T.B. hospital next door.


Okiharu Doyama has been associated with NCBA for several years, and graduated from OBS last March. He had been helping take care of the Minamigata, Rokko, Awaji and Ono work with Kawahara San and Claude. Immediately after graduation, be was married to a fine talented and dedicated young woman from his home town on Awaji Island, and they tbea ioted to Southern Japan to minister to a congreg^ tion in Kagoshima. We were very sorry to lose tbeir fellowship and assistance in the work here, bar praise tbe Lord for tbeir zeatits
bors ifi cWir new field of service.

Six ycMMg gradaaied fio Osaka Bible Semioary last March, helping to filt the urgent
need for dedicated and trained workers for the Lord's work. We are closely associated with

Many of you will remember Sumimoo San who

OBS, as the recording studio of NCBA is lo

cated on the campus and Claude is teaching hoaoletics, Church management and Gospels, and helping financially as funds permit.

waA led to tbe Lord through radio after he broke his back in a fall and became paralyzed. His
condition has deteriorated so that he is able to

Joel is showing himself to be a promising youngathelete byhaving a Physical Ed. average of 97, thus qualifying as one of only three stu dents at Canadian Academyto receive the Presi
dential Award for physical fitness. He was also
one of four students in his class to receive an award for being an all-around student.

eat very little, and instead Is being fed idtravenously from 2 to 4 bottles of glucose daily. He has required blood transfosions, also, and we
were proud that 8 students from Osaka Bible Seminary volunteered to donate blood. Please pray for him that he doesd'f fall victim to Sa^

an's temptations to discouragement.

Hokkaido: until tecently, when lack

cesaitated, 'Hymns of the Dawn"
progiani was aired on 11 stations.


- ^ > of funds and other considerations ne-

. 5

, cW


^Kagoshima; "Calvary Calls^is on 2


Oscdia: Wedcly series at Minami-

Akasbi City: our home Bible and'English Classes.

gata and teaching in O^aka Bible Sem

inary, home of NCBA studios.

'ariya, Awaji Islancb weekly services

hdd here. Land is ownednear here by

N CBA for a proposed FM transmitter:

Wdmyana: ''The Bible and Yew Life''

bsMdCAst is on 5 statiPn*.


Our cbildrea are all progressing ia their 7arioas accivicies. Patty is taking somroer school this year, hoping to be able to finish her course

of music in one more year. David is looking forward tt> the 10th grade, is teaching twoEoglish classes of young people here-at home. He

is a Life Scout and active in the program of of Scouting as also Joel is. Joel is going into
sixth grade this fall. As the other children are growing up and away from home, we are antici

pating the birth of another child to help keep things active at home. Expected arrival date,
about the 3rd of September Ken Fujimoto was buried with his Loci in baptism in the Inland Sea in front of out house in April. He is part of the Cole's work at Ono, and we ask you to join us in prayer for this young man, -for this does not end our responsi bility toward himhis Christian nurture and growth are just beginning, and he needs the leading and power of the Holy Spirit Co overcome
in his battles against Satan.


The Lord continues to lead us in making new

contacts in the area where we are living. Teach ing English to a Jr. High teacher has opened
the door to teach Bible to his fadier and modier

who seem to be searching for the Way of the Lord and have a spiritaallongiag in their hearts We also are making many contacts with patients and personnel at the T.B. hospital next door. Other encouraging contacts ire also being made that we pray will eventually establish a peiraanent witness for the Lord Jesus Christ in this community.

Please allow as to place in your newsletterashori

note io order that we might thank yoi/ the Likjns) and yoor supporters for giving yo*r time and energy
to overseeing and assisting in the woric in One City while we were home on forloa^ Leone joins me in wishing yon happiness and sucese in your new lo> cation in Akashi. We have Icmg needed a witness in

They came from Korea, Okinawa, Philippines,

and many partc of Japan to make this year's
Convention one of die finesc

ihat area. Siffted Harold and Leone Cole.

NoB-Pr^it O^Mizalion Likins Mtasten to Japan

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