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Individual Assignment 1 Submitted By : Ganesh Arote (2012PGP113) Factors influencing Team Selection in order of importance were Players Current

t form and Experts expectations Consistent performance in past/recent times Dollars to be consumed against expected return Ability to score huge points tested in past Gut feeling: To sort Dilemmas Past performance on same Ground Expected Batting/Bowling Order Weather Pitch/Report Gameday 1: Trent Bridge ( 5-1-2-3 composition) Cook(c)- Ability to score huge (Past 100s/200s innings) Rogers-Low Price; Opener ; Experience Bell- Consistency; A choice second only to Swan Trott- Calmness, detachment, mental strength Pieterson- Scores and Scores fast; seemed obvious choice Haddin(wk)- Better record than Prior; Australia relied on pacers so expected more catches for him Faulkner-IPL form; Low price; Batting /Bowling both Watson-Looking for potential Huge Returns; (Risky) Swan-Consistent Performer; Best Spinner available Starc Wicket taker ; An unlabeled All-rounder Siddle- Average expectation; No dollars for Anderson

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Bird- Out of team; I also wanted to prefer Broad Bresnen- Out of team; Would have liked him in team Broad I felt I underestimated what he can contribute. Faulkner- IPL form; Low price; Batting /Bowling both

I believed that I should have two all-rounders to reduce risk. However, I learnt in first match that Bowlers who can bat well were underpriced and thus far worthier than all-rounders in the series. And yes, Australian Tail often bats better than Allrounders. Also, I considered Broad more of a bowler than an all-rounder as labeled, Whereas Starc who has better batting avg. in tests and ODIs was perhaps underpriced and not labeled all-rounder because of less games played so far. So, Starc was preferred. While my choices rarely depended on pitch report due to other factors importance and easy spinner selection, I am still not sure I will care too much about it unless there is a drastic shift e.g. like sub continental conditions. What should have been different? I knowingly ignored Cooks recent batting stats. Reasons for this were that his fielding position in slip also got some bonus points and an intuition counter to his poor form. He was assigned captain for first two matches. If he is in similar form again, I will like to use his place for Anderson/Clarke/Broad depending on team composition sought and players/funds availability. Selecting a low priced batsman (essential for having high priced batsmen) was always a puzzle. I kept on switching between Rogers and Khawaja. All in all expectation from both was same so I should have accepted it and kept the team unchanged with future hopes. I, Now, Feel that this choice should be viewed in terms of which option is less expected to always fail. If offered to play once again I would select Rogers and stick with the choice even if he fails in initial games. It would have at least saved a transfer for sure. Swan (Most likely to score well) should have been captain since beginning. Cook was a risky choice especially considering first days swing and poor form. All-rounder or bowler should be a captain in general because batsmen failing in both innings are more common. Though J Trott (Reliable past record) has not been a success in series I would include him more often if I play next time. Not including him was mistake that worked in my favor. Lack of Analysis (Of course, I would like to change) In 1st match I selected Faulkner who wasnt in team because I felt team should be selected before actual team is announced. I should have analyzed FAQs section well to save transfer and pts. I didnt analyze R Harriss (Bowling Average 19) past record before making selection in 2nd match. Not being a religious follower of cricket, being cautious was important. As I believe now; He should be in in team before any other pacer I had.

Gameday 2: Lords (5-1-1-4 composition) o o o Trott- To make place for Anderson (saving dollars) Starc- Not in Team; Would have liked him in Faulkner- Not in Team Root- Expected to perform at par with Trott; Low price Anderson-Had missed him due to mistake in first team Agar- Expectation higher than price

Gameday 3: Old Trafford (5-1-1-4 composition) Roger I was not willing to push him too far Agar- Out of team; I anyways preferred Starc Siddle- Harris seemed better prospect at lower price Watson- I was not willing to exercise risky option Khawaja-Tried Replacing Rogers Starc Was recalled by Aussie selectors Bresnen- Expected average but more reliable performance than Watson Harris-It was mistake not to include him in first match o o o o Gameday 4:Riverside Ground (5-1-1-4 composition) o Cook- Particularly Low strike rate meant it will take too long an inning to score huge which seemed unlikely now o Khawaja - Out of team o Starc Out of team; would have liked him in team Bird-Had done well last time he got opportunity; I viewed it as as opportunity to earn more points with less dollars Clarke-His improved form raised my expectations Rogers-Possibility of continuing Performance of 3rd match Gameday 5: Oval ( 5-1-2-3 composition)