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Welcome to Al Abbas Sugar Mills Ltd. Al Abbas sugar mills limited a progressive company was incorporated in May 1991.

the shares of the company were listed on April 1992 at the Karachi stock exchange ( Guarantee) limited. One unit is located at Mirwah Gorchani with installed sugarcane crushing capacity of 7500 tons per day and processing capacity of Molasses into quality industrial alcohol of 170,000 liter per day. At this location the company has also installed 6 MW power plants to cater power requirement of sugar and distillery unit. The other unit is located at Dhabeji Thatta having 15MW captive power coal fired plants and has capacity to manufacture 27,220 MT of different alloys per annum. The Tank terminal unit of the company is located at Kemari Karachi with storage capacity of 34,900 MT of liquids. The sugar production was started in 1994. Industrial alcohol in 2000. Alloys in 2005 and power generation in 2010 under the leadership of young, vibrant energetic and visionary chief executive soon the company after its incorporation stood on sound financial and operational footing that pave the way for the future growth. The impact of sound financial policies state of art technology, innovation and unorthodox approach, production planning combined with creative marketing and management strategies, was profoundly felt in the past performance the companys fortunes soared and from perceptive of profitability as well as overall corporate image of company were firmly placed in distinct position in industry. The company believe in organic as well as acquisition growth. As part of management policy of calculated expansion and diversification which augmenting its real financial strength and its ability

one of most state of the art ethanol plant was installed in the year 2000. A great deal of consideration and actual facilities had preceded the eventual decisions to found the plant. Two foremost critical factors in this process were the fact that the very raw material required for the venture was readily available at the site itself in the form of sugar cane molasses and the reality that the end product industrial alcohol would spell substantial increase in the revenues of company. While largely diversifying its risk. The distillery plant design incorporated very advanced French Technology using multi- effect vacuum distillation system, which means of conservation of energy in distillation. The power sources utilized is the company own power generation of the entire plant including the ethanol distillery. The ethanol distillery is one of a major achievement of the company. The company produces guaranteed white sugar of high commercial value and has a definite edge in the market. In 1997-1998 the company became one of the only three sugar mill in Pakistan to produce sugar that meets the international quality standard. Major chunk of our alcohol production is being exported to Europe, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Philippine. As part of company strategic planning the company ventured into inorganic growth by acquiring AL Abbas industries limited in 2007. At that time Al Abbas industries limited have one of the country biggest medium density. Fiber board plant manufacturing facilities to produce various types of Ally and 15 MW captive power plant.

Industry Overview: The sugar industry as a whole is facing a tough year local demand this year is expected to be 4.6 million tons, will anticipated production is placed at five million tons. Surplus production last year amounted to a total 1.2 million tons. Trade corporation of Pakistan has committed to purchasing 300,000 tons of sugar this year. Allowable export this year have been increase 500,000 tons. Supply surpluses internationally however have resulted in unfavorable price adjustment down to $ 515 per ton. Corporate Social responsibility: Al Abbas sugar mill limited maintains a special interest in the social up lift of residents in the area around the plant with dissemble concern of the environment in pursuance of the above objectives the company has invested in several projects in Mirwah Gorchani. Al Abbas Productions: Sugar: The plant is located in the heart of one of the vast sugar cane cultivation areas in lower sindh at Mirwah Gorchani. The plant has a capacity of crushing 7500 MT of sugar cans per day. Distillery: Pakistans largest ethanol distillery plant was installed on the mills premised in the year 1999. Plant has capacity to produced 87,500 liters per day. Ferro Alloys: The plant is located at Dhabeji Thatto at main national highway about 40 kilometers Karachi. We are the only producer of Ferro Alloys in Pakistan. The plant has a capacity of producing 1000 M ton of Ferro silicon.

Power: The power plant is designed to generate 15 MW electricity. The plant is the first plant to supply coal fired energy electric supply. Ratio Analysis: Years Current Ratio Long term Debt Ratio Total beta Ratio Number of day stock Quick Ratio Average payment period Inventory turn our Total Asset Turn our Time interest Ratio Gross Profit margin Operating Profit Net Profit margin Earning per share Our Mission: 1. To be a profitable organization and to meet the expectation of our stake holders. 2. To become competitive in local and international markets by concentrating on quality of core products. 3. To promote best use and development of human resources in a safe environment as an equal opportunity employer. 4. To use advance technology for efficient and lost effective operations. Our Vision: 2012 0.96 0.25 0.41 55.89 0.95 50.91 706 1.25 2.90 0.194 0.1297 0.082 28.25 2011 0.95 0.47 0.41 118 0.94 74 6.2 1.167 1.80 0.151 0.104 0.0365 13.07 2010 0.81 0.70 0.43 59 0.89 84 5.9 1.57 1.72 0.119 0.08 0.041 11.80 2009 1 0.96 0.42 100 0.88 64 4.9 1.116 2.21 0.195 0.144 0.072 16.27

Al Abbas sugar mills limited is committed to earn reputation of a reliable manufacturer and supplier of good quality white sugar alcohol calcium carbide and alloys in local and international market.