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Level monitoring in the control room

More flexible logistics at Technisol France in the area of self-leveling floor screed for the french market

Technisol has 13 company-owned trucks

Level monitoring in the head office of Technisol with Fieldgate Viewer

Self-leveling floor, - a flawless finish

While growth in the area of self-leveling floor screed was rather modest in the past, this market has experienced a boom in recent few years. Its rapid application, a flawless finish and the fact that it is traffic-ready after just 24 hours are some of the advantages that are winning over users and companies alike. Technisol is a young company in Avignon (France) which is benefiting from this trend and also expanding at a rapid pace. This comes as no surprise to managing directors, Vincent Quenin and Deins Delor, who already have 75 staff on their payrolls since establishing the company 5 years ago. Their product meets a real need, which is why they expect growth to continue in the coming years.

Company profile Technisol is the market leader in self-leveling floor screed in the French market. Technisol is the result of a partnership with German firm KNAUF, which supplies the highly specialized binding agent. Today Technisol has 15 depots in the south of France and owns a fleet of 13 trucks. The company employs 75 staff and reported revenue of 10 million in 2008. Procedure Normally, self-leveling screed is produced in the concrete plant and then delivered to its final destination. With Technisol, the process is completely reversed. The necessary materials are transported by truck to the construction site and mixed on site. This method offers the following advantages: Realization of small as well as large surfaces Material supply from the mobile facility means very large areas can be poured in one go Water volume control guarantees good resistance, perfect homogeneity and prevents the phenomenon of skin forming on the surface Requires neither sanding nor pretreatment before laying the floor

Technisol has developed a decentralized network of depots in its sales territory to ensure its trucks do not have to transport sand and binding agent over very long distances. Today 15 centers in the south of France form the basis to the companys logistics network. By reducing the distances traveled, Technisol has also managed to improve its response time and optimize costs. Each depot has two silos containing binding agent. This highly technical product must be monitored closely to minimize the risk of cracks. For this reason, it is very important to know the exact levels of the various materials stored. To avoid supply bottlenecks and to improve system management, Technisol turned to Endress+Hauser who provided a tailor-made all-in-one solution. Scope of supply Endress+Hauser provided: Project management Engineering Measuring technology Telemetry system Inventory control software Commissioning Training and instruction

System overview The level of product in the binding agent silos is monitored by 15 guided radar devices. The Levelflex FMP40 models ensure reliable measurement even under difficult application conditions, such as dust or angles of repose. The measured values are transmitted periodically by Web-based telemetry to devices using GSM/GPRS technology. If problems occur, the Fieldgate immediately sends an e-mail to the operations manager and an SMS to the on-call team. The Fieldgate Viewer software is installed in Technisols IT infrastructure. As this is a Web-based solution, the application does not have to be installed on each individual computer. Instead the various users can simply launch an Internet browser and access the software by entering their personal ID. Endress+Hauser provided a preconfigured solution for each Technisol plant. The onsite levels are visualized in a bar graph. Several limit values can be configured to generate events. In our example, we have configured the limit value for reordering the material and the minimum inventory level. If the market for self-leveling screed continues to grow, Technisol can still increase its number of depots and thus guarantee the best possible geographical spread of its supply network. Thanks to the systems simple design Technisol can add new silos to the application completely autonomously without any additional engineering work.
15 depots, each with two binding agent silos, monitored with Fieldgate Viewer

Fieldgate Viewer Fieldgate Viewer collects data according to defined schedules, stores them in a history database and presents data from various Fieldgates. Via Web server collected data are presented company wide in the Intranet. Everyone with access rights can visualize the data without the need for individual client licenses. Typical applications are remote monitoring of inventories in tanks/silos.

Typical overview in Fieldgate Viewer


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